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Jewels & Jeans: A Ladies’ Night Out (With a Few Brave Men) Slated for October 14 at The Waterford at Fair Oaks 

[Press Release] PR Web via Yahoo! News - Sep 30 5:00 AM
Manassas, VA (PRWEB) September 30, 2006 -- This year’s 2nd annual Jewels & Jeans Ladies’ Night Out (with a few brave men) dinner, dance, and auction will be held Saturday October 14 at The Waterford at Fair Oaks.

TenderCare International, Inc. Receives Exclusive Contract 
[Press Release] PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance - Sep 26 6:29 AM
TenderCare International, Inc. announces shipments have begun on a multi-million dollar exclusive private label baby diaper and pull-up contract for a large international grocery chain.

Jewels & Jeans: A Ladies’ Night Out (With a Few Brave Men) Slated for October 14 at The Waterford at Fair Oaks 
[Press Release] PR Web - Sep 30 12:28 AM
This year’s 2nd annual Jewels & Jeans Ladies’ Night Out (with a few brave men) dinner, dance, and auction will be held Saturday October 14 at The Waterford at Fair Oaks. The event is sponsored by Shaken Baby Prevention, Inc. and raises money to provide services to families who cannot afford durable goods for their handicapped child, therapy services, scholarships, and literature to help prevent

Griffon Corporation Announces Five-Year Contract Award From US Army Aviation and Missile Command 
SYS-CON Media - Sep 25 10:08 AM
Griffon Corporation announced today that Telephonics Corporation, its electronic information and communication systems subsidiary, has been awarded a five year Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract from the US Army Aviation and Missile Command for Telephonics' TruLink Wireless Intercommunication System. The contract is for TruLink hardware and services to support the Department

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Big Fat Baby
Big Fat Baby gets baby diaper a whiff of his own scent.
First appearance Regular on Histeria! since the series premiere.
Created by Tom Ruegger
Voiced by Luke Ruegger
Background Information
Aliases BFB
Friends Father Time, the Histeria! Kid Chorus (Loud Kiddington, Froggo, Charity Bazaar, diaper baby shower invitations Aka Pella, Lucky Bob, Cho-Cho, Toast, Pepper Mills, baby shower diaper cake Pule Houser, and Susanna Susquahanna)

Big Fat Baby (often abbreviated by fans as BFB) is a fictional character created for the diaper cakes for baby Warner baby bjorn diaper backpack Bros. animated series Histeria! He is an apparent sidekick to the central character Father Time, frequently baby sherpa diaper backpack accompanying him as he introduces the sketches. In this role, he change a baby diapers is a parody of Baby New Year, as he is shown wearing a ribbon dictating the year in which the sketch baby shower diaper cakes takes place.

Big Fat Baby is known for the foul odor he baby diaper lover stories carries, caused by his constant pooping in his diaper. As a result baby diaper cakes of this, usually in sketches where the show's Kid Chorus is shown baby shower diaper cake instructions annoying a historical figure, one of the kids asks the figure train baby diaper cakes in question to change Big Fat Baby's diaper, pointing out that the last time he had a clean baby and cloth and disposable or washable and not diaper diaper was before something that happened a long time ago. For example:

Aka Pella: Big Fat diaper cake baby shower gift Baby needs a change.
René Descartes: Ooowee! how to make baby diaper cake When was the last time this kid had a new diaper?
Aka: Remember when humans baby diaper backpack first discovered fire?
Descartes: Oui.
Aka: Before that.

(Quite possibly, given that the cast of baby diaper cake decoration Histeria! appears to be time-traveling, it is likely that the baby diaper change last time Big Fat Baby's diaper was changed wasn't quite so long ago for them.)

As a matter of baby shower diaper cake direction fact, there is actually more than one Big Fat Baby. At times, baby cloth diaper several Big Fat Babies appear onscreen at once, usually to depict baby trend diaper champ a certain time period such as the American Revolution. In fact, there have even been several Big Fat Baby Girls who diffriantiate from the cloth baby diapers males by way of their tanned skin and diaper cake direction for baby shower pink hair bows. In addition, various historical figures who appeared on Histeria!, such baby cloth diaper sale as Alexander the Great, King Henry VIII, and the semi-regular character Nostradamus, baby diaper rash are always depicted as Big Fat Babies whenever they are shown in their infanthood.

In the episode "Return to Rome", baby gift diaper cake baby cake diaper poem shower a sketch about the Roman calendar is preceded by a jingle where Big Fat Baby is shown zooming through a desert chased by Father Time in big baby girls in diaper the style of the Road Runner cartoons. In how to make a diaper cake for baby shower fact, the song that plays baby diaper cover in this jingle is a parody of the theme song to The Road Runner Show.

Big Fat Baby's big baby mommies diapers gurgles were provided by Luke Ruegger, son of producer Tom.

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