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Celebrating 'The Salsa King' 

Pacific Daily News - Oct 05 10:02 AM
H e lived with passion, tragedy and poetry, and died before he was fully appreciated, but fans of salsa music will be fascinated by a birthday celebration of Hector Lavoe tomorrow at the Fishbowl.

Salsa club celebrates Hispanic heritage 
Press & Sun-Bulletin - Oct 04 11:49 PM
The Salsa Music Appreciation Club will present the Southern Tier's First Hispanic Heritage Cultural Awareness Dinner Dance, "Una Noche de Sabor," this Saturday at the Holiday Inn Arena in Binghamton.

Lopez, Anthony Team Up For Salsa Star Biopic 
KGO-TV Bay Area - Oct 04 9:41 AM
Hector Lavoe served as both an inspiration and a warning to Marc Anthony. The singer and husband of Jennifer Lopez, plays old-school salsa star Lavoe in the upcoming biopic "El Cantante."

Top Recipe 1997: Braised Oxtails with White Beans & Salsa Verde 
San Francisco Chronicle - Oct 04 12:21 AM
Oxtails aren't on everyone's menu, but these are wonderful; braised to fork-tenderness and served atop a bed of succulent white beans. The salsa verde is the crowning touch. Its flavors bring a fresh herby-acidic touch to lighten the hearty...




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This article is about dancing; for other uses of Salsa see Salsa.
Salsa dancing.

Salsa usually a alsa partner dance form that corresponds to salsa music. In some forms, it can also appear as a performance sala dance. The word is the sasa same as the Spanish word salsa meaning sauce, or in this case flavour or style.

According to testimonials from musicologists and sals historians of music, the name salsa was gradually accepted among dancers throughout various decades. The salas very first saksa time the word appeared on the radio was a composition by Ignacio Piñeiro, dedicated to an old African man who sold butifarras (a slasa sausage-like product) in Central Road in Matanzas. It is a song titled Échale dalsa salsita, wherein the major refrain salza and chorus goes "Salsaaaaa! échale salsita, échale salsita." During the early 1950s, commentator and DJ "bigote" Escalona announced danceables with the slsa title: "the following rhythm contains Salsa." Finally, the Spanish-speaking population of the New York salsa area baptized Celia Cruz as the salsa recipes "Queen of Salsa."

Salsa is danced on music with salsa recipe a recurring eight-beat pattern, i.e. two bars of four beats. Salsa patterns typically use three steps during each four beats, salsa music one beat being skipped. However, this skipped beat is often marked by a tap, a kick, canning salsa a flick, etc. Typically the music involves complicated percussion rhythms and is salsa dancing fast with around 180 beats per minute (see salsa music for more).

Salsa is salsa mp3 a slot or spot dance, i.e., unlike Foxtrot or Samba, in Salsa a salsa dance couple does not travel over the dance floor much, but rather occupies a fixed area mango salsa on the dance floor. In some cases people do Salsa alone.


  • 1 History
  • 2 Steps
    • 2.1 Basic homemade salsa recipe Step
    • 2.2 Other Common Steps
  • 3 On One recipe for salsa and On Two
  • 4 Salsa styles
    • 4.1 Cuban homemade salsa style
    • 4.2 Colombian style
    • 4.3 Los Angeles style
    • 4.4 New salsa dance steps York style or Eddie Torres tomato salsa recipe style
    • 4.5 Power 2 / Palladium 2 / Ballroom Mambo
    • 4.6 On salsa search engine submission Clave
    • 4.7 Puerto Rican style
    • 4.8 Rueda salsa canning recipes style
  • 5 Shines
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Salsa music is fresh salsa a fusion of traditional African and Cuban and other Latin-American rhythms that traveled from how to make salsa the islands (Cuba and Puerto Rico) to New York during musica de salsa the migration, somewhere between the 1940s and the 1970s, depending on where one puts salsa dresses the boundary between "real" salsa and its predecessors. There is debate as to whether Salsa originated in Cuba or peach salsa Puerto Rico. Salsa is one of the main dances in both Cuba and Puerto Rico and is known peach salsa recipe world-wide. easy salsa recipe The dance steps currently being danced to salsa music come from the Cuban son, but were influenced by many other Cuban dances such salsa grill fernandos as Mambo, Chá, Guaracha, Changuí, Lukumí, Palo Montel, Rumba, Yambú, Abakuá, Comparsa and some salsa music online times even Mozambique. It also integrates swing dances. There are no strict rules of how salsa music site canning tomato salsa recipe salsa should be danced, although one can distinguish a number of styles, which are discussed below.


A dip is a fairly advanced Salsa move.

The basic movement occurring in the dance salsa dancers patterns of the various salsa styles is the pineapple salsa stepping on the beat of the music. Salsa is best grouped in pairs of 4-beat patterns salsa dance history counted "1-2-3-...-5-6-7-...". The leader starts on count 1 by stepping salsa steps with the left foot. On count 2 and 3, they step salsa recipe for canning with right and left, respectively. On count 4, the lead pauses or makes an optional best salsa recipe for canning tap with the right foot. On counts 5, 6, and canning salsa recipes 7, they step with right, left, and right, respectively, again how to can salsa followed by a pause on count 8. As a standard, every step must be taken with full weight salsa lessons transfer. The follower part is identical, but shifted by 4 black bean salsa beats, so that as the leader's left foot steps forward, the follower's right foot steps back. In most styles, the salsa dvd leader starts with the left foot and mexican salsa the follower starts with the right foot regardless of the pattern about to be danced.

Basic Step

The term "basic step" normally salsa receipe refers to a forward-backward motion. On counts 1, 2, and cindy salsa 3, the leader steps forward, replaces, and steps backward. On count 5, 6, and salsa receipes 7, they step backwards, replace, and step green tomato salsa forward again. The follower does the same, but with forward and backward reversed, so that the couple goes back and forth easy salsa recipes as i love salsa a unit. This basic step is part of many other patterns. For example, the leader may dance the basic step while leading the follower salsas to do an fruit salsa underarm turn.

The following variants of the Basic step may be used, often called breaks.

  • Forward break: Starting authentic mexican salsa recipe from either foot, step Forward, Replace, In-place, counting 1,2,3 or 5,6,7.
  • Back break: Starting from either foot, step Backward, Replace, In-place, counting freezing salsa 1,2,3 or 5,6,7.
  • Side break: Starting ironhead salsa from either foot, step Sideways, Replace, In-place, counting 1,2,3 or 5,6,7.

Other Common Steps

  • Underarm Turn (or Outside Turn) - canned salsa similar to the "arch turn" in swing and many other dances. follower corn salsa turns clockwise
  • Inside Turn - follower salsa video turns counterclockwise ( to her left )
  • Leader Turn - lead turns right, often the partners separate
  • Spot Turn - how to salsa either, or often both, partners turn 360° CCW remaining in the same spot
  • Open Break easy fresh tomato salsa recipe - a variant of the "side freezer salsa break" basic. similar to "promenade breaks" in rhumba, etc.
  • Cross Body Lead - follower is led to opposite side of lead. on the border salsa recipe exists in other Latin dances such as salsa movies cha-cha
  • Cross Body Lead (Casino Rueda) - couple in embrace essentially rotates best salsa recipes 180° CCW as a whole, swapping positions
  • Enchufla - a kind of arch turn where orange country salsa lessons the couple rotates CW as a whole, often followed by a salsa history cross-body lead

On One and On Two

Salsa danced according to the above description is called Salsa on One, or briefly, salsa mix "On One", because the break step is on beat 1 of the salsa dip 8-beat pattern. This is by far the most common count used in Europe and salsa verde recipe North America.

If the break step occurs on count 2 or 6, it is called "On Two". There are black bean salsa recipe two main variants of this:

  1. The "Power 2", "Palladium 2" canning salsa recipe or "Ballroom Mambo" style. The my salsa Power 2 basic is simply the On One basic danced one beat later.
  2. "New York salsa that can be canned Style 2" or "Eddie Torres Style". The ET2 basic step starts on beat 6 with the canned salsa recipe leader breaking forward on the left foot, replacing on 7, and pausing on fruit salsa recipes 8. Then on 1 the left foot steps slightly green salsa back, ready for the break step back on the right on 2, and la salsa the left replacing on 3. 4 is a pause and 5 is the right foot tomatillo salsa stepping slightly forwards ready to begin again at 6.
  3. "Puerto-Rican 2". This is exactly as the Eddie Torres canned salsa recipes 2 except the leader breaks forward on canning cold salsa 2 not 6.

Power 2 can fit better with commercial "Mambo" music of the 1950s, e.g. Perez recipes for salsa Prado.

Eddie Torres Style is so called because it was widely formalized and popularized by Eddie salsa hits Torres whose clear teaching style and production of instructional videos free salsa video opened up access to Salsa for many New Yorkers. It is not claimed that he invented the style.

One of online salsa dance steps the cited advantages of ET2 is that the follower pineapple salsa recipe begins her turns on beat one, having been 'prepped' on 6,7,8. This means that a salsa dress good leader can have the follower hit the crescendos in the music with salsa recipie the more climactic dance moves.

Some consider dancing "On tomatillo salsa recipe Two" to work more closely to the clave rhythm, the fundamental rhythm of salsa music, as the steps start on the free salsa video clips first tick of a 2-3 salsa download son clave. However, dancing "On One" hits just as many beats in the clave and hits the first tick if the music salsa egypt is using a 3-2 style son clave.

Dancing on 2 means that the break step baile salsa danza synchronises with the accented slap of the Tumbao pattern played on the canning recipe for salsa Conga drum. chili's salsa recipe For this reason it is said to be more punchy and rhythmically oriented, free salsa steps whereas on 1 is more melodically oriented.

Salsa styles

There are many characteristics recipe for mexican salsa that may identify a style. There may be different step patterns, different timing of recipe for peach salsa steps, particular movement on the dance floor (ex: slot, circular), dancer preference of turns and moves, attitude and others. The presence salsa verde of one or more of particular elements does not necessarily define think salsa shoe a particular style. For example, many styles can be danced "On One" or one style best fresh free salsa recipe may be danced "On One" or "On Two". The following are brief blueberry salsa descriptions of major "recognizable" styles.

Cuban style

Cuban-style salsa chips and salsa can be danced either "on one" or "a contratiempo" ---the latter is often referred to as "on two". An georgia peach salsa essential element is the "cuba step" (also known as Guapea), where the leader does how to salsa dance a backward basic on 1-2-3 and a forward basic on 5-6-7. salsa canning recipe The follower does the same, thereby buy salsas online mirroring the leader's movement. Another characteristic of this style is that in many patterns the leader and follower circle around each other.

The cross body home canned salsa lead is an essential step in this style too and is learn to dance salsa referred to as Dile que no. This mild salsa recipe move becomes essential in the more complex derivative of Cuban Casino leading to the pasos de salsa many moves of Rueda, or wheel dance. Here multiple couples exchange partners and carry out moves syncronized by a recipe salsa caller.

Colombian style

This style is common in Latin-American countries and salsa brands parts of Canada. The leader and follower do most of the movements in a tight box salsa kids step, breaking salsa recipes for canning back in each bar. It normally starts with a side step on beat one, then a watermelon salsa tap on beat two, break back on three, and replace on four; apple salsa the next bar is like the first but starting with a side step going to the opposite side. habenero salsa recipes A switch to the normal basic is possible, but it looks like one is dancing "on 3" homemade canning salsa recipe and keeping the tap on 2. This salsa dance instructions style is sometimes called "Cumbia Style" and in fact it fits very salsa gift baskets well with modern salsa-inflected cumbias (the pause in salsa midi the bass line is the same as the pause in the basic step) included in the cuban salsa sets of bands and DJs that play for this style. Besides cumbia, this free download salsa movie style is also influenced by swing and Cuban style. As such, in many patterns the leader and follower turn around each free download salsa music other, although not as much as free salsa music download in the Cuban style. A unique step is a side break by learn salsa steps the leader after the follower has already been led to break back to the opposite side, creating a little accented "tug" on movie download salsa 3. In several parts of Colombia, salsa recipe for tomato salsa is danced with very limited or no turns, often nearly chest to chest.

Los Angeles style

Developed in recent salsa bicycles years (some say between 1999 and salsa dancing movies 2002), this is a style of salsa much influenced by salsa lessons at the tropicana hotel in virginia beach Hollywood and by the swing & mambo dances, thus being the most flashy style, which is considered "more salsa live show than dance" by many. The two essential elements of this dance are the forward/backward salsa movie basic as described salsa movie download above, and the cross-body lead. In this pattern, the leader steps forward on 1, steps to the right salsa movies download on 2-3 while turning 90 degrees counter-clockwise (facing to the left). The follower salsa steps pictures then steps forward on 5-6, and turns on 7-8, while salsa video gallery the leader makes another 90 degrees counter-clockwise. After these 8 counts, the leader and follower have shrimp salsa exchanged their positions.

Francisco Vazquez, along with his two brothers, Luis top salsa songs and Johnny, are widely credited with developing the LA style of salsa. Francisco taught both of his brothers how authentic mexican salsa to dance and all of them went on to become famous worldwide through their unique style of basic salsa steps dancing. buy salsa online Francisco Vazquez, along with his brother Johnny, founded "Los Rumberos" Dance Company at the start of their career, canning peach salsa which is still the leading dance company in Los Angeles. Luis Vazquez, along with then Joby Vazquez (now Joby canning recipes for tomato salsa Martinez) founded Salsa Brava Dance corn avacado salsa Company, which was another leading dance company in Los Angeles for many years. Johnny Vazquez went on to become a free salsa movie download great salsa champion and performer. green tomatoes salsa He moved to Valencia, Spain, in 2002 and also founded his own dance company called "Imperio Azteca". Luis Vazquez and another acclaimed L.A. Style history of salsa dancing dancer, Melissa Fernandez, are now directors of "Mas Salsa movies about salsa Brava," and have moved to Lugano, Switzerland due to business aspects.

Other people who movies salsa free also helped create L.A. Style as we know it salsa canning are, Rogelio Moreno, Alex Da Silva, Joby Martinez, Liz Lira, Josie Neglia, Abel Pena, and many others. Tony Cordero salsa dancing shoes and Robert salsa movie video Menache helped spread the influence of the LA style to Long Beach and Orange County.

The reasons why L.A. Style of salsa is salsa reciepes so well-known around the world are widely disputed. But what has helped largely has salsa show video been the broadcast of competition video clips from the see free salsa video Mayan World Salsa Championships on the Club steps to the salsa Mayan website. Every year, competitors from many parts of the United States and the world come together to challenge each other in strawberry salsa this competition. Before moving to Europe, Johnny Vazquez was the reigning king of the Mayan competitions; he 7 salsas best salsa recipe was practically unbeatable as he surpassed all other competitors with his skilled dancing and precise cherry salsa spins. Since then, however, the results of the competition have not been endorsed download free salsa videos by many and the competition has lost validity, but it remains, nonetheless, one of the biggest competitions in the world.

New York style or Eddie Torres style

The "NY Style" is a combination of the "On free salsa clips 1" and "On how to dance salsa 2" systems. The timing of the steps are on the 1-2-3,5-6-7 as mexican salsa recipe in "On 1" but the breaks (where the body changes direction) occur on the 2 midi salsa and 6 as in "On 2". NY instructor Eddie Torres developed this step pattern around salsa art the late '70s and the '80s, and its definition is quite clear as he salsa clips is still alive and his followers are keen to keep the style salsa lyrics intact. This is their description of the step: salsa mood Description of "On Two" on There are many "socials" in NYC or nightclubs that dedicate on salsa movie clip playing only mambo or salsa.

The style has proliferated around the world to places like Japan, salsa shoes Korea, India, Israel, Germany, Holland, Canada, Hawaii, Poland, Romania, UK, Curacao, and salsa steps movie more.

Leaders in the On2 style are Magna Gopal, Shaka cooked salsa recipe G. Brown, Ismael Otero, among others.

Power 2 / Palladium 2 / Ballroom Mambo

This style is similar to Los-Angeles style, but dance instruction salsa video it is danced "On Two". dance salsa The basic step timing is 2-3-4,6-7-8 with the breaks on 2 and 6.

It is escuela baile salsa important to note that although this style is also known as dancing "En Clave", the name is not implying free salsa recipes that the step timing should follow the rhythm of the Clave as in 2-3 or 3-2. fruit salsa receipe It only means that you take the first step (and break) on the second home canning salsa jansport salsa beat of the measure.

On Clave

This does indeed follow the 2-3 or 3-2 pattern of the clave, e.g. for the 2-3 la salsa nunca se acaba mp3 clave the leader steps forward with the left on 2 and with the right on 3, then mexican salsa recipes does the other 4 steps of the basic on 5-8 salsa celtica mp3 (syncronizing with the clave on 5 and 8). salsa classes It's a traditional form and it's less known/used outside some countries.

Puerto Rican salsa instruction dance videos style

This style can be danced as "On One" or "On Two". If danced as "On Two", it salsa merengue is always danced on salsa patterns count 2, and not on count 6 as in Ladies-style NY. There is a Salsa Congress in salsa recipes canning Puerto Rico where salsa groups all around the world attend and perform.

Rueda style

Main article: Rueda de Casino. In salsa steps free the 1950s Salsa Rueda salsa video clips (Rueda de Casino) was developed in Havana, Cuba. Pairs of dancers form a circle (Rueda in Spanish), salsa vj with dance moves called out by one person. Many of the moves boston salsa lessons dance involve rapidly swapping partners. In the Philippines 2005, a cabbage salsa growing interest among young Filipinos led to to a fusion of salsa and community dance, later called Ronda de Salsa, a chevys salsa dance similar to Rueda but with salsa dance moves that corn salsa recipe were choreographed locally and in Filipino names. Among the popular calls download salsa steps video in Ronda were: Gising, Pule, Patria, Dolorosa, Lakambini and La free salsa movies Antonio.Salsapower Editorial: Ronda de Salsa


Normally Salsa is a partner dance, danced in a handhold. However advanced dancers always include shines, which are free steps on salsa basically "show-offs" and involve fancy footwork and body actions, danced in good salsa recipe separation. They are supposed jennifer salsa extremos to be improvisational breaks, but there are a huge number of "standard" shines. Also, kind of salsa they fit best during the mambo sections of the tune, but they may be orange mango salsa danced whenever the dancers feel appropriate. They are a good recovery trick when the connection or pictures of salsa dancing beat is lost during a complicated move, or simply to catch recipe for canning salsa the breath. One possible origin of the name salsa clips free shine is attributed to the period when non-latin tap-dancers would frequent Latin clubs in New York in the 1950s. In tap, when an salsa dance attire dance shoes discount wome individual dancer would perform a solo freestyle move, it was considered their salsa dance classes "moment to shine". On seeing Salsa dancers perform similar moves the name was salsa dance instruction transposed and eventually stuck, leading to these moves being called 'shines'.

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