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Hot-air balloon fest in Albuquerque 

AP via Yahoo! News - Oct 05 6:38 AM
For the next 10 days, the skies above Albuquerque will be filled with floating color as hundreds of balloons are launched as part of the city's annual International Balloon Fiesta.

Greenville, Anderson Battle Over Balloon Festival 
WYFF via Yahoo! News - Oct 04 4:47 AM
A major event turns 25 next year and it has two Upstate counties fighting to host it. Freedom Weekend aloft is the largest hot-air balloon festival in the Southeast. The event has been held in Anderson County for the past eight years and county leaders want to keep it that way.

Commute To Balloon Fiesta Park Now Easier - Oct 05 7:30 AM
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- There is a new way for you to enjoy this year's Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta without all of the traffic headaches. The New Mexico Rail Runner will offer service that can get you to Balloon Fiesta Park without having to wait in traffic.

Accelerated Reader balloon drifts to McCall Creek 
The Natchez Democrat - Oct 05 7:20 AM
NATCHEZ — Schools launch balloons every year; every once in a while they get a response back. Morgantown Elementary fifth-grader Brook Johnson’s balloon found its way — in one piece — to two children in McCall Creek.




- 99 red balloons

- balloons

For the impedance converter, see the article on balun. In some species of spiders, the practice of using tufts of ballon webbing to be carried by wind currents is also called "ballooning".
Balloons, like balloan greeting cards or flowers, are given for special occasions.

A balloon is a flexible bag normally filled galloon with a gas, such as helium, hydrogen, nitrous oxide or air. Some balloons are purely decorative, others balloo are used for balloons specific purposes. Early balloons were made of dried animal bladders. Modern balloons can be made from materials such as rubber, latex, 99 red balloons chloroprene or a nylon fabric. The balloon modern balloon was invented by Michael Faraday in the 1800's, but mass production did hot air balloons not occur until the 1930's.


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  • 2 Balloons as flying machines
  • 3 Balloons as decoration birthday balloons or entertainment
  • 4 Balloons in medicine
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Use of balloons

Multicolored latex toy balloons
  • small balloons (volume of a few black balloon litres)
    • toy balloon
    • Papier-mâché
    • balloon animal
    • decoration
    • solar balloon
    • balloon mail as part of a balloon flight competition or imprinted balloons to spread information
    • Balloon helicopter
    • Demonstration of rocket propulsion advertising balloons by letting the gas stream away (balloon rocket)
    • Ceiling balloon
  • medium balloons (volume of how to make balloon animals hundreds to thousands of litres)
    • transport of bombs (in World War II, FUGU-Balloon)
    • transport of propaganda (in World War II and 99 red balloons nena in the Cold War)
    • Ceiling balloon
    • Weather balloon used with a Radiosonde
  • as fixed balloon
    • for carrying balloon twisting advertising signs
    • to carry antennae for LF and VLF, as for GQV transmitter balloon festival in 2003
    • party balloon
  • large balloons (volume up to 12000 cubic metres)
    • fixed balloon
      • as manned water balloon launcher observation post billy's balloon (before World War II)
      • barrage balloon
      • observation balloon for military reconnaissance
      • positioning atomic bombs for bomb tests in the atmosphere
    • free flying balloons
      • lifting people, nena 99 red balloons usually with a hot albuquerque balloon festival air balloon
      • airship actually a buoyant aircraft rather than a balloon
      • research balloon with instrumentation, also to carry telescopes
      • rockoon
      • balloon satellite for space hot air balloon festival research.
      • espionage balloon for military reconnaissance
A hot air balloon is inflated at Royal Victoria Park, Bath, England

Balloons as balloon decor flying machines

Large balloons mylar balloons filled with hot air or buoyant gas have been used 99 red balloons mp3 as flying machines since the 18th century. See Balloon (aircraft) and Hot balloon girls air balloon

Such balloons, which lift a payload using buoyancy, should not be confused with balloons in space, launched with a balloon bouquets rocket, which are simply large deployable structures.

Balloons are sometimes used in form of a rockoon popping balloons as carrier for balloon clipart rockets.


  • Echo satellite
  • Decoys accompanying ICBMs in midcourse, see also countermeasure

Balloons as decoration or entertainment

Decorative arches made custom imprinted balloons of party balloons.

Party balloons are mostly made of natural latex tapped from rubber trees and can be filled helium balloons with air, helium, water, 99 red balloons lyrics or any other suitable liquid or gas. The rubber allows for elasticity balloon sculpture which makes the volume adjustable. Most of this rubber is made from recycled material, such as party balloon old tires and tennis shoes.

Filling with air is done with balloon rides the mouth, with a manual or electric inflator (such as a hand pump) or a source of black balloon goo goo dolls compressed air.

When rubber balloons are filled with helium balloon twister so that they float they can hold their lift for only a short time depending on the size balloon clip art of the balloon, the time can vary from 18 hours to balloon pump several days. The water balloon games enclosed helium atoms escape through small pores in the latex which are larger than the helium atoms. Balloons filled wholesale balloon with air can hold their size advertising balloon helium and shape much longer.

Even a perfect rubber membrane eventually loses the gas to the outside. balloon popping The process by which a substance or solute migrates from a region of high personalized balloons concentration, through a barrier or membrane, to a region of lower concentration is called diffusion. The inside of balloon curtains balloons can be treated balloon inflator with a special gel (e.g. "Hi Float" brand) which coats the inside balloon ride florida of the balloon to reduce the helium leakage, thus increasing balloon shade float time to a week or longer. Latex rubber balloons are balloon animal completely biodegradable.

Metallized nylon animal-shaped baloons

Beginning in the late 1970s, some large advertising helium balloons more expensive (and longer-lasting) foil balloons balloon usa have been made of thin, unstretchable, impermeable metallized plastic films. These balloons have attractive shiny reflective surfaces and are hot air balloon america often printed with colour pictures and patterns for gifts and balloon america parties. The most important attributes of metallized nylon for balloons are balloon pop its light weight, increasing buoyancy and its ability to keep the helium gas from escaping for several corporate party balloon weeks. However, there has been some environmental concern, since helium ballons advertising balloons the metallized nylon does not biodegrade helium party balloons or shred as a rubber balloon does, and a helium balloon released into the atmosphere can travel a long way helium party balloon before finally bursting or deflating. Release of these types of balloons into the balloon party wholesale atmosphere is considered harmful to the environment. This type of imprinted balloon balloon can also conduct electricity on its surface and released foil balloons can become entangled in powerlines qualatex balloon and cause power outages. For this balloon custom imprinted reason, it is illegal in some states to release foil balloons, even accidentally. In balloons custom imprinted New Jersey and California history of hot air balloons it is illegal to sell an inflated foil balloon without a weight attached to it to prevent its accidental release.

Balloon artists are entertainers party supply balloon who twist and tie inflated tubular balloons into sculptures (see also balloon animal). party supply balloons The balloons used for balloon sculpture are made of cheap imprinted balloons extra-stretchy rubber so that they the man with the balloons can be twisted and tied without bursting. Since the pressure required to inflate a balloon is inversely proportional to the 260 balloons diameter of the balloon, these tiny tubular weather balloons balloons are extremely hard to inflate initially. A pump balloon decorations is usually used to inflate these balloons.

Decorators may use hundreds of helium balloons to create large balloons balloon sculptures. Usually the round shape of the balloon restricts these to simple plano balloon festival arches or walls, but on occasion more ambitious "sculptures" have been attempted with red balloon great success. The balloon decorating industry offers everything from simple balloon columns to stunning, very large and birthday balloon detailed sculptures.

Water balloons are thin, small water balloon rubber balloons intended to be easily broken. They are usually used by children, who throw them at balloon flower each other, trying to helium balloon get each other wet - see practical joke.

In the early 1980's, decorating for parties with balloons became easier 99 balloons with the introduction of Balloon Time helium balloon kits. Each kit comes with a set adirondack balloon festival number of balloons, ribbon and a helium-filled tank allowing balloon decorating the user to fill up balloons quickly and pretty inexpensively. Kits typically nena 99 luft balloons cost anywhere from $20-$30.

See also: Balloon-carried light effect

Balloons in water balloons medicine

Angioplasty is a surgical procedure balloon decorating designs in which very small balloons are inserted into blocked or partially billys balloon blocked blood vessels near the heart. Once in place, the balloon can be inflated to latex balloons clear or compress arterial plaque, and to stretch the walls of the vein. A small stent can red balloons be inserted in its place balloon bouquet to keep the vessel open after the balloon's removal. See myocardial infarction.

Certain catheters have balloons at their tip to keep them from balloon calculator loan mortgage slipping out, for example the balloon balloon rockets of a Foley catheter is insufflated when the catheter is inserted into the urinary bladder hot air balloon pictures and secures its position.


Maximum flight heights

Manned Balloon

The altitude record for manned water balloons games balloons is 34668 metres. It was made by Malcolm D. Ross and balloon centerpieces Victor E. Prather over the balloon delivery Gulf of Mexico in 1961.

Unmanned Balloon

The altitude record for unmanned balloons is (1991 edition of Guinness Book) 51.8 kilometres. balloon gifts The vehicle was a Winzen-Balloon with a volume of 1.35 pictures of balloons million cubic metres, which was launched in weather balloon October 1972 in Chico, California, USA. This is the greatest altitude ever reached by a balloon art flying object requiring the surrounding air. Higher altitudes can only be reached by ballistic vehicles such as balloon decoration reception wedding rockets, girls popping balloons rocket planes or projectiles.

Balloon tank

See Atlas (rocket).

Usage of balloon cars Balloons on other planets

In 1984 the Russian space probe Vega released two aerobots flower mylar balloons into the atmosphere of Venus, from which signals were received for two days.

Balloons in movies

  • The Balloonatic (1923)
  • Balloon Land girls inflating balloons (1935)
  • The Wizard of Oz (1939)
  • Trottie True (1949)
  • Globex's messy wedding balloons break (1954)
  • Around the World in Eighty Days (1956)
  • The Red Balloon (1956)
  • Stowaway in the Sky (1960)
  • Mysterious Island (1961)
  • Five Weeks wholesale balloons in a Balloon'' (1962)
  • The Great Race (1965)
  • Those Magnificent women popping balloons Men in Their Flying birthday balloons clipart Machines, or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 hours 11 minutes (1965)
  • Charlie Bubbles (1967)
  • Chitty Chitty Bang hot air balloons for sale Bang (1968)
  • The Great Bank Robbery (1969)
  • The Muppet Movie (1979)
  • The Chipmunk Adventure (1987)
  • Batman (1989)
  • Around the 16th birthday balloons World in 80 Days (2004)

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