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Giant cake to mark Phar Lap's birthday 

Sydney Morning Herald - Oct 03 5:55 AM
A giant carrot cake is included in celebrations to mark the 80th birthday of legendary racehorse Phar Lap on Wednesday. -

Japanese kidnap victim's birthday marked with film 
AFP via Yahoo! News - 2 hours, 3 minutes ago
The family of Japanese kidnap victim Megumi Yokota has celebrated her 42nd birthday in her absence with a film on the plight of the woman whose North Korean captors say killed herself years ago.

Bartoli Barters Birthday Win at WTA Tokyo 
TennisX - Oct 04 6:40 AM
TOKYO, Japan -- Marion Bartoli enjoyed a slice of her birthday cake Tuesday at the press conference following her first round victory at the AIG Japan Open. The top-seeded Frenchwoman turned 22 on Monday and was pushed t

Carrot cake brings the garden to table 
Northwest Herald - Oct 04 9:08 AM
My son was born in September, and every year I bake his favorite cake for his birthday – carrot cake. He is a teenager, which means I have whipped up a lot of carrot cakes. Each time I make the recipe a little bit different, tweaking it here and there.

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Birthday Cake
A birthday cake with writing on it

The birthday cake has birhday cake been an integral part borthday cake of the birthday tradition in Western cultures since the middle of the 19th bithday cake century.

The cake, or sometimes a pastry or dessert, is served to a person on his or her birthday, and is often decorated with birthdaycake the person's name birthdy cake and/or a message of congratulations. It is often decorated with candles, one for each bithday cakes year the person has been alive. One tradition is to add an extra candle for good birthday cake luck, although this varies.

Tradition holds that the person with the birthday may make a wish, which will come true birthday cakes if all the candles can be blown out in one breath. But many birthday cake ideas people may make a wish if it takes them birthday cake ideas for kids more than one breath. Another tradition is to smear childrens birthday cakes out the name of the person for good luck before slicing the cake barbie birthday cake for serving.

Birthday cakes are usually yellow cakes, although many other recipes can be used. One of the most popular flavors is chocolate.

The U.S. pirate birthday cake patent birthday cake pictures #6,319,530 is a "method of photocopying an image onto an edible web for decorating iced baked goods." This invention enables one to inkjet print first birthday cakes a food-grade color photograph on the pictures of birthday cakes cake surface. This kind of confection was referred to on the flower birthday cake American television sitcom Scrubs as a "face cake."

A cake hawaiian birthday cake for a first birthday party.
Novelty candles are often birthday cake candles used.
A birthday cake barbie birthday cakes with a Star Wars image on the surface.
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