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Two claim to be father of Smith's baby 

AP via Yahoo! News - Oct 03 7:14 PM
In most boldface-name paternity disputes, men deny they're the baby-daddy. But in a he said/he said twist to the Anna Nicole Smith tabloid saga, two guys are claiming to be the father of her baby girl.

baby shower
Grand Jury Indicts Baby-Sitter Accused Of Scalding Boy 
WLWT via Yahoo! News - Oct 05 4:40 AM
A 31-year-old baby-sitter could get 20 years behind bars if she's found guilty of first-degree criminal abuse.

Smoking boxcar 
Albany Democrat-Herald - 2 hours, 57 minutes ago
Albany firefighters wait as Portland and Western Railroad workers use two backhoes to remove burning cardboard from a boxcar reported at 1:10 p.m. Tuesday. The fire near Jackson Street Southeast caused only minor damage, said Bruce Carswell, president and general manager of the railroad.

Good Morning: Best Bet 
San Diego Union-Tribune - Oct 05 5:40 AM
Officials of Cabrillo National Monument and the U.S. National Park Service say it's a first: This year's Cabrillo Festival will take place at the Ballast Point Naval Base for the first time in the event's 43-year history.

Hot-air balloon fest in Albuquerque 
AP via Yahoo! News - Oct 05 6:38 AM
For the next 10 days, the skies above Albuquerque will be filled with floating color as hundreds of balloons are launched as part of the city's annual International Balloon Fiesta.

band saw
Calif. band combines country, punk for one-of-a-kind sound 
Rapid City Journal - Oct 04 11:30 PM
Two Gallants is a San Francisco band, but they perform in Rapid City almost as often as some local acts do. “We played there on our first U.S. tour, and it was a really good show for that tour, which was a pretty rough one,” Adam Stephens, guitarist and vocalist, said.

Campaign raising SIDS awareness 
The Facts - Oct 04 9:28 PM
LAKE JACKSON — Debbie Coral sat upright in a chair in her hospital room, stroking her dark-haired newborn lying in the bassinet in front of her. Although Arnaldo Olivas Jr. is her fourth child, Coral said she didn’t know a lot about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

bar mitzvah
Serenity meets celebration 
Sun-Sentinel - Oct 05 12:14 AM
South Florida's bar mitzvah overkill is spurring some parents to pack up and take their teens to spots promising a more understated celebration.

Artist's bottle creations take off 
The Arizona Republic - Oct 05 3:01 AM
Two years ago, Rachel Crumm discovered her artistic side and began bottling it and now she says her bottle creations are selling fast in boutiques from California to New York.

bean bag
Tipsy Bear Takes Tumble 
WKRN Nashville - Oct 04 9:15 AM
Colorado wild life officers were called to a school near Boulder, Tuesday, to deal with a drunk and disorderly bear. The wobbly bear was spotted near Lyons Elementary School and was having a hard time walking. | | According to officers, the bear was probably drunk from eating fermented apples. They used a bean bag gun to stun the bear and then tranquilized her. She will be...

bed frame
Leland's love affair with old cars 
Piggott Times - 2 hours, 15 minutes ago
Automobiles are one of the most unique objects in the world. Though the basic design may tend to follow a certain uniformity, the emotions a vehicle brings forth from its owner allows the non-living metal frame to nearly have a personality of its own.

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Baby oil

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- baby oil

Baby oil

Mineral oil or liquid petrolatum is a by-product in the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline. It is a chemically inert, transparent, colorless oil babyoil composed mainly of bay oil alkanes and cyclic paraffins, related to white petrolatum. Mineral oil is a substance of relatively babby oil low value, and it is produced in very large quantities. baby oil Mineral oil is available in light and heavy grades, and can often be found in drug stores.


  • Refined mineral oil is kates playground baby oil used as transformer oil.
  • Mineral oil is used to store and girls in baby oil transport alkali metals. The jordan capri baby oil oil prevents the metals from reacting with atmospheric moisture.
  • Personal care:
    • Mineral oil is sometimes taken orally as a laxative. It lubricates baby oil girls feces and intestinal mucous membranes, and limits the amount of water kate baby oil removed from feces. Typically, baby oil wrestling mineral oil is effective within six hours. While it has been reported that mineral oil may be absorbed when emulsified, most information baby oil babes shows that it passes harmlessly through the gastrointestinal system.
    • Mineral oil with added anna's assets baby oil fragrance is marketed as 'baby oil' in women covered in baby oil the US and UK.
    • Used as an ingredient in baby lotions, cold creams, ointments baby oil + g string and other pharmaceuticals and low-grade cosmetics.
    • Can also be used on eyelashes to prevent brittleness and/or breaking.
    • Used in girls with baby oil small quantities (2-3 drops daily) megan qt baby oil to clean ears. Over a couple of weeks, the mineral oil softens dried or hardened earwax so girls covered in baby oil that a gentle flush of water can remove it. In the snuggle baby fragrance oil case of a damaged or perforated eardrum, however, mineral oil should baby massage oil not be used, as oil in the middle ear can lead to ear infections.
  • Lubrication
  • Fuel, for using baby oil for intercourse items baby oil massage such as oil lamps.
  • Electric mineral-oil-filled space heaters
  • Coolant
  • Automotive and aviatation brake fluid that does not absorb water molecules by osmosis
  • Low viscosity mineral oil is sold baby oil party as a preservative for wooden cutting boards and utensils.
  • A coating of baby oil tanning mineral oil protects metal surfaces baby powder fragrance oil from moisture and oxidation.
  • Food-preparation butcher block surfaces are often covered in baby oil conditioned periodically with mineral oil.
  • Light mineral oil is used in textile industries and used free samples of baby oil as a jute batching oil.
  • Mineral oil is used to darken soapstone countertops for johnsons baby oil aesthetic purposes.
  • It works (albeit poorly) as a release agent for molds, especially in fiberglass casting.
  • It is used baby oil for massage as a release agent playtex creamy baby oil for baking pans and trays.
  • It is occasionally used in the food industry (particularly for candy). baby iodine oil tanning Some studies suggest that prolonged use might be unhealthy because of low accumulation levels in organs. It has been baby oil + bikini discouraged for use in children's foods, though it is still occasionally found in baby oil breast candies in China and Canada.
  • Used as baby oil pictures a cleaner and solvent for inks in fine girl baby oil art printmaking as well as in oil painting, though turpentine is more girls and baby oil often used.
  • It can be used as a solvent for solid samples during Infrared spectroscopy.
  • Petrobras is kate with baby oil mixing mineral oil and vegetable oil to produce a new biodiesel known as H-Bio, which may greatly increase its krissy baby oil & toy market value

Other names

  • adepsine oil
  • alboline
  • baby oil
  • bayol 55
  • Cable oil
  • bayol f
  • blandlube
  • blandol white kylies secret, baby oil mineral oil
  • carnea 21
  • clearteck
  • crystol 325
  • crystosol
  • Diala-X, AX
  • drakeol
  • Electrical Insulating using baby oil as lube Oil
  • Ervol
  • filtrawhite
  • fonoline
  • frigol
  • gloria
  • glymol
  • Heat-treating oil
  • hevyteck
  • Hydraulic oil
  • hydrocarbon oils
  • jute batching oil
  • kaydol
  • kondremul
  • kremol
  • LHM
  • lignite oil
  • liquid paraffin
  • Lubricating oil
  • Master Shimmer
  • Mineral oil (saturated parrafin oil)
  • Mineral oil hydrocarbon what is baby oil made from solvent (petroleum)
  • mineral oil mist
  • Mineral oil, aromatic
  • Mineral oil, paraffinic
  • Mineral Seal wmv baby oil Oil
  • Molol
  • neo-cultol
  • Nujol
  • oil mist
  • oil mist, mineral, severely refined
  • Oil mist, women baby oil refined mineral
  • oil, petroleum
  • paraffin oil (class)
  • paraffin oil
  • parol
  • paroleine
  • peneteck
  • penreco
  • perfecta
  • petrogalar
  • petrolatum
  • petroleum hydrocarbons
  • petroleum, liquid
  • primol
  • primol 355
  • primol d
  • protopet
  • Saxol
  • tech pet f
  • triona b
  • Uvasol
  • Univolt N60, 80
  • Voltesso 35
  • white mineral oil
  • white oil


  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - Safe handling of Alkali Metals

E numbers    
Colours (E100-199) • flour oil water baby natural sedative Preservatives (E200-299) • Antioxidants & Acidity regulators (E300-399) • Thickeners, stabilisers & girl rubbing baby oil on emulsifiers (E400-499) • pH regulators & anti-caking agents (E500-599) • Flavour hair baby oil enhancers (E600-699) • Miscellaneous (E900-999) • Additional chemicals (E1100-1599)

Waxes (E900-909) • Synthetic glazes (E910-919) • Improving agents is baby oil bad for hair (E920-929) • Packaging gases (E930-949) • Sweeteners (E950-969) • Foaming agents (E990-999)

Dimethyl polysiloxane kate playground baby oil (E900) • Beeswax (E901) • Candelilla wax (E902) • Carnauba wax (E903) • sample size baby oil Shellac (E904) • Paraffins (E905) • Mineral oil (E905a) • Vaseline (E905b) • Microcrystalline wax (E905c) • Gum tanning beds tips and tricks baby oil benzoic (E906) • Crystalline wax (E907) • Rice bran wax (E908)
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- girls in baby oil

Two claim to be father of Smith's baby 

AP via Yahoo! News - Oct 03 7:14 PM
In most boldface-name paternity disputes, men deny they're the baby-daddy. But in a he said/he said twist to the Anna Nicole Smith tabloid saga, two guys are claiming to be the father of her baby girl.

Battle brewing over Nicole Smith's baby 
The West Australian - Oct 04 4:41 PM
A paternity battle is brewing over model and reality star Anna Nicole Smith's new baby, with two men both claiming to be the father of the girl. Smith's lawyer and boyfriend, Howard Stern, says he is the father of Dannie Lynn Hope, born on September 7.

Ex-Boyfriend Challenges Paternity of Anna Nicole's Baby 
Fox News - Oct 03 7:53 AM
Reality TV star Anna Nicole Smith's ex-boyfriend is suing her, demanding that a DNA test be given to prove that he's the father of her baby.

Two claim to be father of Smith’s baby 
Lawrence Journal-World - Oct 03 10:43 PM
A man who claims to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s newborn daughter has filed a lawsuit demanding the reality TV star and baby girl return to California for paternity testing, his lawyer said Tuesday.