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Howell Tri Town News - Oct 04 8:21 AM

Clinton plans birthday bash 
The Columbus Dispatch - Oct 02 4:25 AM
NEW YORK — Bill Clinton never does things quietly — and that includes marking his 60 th birthday. The former president will be toasted at a three-day Big Apple bash at the end of the month.

Bill Clinton, the birthday-boy-fund-raiser! 
New Kerala - Oct 02 10:32 AM
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Clinton to celebrate birthday with donors, Rolling Stones 
Contra Costa Times - Oct 02 3:08 AM
Bill Clinton never does things quietly -- and that certainly includes marking a major milestone like his 60th birthday. The former president will be toasted at a lavish Big Apple bash sprawling over three days at the end of the month.

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This is a complete birthday invtations listing of episodes from the Nickelodeon animated television series The Fairly OddParents, including birthdayinvitations the TV movies. From 1998 to 2007, Nickelodeon made a birthday invitaions total 87 Fairly OddParents related subjects, including 66 television episodes, 9 movies, and birthday ivitations 10 Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts.


  • 1 "Oh Yeah! Cartoons" birthday invitatins Shorts: 1998-2001
  • 2 Season bithday invitations 1: 2001
  • 3 Season 2: 2001-2003
  • 4 Season birhday invitations 3: 2003
  • 5 Season 4: 2004
  • 6 Season 5: birtday invitations 2005
  • 7 Season 6: 2005-2006
  • 8 TV Movies
  • 9 Crimson Chin "webisodes"

"Oh Yeah! Cartoons" Shorts: 1998-2001

Airdate Title Overview
1998 The Fairly OddParents! Timmy receives his fairy godparents birthday party invitations and learns a free birthday invitations little something about Da Rules when having to deal with Vicky for the night.
1998 Too Many Timmys Timmy wishes printable birthday invitations up a bunch of clones to do his chores for him, but free birthday party invitations chaos ensues when they scare Vicky out of her mind.
1998 The Fairy Flu Cosmo & Wanda get the Fairy Flu, a disease that lessens 1st birthday invitations Cosmo and Wanda's control over their magic; the trio attend Tootie's birthday party and first birthday invitations chaos ensues.
1998 Where's the Wand? Vicky uses Wanda's wand free printable birthday party invitations as a prop for her fairy costume at her free printable kids birthday invitations costume party, and Timmy needs to get back the wand since it's granting Vicky's wishes.
1998 Party of Three Vicky tries to get proof of pirate birthday invitations Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda children's birthday party invitations having a party while Mom & Dad are out; but fails miserably. (NOTE: Vicky's unaware wording for birthday invitations of Timmy's godparents due to tons of party guests).
1998 The Temp Timmy gets a substitute godparent while Cosmo & Wanda are at 1st birthday party invitations boot camp, but the childrens birthday invitations sub ("Jeff") can only make toys, later it turns out that Jeff's one printable birthday invitations for kids of Santa Claus's elves.
1998 The Zappys Timmy, Cosmo & Wanda are nominated for a fairy award show, 60th birthday party invitations but Jorgen Von Strangle: toughest fairy in the universe uses his power to "persuade" barbie birthday invitations the judges; Timmy's left buck tooth is loose.
1999 Scout's Honor Timmy tries to earn his milestone birthday invitations "Capturing a Mythical Creature" Squirrelly Scout badge; Vicky tortures her halloween birthday invitations scout group.
2000 The Really Bad Day For 1 day in a certain number of years, a fairy godparent has to be "bad" 50th birthday party invitations and it's Cosmo's turn. There's just childrens birthday party invitations one problem: he's HORRIBLE at being "bad". Timmy & Wanda need to help Cosmo be bad, or it's curtains for Cosmo!
March 23, halloween birthday party invitations 2001 Super Humor Wanting to be duckie birthday invitations a superhero, Timmy tests out superpowers on himself

"Where's the Wand?" and "The Fairly OddParents" appeared on the School's Out: free printable birthday invitations for kids The Musical DVD. "Too Many Timmys," "The twin birthday invitations Fairy Flu" and "The Temp" appeared on the The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds baby birthday invitations Collide DVD. "Super Humor," "Scout's Honor" and "The Really Bad Day" appeared first birthday party invitations on the Fairy Idol DVD. "Party of Three" and "The Zappys" appeared on The Jimmy free kid's birthday invitations Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators DVD. Nickelodeon has stopped airing the original Oh Yeah! 40th birthday party invitations Cartoons episodes; this is likely due to the many inconsistencies as baby first birthday invitations compared to the later episodes.

Season 1: 21st birthday invitations 2001

# Airdate Episode A Overview Episode B Overview Vicky's Head Gag
1 March 30, 2001 The Big Problem Timmy almost loses his godparents when he wishes he was printable birthday party invitations an adult. (This episode was the 1st actual twins birthday invitations appearance of Mr. & Mrs. Turner, Timmy's parents). Power Mad! Chester & A.J. get how to make birthday invitations trapped in Timmy's virtual reality video game. Cosmo and Wanda, meanwhile, go into the television set and star in a fictional show vellum birthday invitations called "I Love Wanda", which is an obvious spoof western birthday invitations of I Love Lucy. Contains the first birthday invitations twins earliest 3-D effect in the series. Toilet
2 April 6, 2001 Spaced Out! Mark Chang the Yugopotamian alien, winds up on Earth & falls in love with Vicky; guitar birthday invitations Timmy tries to 40th birthday wording invitations convince Mark's parents to take him back, instead of destroying Earth in the process. Trans-Parents Timmy wishes for a free children's birthday party invitations dinosaur to take to show-&-tell, & it immediately grabs the attention of his mad teacher, Mr. Crocker. When free finding nemo printable birthday invitations Mr. Crocker requests a Parent-Teacher Conference, Timmy wishes handmade birthday party invitations for Cosmo & Wanda to pose as his own parents. When they go, Mr. Crocker tries to trap Cosmo 1st birthday party supplies and invitations & Wanda, so he can fulfill his life-long dream to birthday party invitations for children prove the existence of "FAIRY GODPARENTS!!!, & exploit their power to rule the world. care bears 1st birthday invitations At the same time, girls care bear 1st birthday invitations Chester & A.J. trek across the school to find the dinosaur, being told disney birthday invitations by Timmy it's a dog wearing a costume. 1st appearance of Mr. Crocker, Timmy's funny birthday invitations fairy obsessed teacher. Fire hydrant
3 April 13, 2001 A Wish too Far Timmy wishes he had cool stuff to impress Trixie Tang, but african american birthday invitations soon becomes overly selfish & has to pay the birthday invitations for twins price. 1st appearance of Trixie Tang. Tiny Timmy Timmy uses a shrink-suit to finish his report on microbiology; Cosmo & Wanda take a tour cars birthday invitations of Vicky. Walrus
4 April 20, 2001 Father Time Timmy goes back in time to try caterpillar birthday invitations to stop Dad first birthday invitations and party supplies from winning the trophy he broke, but has to undo it when his time free egreeting 1st birthday invitations change turns his Dad into the dictator of the world (& keeps him single, making Timmy nonexistent). Apartnership After misunderstanding luau birthday invitations Wanda's actions on their anniversary, ("The False Anger themed Anniversary") monster truck birthday invitations Cosmo retreats to Fairy World where he decides to return living with his mother, Mama Cosma!; Timmy tries rubber ducky first birthday invitations to make his parents' anniversary dinner. 1st appearances of Mama Cosma and Cupid. Octopus
5 April 27, 2001 Chin Up! The Crimson wording for birthday party invitations Chin retires when Timmy shows him he's not real, but this beautiful electronic birthday invitations ruins the comic book & birthday invitations free and printable the series will be cancelled, unless Timmy (as Cleft, the Boy Chin Wonder) can firetruck birthday invitations get the Crimson Chin back in action. Dog's Day Afternoon Vicky's new dog Doidle makes Timmy even more miserable, so Timmy trades places with the free printable 1st birthday invitations dog. Unfortunately, Timmy switched places with Doidle just in time for free printable 40th birthday invitations him to get "fixed". Doidle
6 May 4, 2001 Dream Goat Timmy frees the city's happy birthday invitations mascot, a goat named Chompy, because Chompy pirate birthday party invitations seems miserable,and pins Chompy's escape on Vicky. He soon starts "sleep-wishing" out of guilt, and - once again - chaos ensues. The Same printable free birthday invitations Game Timmy wishes everyone in toddler birthday party invitations make the world looked the same so nobody could gloat about their good looks, but the 21st birthday invitations nz fairies can't find their godkids because of this, and as a result can't grant their wishes, 30th birthday party invitations so they start blowing up (like balloons, but explode birthday invitations magic into confetti) from 'magic overload', hence forcing Timmy to save the day again. 1st appearances of Dr. Bender and birthday party invitations camp out his son, Wendell, with Gilbert Gotfried guest starring care bear custom birthday invitations as Dr. Bender & Wendell) Parrot

Season 2: 2001-2003

# Airdate Episode A Overview Episode B Overview Vicky's Head Gag
7 December 12, 2001 Christmas cars the movie birthday invitations Every Day Timmy wishes it was Christmas every day, but the e birthday invitations other holidays get jealous and try to get rid of Santa; Santa runs out of present ideas. Gift
8 March 1, frog birthday party invitations 2002 Boys in the Band Timmy kidnaps i want to print children's birthday invitations Chip Skylark, because everybody is remembering Chip's concert, and not Timmy's 10th birthday; Vicky tries to marry invitations for halloween birthday party Chip. The song during the title screen is similar to Footloose. The Hex Games Vicky and Timmy duel it moonwalk birthday invitations out for the position of "Queen (or printable 70th birthday invitations King) of the Skatepark." Electric Guitar
9 March 8, 2002 Boy Toy Timmy shrinks spanish birthday invitations and his Chin toy springs to life, due to a wish for top 10 unique birthday invitations Timmy to play with it one more time. The duo adventure through Vicky's yard. 1st appearance tractor birthday invitations of Tootie, Vicky's Timmy-obsessed sister. Inspection Detection Cosmo & Wanda have a fairy inspection; Timmy is framed for shoplifting in the Wall-to-Wall Mart. Crimson Chin
10 March 22, 16th birthday party invitations 2002 Action Packed Timmy wishes birthday invitations online his life was like an action movie, since his everyday life is BORING!!! Smarty Pants Timmy wishes creating birthday invitations he knew everything, but loses his ability while trying to cupcake birthday invitations use it in a competition. Brain
11 May 10, 2002 Super Bike Timmy wishes for a cool new bike, but it dinosuours birthday party invitations keeps tearing him away from his friends free first birthday invitations and family. A Mile in My Shoes Timmy and his fairies switch places for a day, and realize how difficult each other's lives are. Tire
12 June 7, 2002 Foul Balled Timmy wishes free online birthday invitations Chester was the free precious moments birthday invitations greatest baseball player of all time, but nobody else on the team free printable birthday invitations for age 6 ("The Losers") gets to play anymore. Running gag: Dad doesn't wear his pants). The Boy free printable princess birthday invitations Who Would Be Queen (A Spoof of The Man Who Would Be free spiderman birthday invitations King) Timmy (accidentally) becomes a girl in order to find out what free sports birthday invitations Trixie wants for her birthday, becoming "Timantha", while Cosmo and Wanda change genders. Running gags: Chester and A.J. find Timantha doing boy things, for inexpensive birthday party invitations example: going to the mall's arcade and invitations birthday the comic book shop); the "Girl-to-Geek" Translator (used by Chester and A.J./ "Geek-to-Girl" Translator (used by Trixie), and invitations for second birthday A.J. greeting girls with a dead frog. Baseball
13 July 12, 2002 Totally Spaced Out Another encounter with alien Prince Mark mickey mouse birthday invitations Chang of Yugopotamia causes big trouble. The Switch Glitch Timmy wishes one year birthday party invitations he was Vicky's babysitter so he can get party birthday invitations revenge, but the tables turn when Vicky gets Timmy's fairies. Vicky and Timmy printable 40th birthday invitations swap heads
14 September 6, 2002 Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad Mom and Dad are always too stressed when printable custom greeting birthday invitations cards they get home from work to pay attention to Timmy, so Timmy wishes that Mom and roller skating birthday party invitations Dad had superpowers to make thier lives easier. But then they start paying more attention to crime-fighting star wars birthday invitations than to him. Knighty Knight Timmy wishes he was back in the Middle Ages, and star wars birthday party invitations must stop his parents from being eaten wording for 50th birthday party invitations by a dragon impervious to magic. Dragon
15 September 13, 2002 Fairy, Fairy Quite 18 year old breakfast birthday party invitations Contrary Timmy and Remy Buxaplenty have a Magical Duel. Cosmo and Remy's fairy godparent Juandissimo Magnifico (Wanda's 1st birthday party supplies bulk invitations ex-boyfriend) fight for her love. Nectar of the Odds Timmy sells lemonade in order 40th birthday printable invitations to buy tickets for "Crash Nebula on Ice", but it tastes terrible. However, when Cosmo dunks his birthday invitations free sweaty socks in the lemonade, it becomes the tastiest lemonade ever... and birthday invitations party it starts granting people's wishes! Lemon
16 September 27, 2002 Hail to the Chief Timmy becomes class birthday invitations printable president, but soon finds out it is not all it is cracked up to be. Twistory Timmy wishes the great American birthday invitations to download leaders into his house to finish blues clue custom birthday invitations his report, but because they've vanished from history, the U.S. goes back to being British colonies! George Washington
17 October 11, cat in the hat birthday invitations 2002 Fool's Day Out Timmy summons the April Fool circus birthday invitations so he can pull pranks on people, but the April Fool is intent on destroying the world. Deja Vu Timmy gets cowgirl birthday invitations a magical watch that curious george birthday invitations can turn back time, but Vicky gets her hands on it. April Fool
19 October 29, 2002 Scary Godparents Timmy duck birthday party invitations wishes everyone really was what they dressed up as for Halloween, but some kids are dressed free halloween birthday invitations up as supervillains intent on destroying the world, and Cosmo free kids printable birthday invitations & Wanda are dressed up so they're not fairies anymore! Pumpkin
18 November 8, 2002 Ruled Out Timmy wishes that his free printable 18th birthday invitations parents cared less, and they start giving him candy for lunch and letting him watch violent free printable childrens birthday invitations TV; but eventually, they start ignoring hygiene and other invitations birthday party such things. Running gag: vegetables being good for your colon. That's Life When Timmy wishes that invitations party birthday his mom's garden was full of life, his dead hamster Eddie, who was buried kids halloween birthday party invitations in the yard, comes back from the dead... and he wants revenge on Timmy and his leave it to beaver birthday party invitations parents. Onion
19 November 30, 2002 Shiny Teeth Dr. Bender steals little prince birthday party invitations Chip Skylark's teeth before a big video shoot. Timmy has to get the teeth back before Chip noah birthday invitations is replaced by "Skip Sparkypants"! Odd Odd West Timmy tries to stop Dimmsdale Flats online birthday invitations from being torn down by going back in time and reclaiming the lost deed party invitations birthday to the area. Running gag: The line "Nobody reads the manual!" Tooth
20 January 10, 2003 Cosmo Con Cosmo holds a print golf birthday invitations top-secret printable 17th birthday invitations fairy convention in Timmy's bathroom. Unfortunately, Mr. Crocker comes over for dinner on the same day as simpson birthday invitations the convention! Wanda's Day Off Wanda takes a vacation, and Cosmo's sure he can handle things while she's gone. He can't, and sports birthday invitations thanks to a wish gone awry, cockroaches try to take over the world. Cockroach
21 April 26, toddler birthday invitations 2003 Timvisible Timmy wishes he was invisible to avoid the school bully, but unique childrens birthday party invitations must become visible verse it birthday wording invitations again to accept his "Perfect Attendance Award;" Crocker tries to capture Timmy (while he's invisible) as proof of 18th birthday party invitations fairies. That Ol' Black Magic Anti-fairies cause Timmy bad luck on Friday 30th birthday invitations wording the 13th. Running gag: Timmy keeps "stepping on cracks", "breaking" Mrs. Turner's ("his mother's") "back", and then blaming it on 40th birthday grim reaper wording invitations his dad. Four-leaf Clover

Season 3: 2003

# Airdate Episode A Overview Episode B Overview Vicky's Head Gag
22 August 1, 2003 Microphony Timmy starts his own radio station and puts Vicky's baby-sitting service out of 40th download birthday party invitations business. So Totally Spaced Out Mark Chang enlists Timmy to defeat invaders on Yugopotamia. Radio
23 January 20, 50 birthday invitations 2003 Information Stupor Highway Timmy goes into the Internet 50th birthday invitations printable to get back a threat-mantic e-mail accidentally sent to Trixie. When he runs 5oth birthday party invitations into Crocker. Crocker tries to use the 80th birthday party invitations Internet to spy on Timmy's fairies. Timmy must rescue his love letter and stop Crocker birthday invitations & ice cream from sending his clips of Cosmo and Wanda throughout the world. Computer
24 January 27, 2003 Odd Jobs Timmy tries to get his Dad a birthday invitations to print cool new job, but results in him almost sending Dad birthday invitations uk to Uranus for 23 years. (Revealed This Episode, Dad is 42 years old. He'll be 65 when he birthday party invitations picture perfect gets back. 65-23=42) Movie Magic Timmy tries cheap birthday invitations to make a great, incredible, fantastic movie to impress Trixie. Clapboard
25 February 14, 2003 Love create 40th birthday party invitations free Struck Timmy wishes boys and girls lived on a different side of the Earth, but chaos ensues as Cupid lies dumptruck birthday invitations on his deathbed, and a war of the sexes is ultimately engaged. Heart
26 May 2, free 50th birthday invitations 2003 Most Wanted Wish Timmy wishes he was the most wanted kid on the planet. This is free 70th birthday invitations Your Wish Cosmo goes onto a show similar to free birthday invitations to download This is Your Life, with one difference - the audience gets to choose whether he (A) free online birthday party invitations stays with Timmy or (B) goes home with free printable barbie birthday invitations Mama Cosma! Timmy and Wanda have to stop the audience from choosing free printable fifty birthday invitations B! Rock
27 May 9, 2003 Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad Meet The Crimson Chin Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad free printable magician birthday invitations team up with the Crimson Chin to stop golden birthday invitations the Nega-Chin from taking over the 3-D world! Engine Blocked Dad becomes obsessed with his new car invitations for a 21st birthday and won't play with Timmy. Car Engine
28 May 17, 2003 Sleep Over and Over Timmy tries to get his friends back passport invitations for birthday party together after an argument at Timmy's sleepover. Mother Nature Timmy wishes that his mom, print birthday invitations the new weather-person, always made correct predictions. When science birthday invitations she does, he puts the rest of Dimmsdale at risk. Gelatin Brand Gelatin
29 May 23, 2003 Beddy Bye Timmy wishes away sleep, scottish birthday invitations but the Sandman goes out of business! The Grass is Greener Timmy runs snowflake birthday invitations away to a rule-free super-gross Carnival. Hourglass
30 June 27, 2003 The Secret Origin wording and birthday invitations of Denzel Crocker Timmy finds out how Crocker became the miserable fairy-obsessed teacher he is today by going back in time. Mr. Crocker
First movie July 12, 90th birthday party invitations 2003 Abra-Catastrophe! (full-hour) Timmy makes his first "fairy-versary" baby einstein birthday invitations and wins a magic rule-free muffin, but it goes to the less confidant person to get it… Crocker! Magic Muffin
31 September 26, beach and pool birthday party invitations birthday invitations and free and photo and online 2003 Pipe Down Timmy wishes away sound, which renders the new Meteor Warning System of Dimmsdale useless...just as a birthday invitations and party supplies meteor is about to destroy Dimmsdale. The Big Scoop Chester and AJ's side of the episode "A Wish too birthday invitations for free Far" Zipped mouth
32 October 10, 2003 Crime Wave Timmy wishes himself out of the bathtub birthday invitations ideas to get a new Crimson Chin comic book, but Cosmo & Wanda forgot to dress him! Meanwhile, the birthday invitations to design and print Chin fights crime inside another issue. Odd Ball A mere 36 hours after Timmy birthday party invitations over the hill gets a new video game for his V-Cube (parody of Xbox and blue's clues 1st birthday invitations GameCube), the system breaks! To earn enough money to buy a camoflauge birthday invitations new V-Cube, he works as ball boy for Dimmsdale's Ball care bear birthday invitations Hogs, the selfish basketball team (owned by Doug Dimmadome, the richest man in Dimmsdale) that never disney's cars theme birthday invitations wins. If Timmy can't convince them to share, they'll move to Alaska and Timmy will download birthday party invitations never replace his V-Cube. Running gag: a character eating a blubber dragon birthday invitations nugget and stating that it's chewy. Basketball
33 October 18, 2003 Where's Wanda? Wanda goes missing dragon birthday party invitations before a "Secret Probation Hearing" and Timmy and Cosmo try to find her Film electronic birthday invitations Noir style. Imaginary Gary Timmy wishes his old imaginary friend "Gary" into existence, but he first birthday invitations texas ultimately takes over Timmy's life. And, to make matters worse, Gary and Timmy now share Cosmo & Wanda... Fishbowl labeled free online mermaid birthday invitations with a question mark
34 November 7, free printed birthday invitations 2003 Miss Dimmsdale Vicky tries out for a beauty pageant, in which the prize is being mayor for a day, and she free tinker bell birthday invitations won't let anything stand frog birthday invitations in her way, even if it means sabotaging the other contestants. Mind Over Magic Timmy obtains mind-reading abilities to prepare himself for frog moonwalk birthday invitations Crocker's constant pop-quizzes. Crocker gets wise of this and creates a "mind-reading-proof helmet" and a fake ideas for creaing birthday invitations party for Timmy- a trap for his invitations for a birthday party psychic abilities. Catman
35 November 11, 2003 Kung Timmy Timmy gets kung-fu training to one of a kind birthday invitations stand up for himself when Francis takes everything from his lunch money, to his family's car printable childrens birthday invitations and their house deed. Which Witch is Which? Timmy goes back in time to get proof of "folk-legend" printable halloween birthday party invitations hero "Dale Dimm" so his friends will make a float of Mr. Dimm for sample of invitations for 50th birthday the "Founders Day". Witch
36 November 14, 2003 Hard Copy Timmy gets a magic copy machine that will poof sweet sixteen birthday party invitations up whatever the picture under it has on it while Wanda drags Cosmo to tinkerbell birthday invitations the doctor. Parent Hoods Timmy's parents are mistaken for the infamous souvenir toddler birthday party invitations bandits, the Turnbaums, and Timmy tries to catch the twin first birthday invitations real crooks. Pencil
37 November 21, 2003 Chip off the Old Chip Timmy and Chip Skylark switch voices. Snow Bound Timmy and Vicky are forced to verses for birthday invitations team up when they're trapped in an avalanche. Snowman

Season 4: 2004

# Airdate Episode A Overview Episode B Overview Vicky's Head willy wonkas birthday invitations and party favors Gag
38 September 10, 2004 Shelf Life It's summer vacation, wording for 80th birthday invitations time for rest, relaxation, fun and excitement. Also, the 13th birthday party invitations worst time for a book report, which Crocker slaps on 21st birthday invitations printable his class at the last minute. Timmy then puts off the assignment until the last minute, on Labor 50th birthday party invitations printable Day. He then wishes Tom Sawyer out of his 50th birthday party invitations to print free book to try and make things easier for himself. But, Tom tricks Timmy and Cosmo into giving him Cosmo's wand, and he 70th birthday party invitations runs amuck in a website where you can make birthday invitations various books. Timmy and his fairies then follow Tom into various books, trying to stop him before he reaches alf birthday invitations a physics book. This episode originally aired in September 2004 and ran army birthday party invitations for thirty minutes. Character designer batman birthday invitations Gordon Hammond was given an Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation for this episode beach birthday party invitations on September 11, 2005, at the Creative Arts Awards. Hammond bionicle birthday invitations was one of eight people who were given an Emmy in this category. Book
39 February 16, 2004 The Big Superhero Wish Timmy wishes birthday card invitations his life was like a superhero comic book. Sequel to 28A: Mighty Mom and Dyno birthday invitations honoring a special someone Dad Meet the birthday invitations online free Crimson Chin. Crimson Chin writer
40 February 20, 2004 Vicky Loses Her Icky Vicky becomes nice and her meanness turns into a bug. Timmy must stop the bug from crawling birthday invitations space up the butts (literally) of Dad, Principal Waxelplax, and, birthday invitations using own picture ultimately, the President of the United States! Pixies, Inc. Pixies have birthday party free printable invitations bought Fairy World! Under the new management of the monotonous and very corporate Pixies, everyone's wishes are being birthday party sea invitations denied. So Timmy has to play mini golf against the Head Pixie cool birthday invitations in order to save Fairy World, but if he loses, Cosmo and Wanda will have to cowgirl birthday party invitations leave Timmy forever. Guest stars Ben Stein as the voices of the Head Pixie cranes stationary birthday invitations and others. Pixie
41 March 19, create your own printable birthday invitations for free 2004 Baby Face Timmy wishes he was a baby to hide from Francis in Flappy Bob's Happy Peppy Learnatorium. Mr. Right Timmy wishes dinosaur birthday party invitations he was always right, but trouble starts when Timmy must deny his godparents to disney birthday party invitations Crocker. Baby block
Second movie July 23, 2004 Channel Chasers Timmy wishes for a magic remote control so he examples of care bear birthday invitations can enter his favorite television fatherfatherfatherfathersurprise birthday party invitations shows. Television
42 May 18, 2004 Power Pals Timmy is treating Chester, A.J., Elmer and Sanjay badly so they free 10th birthday invitations abandon him. Timmy wishes up some superhero friends, but they treat free 1st birthday invitations him badly. When the "Power Pals" try to destroy Timmy's old friends, free 50th birthday party invitations Timmy must ultimately apologize for them to save themselves. Emotion Commotion Timmy wishes away free birthday invitations to print his emotions, and Cosmo has to babysit them because they've become little free birthday party invitations templetes beings that take on the personalities of the emotions they represent. Timmy is about to perform a dangerous stunt, but wishes free create print birthday invitations his emotions back before he does it. Timmy's Emotions
43 June 1, free diego birthday invitations 2004 Lights!, Camera!, Adam! Adam West plays the title role in the Crimson Chin movie. A Bad Case of Diary-Uh Timmy starts free first birthday party invitations reading Vicky's diary. Running gag: Timmy keeps reminding Wanda that Vicky called her a "fat, pink free kid's printable birthday invitations squirrel". Adam West
44 June 14, 2004 Odd Couple Vicky gets free online printable birthday invitations for kids a boyfriend, Ricky, and the two start babysitting Timmy. Timmy pairs Ricky up with someone else and he gets married free personal birthday invitations - to Crocker's mom! Class Clown Timmy wishes he was the free printable 13th birthday party invitations funniest person on Earth. Seemingly Harmless Plant
45 June 18, 2004 Who's Your Daddy? Timmy wishes he was different people's sons when free printable 16th birthday invitations Dad can't attend his Squirrelly Scout Father-Son Picnic. Homewrecker Timmy wrecks Vicky's house while under her free printable 21st birthday invitations thumb there. Mr. Turner
46 November 27, 2004 Fairy Friends and Neighbors Timmy wishes M&D (Mom free printable 60th birthday invitations & Dad) had some adult friends - (Cosmo & Wanda)C&W! Just the Two of Us Timmy wishes free printable birthday invitations and things he and Trixie were the last people free printable birthday invitations for 13 year olds in the universe so he can actually date her, and chaos ensues. Vicky disappears
47 November 27, free printable invitations for 18th birthday 2004 New Squid in Town Mark moves into Dimmsdale Dump and disguises himself as an average Earth child so he free printable magical birthday invitations won't have to marry the free printable monkey birthday invitations hideous, and insane, Mandie (pronounced man-DIE). This continues through other episodes, free printable spiderman birthday invitations so Mark will remain on Earth until the show creators otherwise. Running gag: free printable surprise birthday invitations Principal Waxelplax hitting Mr. Crocker. Wish Fixers Timmy signs a contract with the free printable teenage birthday invitations Pixies to stop him from making bad wishes, but doesn't read the fine print. The episode bears much similarity to the Stephen King short free printable twins birthday invitations story "Quitters, free rhymes for first birthday invitations Inc." Mark Chang (human form)

Season 5: 2005

# Airdate Episode A Overview Episode B Overview Vicky's Head Gag
48 January 17, 2005 Catman Meets The Crimson Chin Another attempt at saving the day free skateboard birthday invitations gets Catman sued, but Timmy bails him out. Timmy wishes that Catman could free sweet sixteen birthday invitations fight crime in the Chin's webtoon for free yugioh birthday invitations awhile, but Catman refuses to leave once he gets fans in the toon. Genie Meanie Miney funky 1st birthday invitations Mo Timmy goes to a garage sale. But when he finds a magical lamp, he ends funky 21st birthday invitations up releasing Norm the magical genie. Culture Reference: During the Garage Sale, Timmy looks funny 40th birthday invitations at funny birthday party invitations an album called, "The Dark Side of Smoof", referring to Pink Floyd's album, "The golf birthday invitations Dark Side of the Moon" Norm
49 February 14, 2005 Nega-Timmy Timmy wishes to do the opposite harley davidson birthday party invitations of what his parents tell him to, and when they say to be good, he ideas for fortieth birthday invitations turns into an evil vampire-like being with an intent on destroying the ideas for handmade invitations to a first birthday party world! Love at First Height Timmy wishes to be 16 to go on a roller coaster, and Vicky falls in love with him. Nega-Timmy
50 February 15, ideas to make birthday invitations 2005 Truth or Cosmoquences Wanda and Timmy agree to help Cosmo invitations for 50th birthday impress people at his high school reunion by pretending he is rich and married to Britney Britney and invitations to 5oth birthday party that they are his secretary and his butler. It works kids birthday invitations fire truck perfectly, until Juandissimo shows up and decides to put the moves on Cosmo's "dowdy secretary" - microsoft word printable birthday invitations Wanda!!! To make matters worse, Timmy has drank a whole pitcher my little pony free printable birthday invitations of lemonade and desperately needs to nemo birthday invitations find a bathroom. When he tries to wish himself to the boy's room, Cosmo and Wanda won't listen to him! online print out birthday invitations (Every fairy at the reunion claims it's a water drinking festival, and order 90th birthday invitations everyone is showing him liquids.) Beach Bummed Tired of order birthday invitations having sand kicked in his face by Francis, Timmy wishes he was the strongest guy on the beach. But when poems for 1st birthday invitations a whale washes up on shore, pringtable jo jo's circus birthday invitations Timmy grows into a super-sized-hulking-human who quickly becomes the main target of a dangerously armed and heavily funded Seaweed Monster printable 18th birthday party invitations Response Team. Sandcastle
51 February 16, 2005 You-Doo! Timmy wishes for a You-Doo doll of Francis for printable 80th birthday invitations revenge. Later on, Timmy gets You-Doo dolls of mostly every main character on printable barbie birthday invitations the show. Tootie gets the You-Doo of Timmy, and the trouble starts! Just Desserts! Timmy wishes every meal was dessert, printable carebear birthday invitations but his wish makes the entire town fat and makes the printable hawaiian birthday invitations Earth almost hurdle into the Sun. Cake
52 February 17, 2005 Back to the Norm Mr. Crocker printable napoleon dynamite birthday invitations receives the magic lava lamp as a present. Teeth For Two Jorgen plans to use Timmy's printable power ranger birthday invitations tooth as as an engagement ring for the Tooth Fairy. Lava lamp
53 May 12, 2005 Hassle in printable spongebob birthday party invitations the Castle Timmy wants to see what it is like in printable spongebob squarepants birthday invitations Cosmo and Wanda's castle, so he uses his shrink-suit to shrink down and enter purple birthday invitations the castle. When a room known as the " race car theme birthday invitations Hall of Infamy ", where all of the rejected kids that san diego chargers birthday invitations were their fairy godparents, come to life for revenge. Their plan: Steal both Cosmo and Wanda's wands. smoke nascar birthday party invitations Running gag: how Timmy can imitate Wanda's voice perfectly, using snake birthday invitations Wanda's voice-confirmation to open doors and get Wanda and Cosmo's wands. Remy Rides Again Remy returns sock monky birthday party invitations to get revenge on Timmy for making his godparent go away forever- making Timmy happy so he star wars downloadable birthday invitations won't need godparents. Cosmo and Wanda's castle
54 April 2, 2005 Blondas Have star wars printable birthday invitations More Fun Wanda and her famous sister Blonda secretly switch places for a day; Timmy surprise birthday invitations free online does dangerous stunts. Five Days of F.L.A.R.G. Mark is missing FLARG (a Yugopotamian celebration which is strikingly similar to Spring sweet sixteen printable birthday invitations break), so teddy bear birthday invitations his appendix is going to blow up the Earth. So, Timmy wishes thomas the train birthday invitations he could celebrate a real FLARG on Earth. Except, on the last day Mark has to destroy Earth (destroy host planet; don't twins first birthday invitations destroy home planet.). Blonda
55 May 9, 2005 Go Young, West Man Cat Man wants to relive his childhood- wording for 50th birthday invitations Timmy wishes he was young again. Birthday Wish Timmy ignores Tootie's birthday invitations, so he starts 15th birthday dance invitations feeling guilty and lends her his 1950's birthday party invitations godparents for her birthday -- but Cosmo and Wanda don't tell her the rules. Birthday gift
56 May 10, 2005 Timmy's 2-D House of Horror Vicky's house 1st birthday card invitations is destroyed. So Vicky's family stays at 21st birthday invitations online Timmy's house. Meanwhile, Timmy wishes that Vicky's family's 3-D glasses will make anything they hear and see scary. It's a 21st birthday party invitations 40 birthday invitations Wishful Life Timmy feels unappreciated, so he wishes he never existed. Haunted Volcano
57 May 11, 2005 Escape From Unwish 40th printable birthday invitations Island Timmy's unwished wishes try to take revenge on Timmy. The Gland Plan Cosmo and Anti-Cosmo 50th birthday free invitations have problems with their Fa Giggly Glands, which allow them to turn into different objects or animals, so they have 50th birthday invitations and ideas to do a transplant-but doing so requires Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda to try and 50th birthday rhyme for invitations break into Fairy World's prison to free Anti-Cosmo, so the operation can be 65th birthday invitations cards done! Cosmo turns into Vicky
58 February 18, 2005 The Masked Magician When Timmy gets better 75 th birthday party invitations at magic than Mr. Bickles (mostly due to C&W) and goes into superhero 80 birthday party invitations mode, Mr. Bickles gets mad at Timmy and becomes his 90 years surprise birthday invitations arch-nemesis. The Big Bash Timmy and Remy compete for some rule-free wishes by going on a airplane birthday invitations cross-time scavenger hunt; Cosmo and Juandisimo bet Wanda. Cupid
59 May 13, 2005 Talkin' Trash Wanda's father makes an alternative birthday invitations appearance hating everyone except Wanda, and animated birthday and wedding invitations has to clean up "Stinky magic". Timmy TV Fairy World hosts a show called "Timmy TV" ever baby announcements birthday invitations since they cancelled "Leave it to Binky", but due to the show...chaos ensues. Garbage can

Season 6: 2005-2006

# Airdate (USA) Airdate (UK) Episode A Overview Episode B Overview Vicky's Head babys 1st birthday invitations Gag


60 October 3, 2005 April 10, ballerina birthday party invitations 2006 Mooooving Day Timmy’s mom is having a hard time selling houses, and she’s pretty bummed out about it, so Timmy beautiful free electronic birthday invitations wishes that his mom could sell birthday dinner invitations a house to anyone. She instantly becomes a huge success. Mom is able to sell houses all over town birthday greeting invitations - no gift -- including their own. With all the extra money Timmy’s birthday invitations  for free mom has been making, the Turners can now afford to move to the pristine gated community of birthday invitations + cars Dimmadome Acres. But once the birthday invitations card stock family gets to their new home, Timmy starts noticing strange things about all the residents. birthday invitations for 50th They all dress alike, act alike, and everyone is always drinking Dimmadome Farms milk. Something about this isn’t right, and birthday invitations that look like a baseball card Timmy is going to find birthday invitations to make for free out what. Big Wanda Someone’s kidnapped Big Daddy! With the big mob birthday invitations to print out boss missing, Wanda is called in to run the family business. Her first task: a mafia makeover complete with pink trash birthday invitations verses removal uniforms, pink garbage trucks, birthday party invitations betty boop and doilies on all the Fairy World trash cans. Cow
61 October 4, 2005 April 10, 2006 Oh, Brother Life would be better with birthday party invitations free an older brother. At least that’s what Timmy believes. Someone to protect you when bullies birthday party invitations free printable show up, make you look good in front of Trixie Tang, and help birthday rhyme invitations you ace all your homework -- that’s what Timmy wants. So birthday tea party invitations he wishes for the perfect older brother. And that’s just what he gets, a big brother boating theme 1st birthday invitations named Tommy. Only this brother is so perfect and so good, he is boring Timmy bob the builder birthday invitations to tears. And to make matters worse, he has signed cheap 30th birthday invitations Timmy up for an enriching study abroad program in Tibequador childerns 2nd birthday party invitations (a country Timmy wished was real when people asked where Tommy had been all of children's birthday party invitations printable Timmy's life) that will last the rest of Timmy’s career childrens birthday printable invitations as a kid. To make matters worse, Timmy can't christmas in july birthday party invitations wish Tommy away, because Tootie has fallen in love with him. In order to computer printable invitations birthday wish Tommy away, Timmy will have to make Tootie love him again! What's the Difference? It’s just another boring day, so Timmy wishes create birthday invitations on line everything in school was mixed up like a “find it” create your own birthday invitations on the computer puzzle book. This includes Cosmo and Wanda’s wands, and the timing couldn’t be worse. Mark custom printed birthday party invitations Chang’s jilted alien bride-to-be has just arrived in Dimmsdale, and she is about to turn design and print your own birthday invitations online the school into a crater if Mark doesn’t show himself. If Cosmo diego birthday invitations and Wanda had their wands, Timmy could just wish her away. But dinosaur birthday invitations where are the wands hiding? Tommy
62 October 5, 2005 April 11, discount birthday invitations 2006 Smart Attack Dad keeps trying to help Timmy with his homework. But he’s not the brightest dad, disney cars birthday invitations so any help he gives does more harm than good. How can Timmy get his dad to stop helping without fall birthday party invitations hurting his feelings? He completely avoids the subject by wishing that his fear factor birthday party invitations dad fill in birthday party invitations was smart. Now that Dad has the brains of a genius, he home-schools Timmy and pays a lot more attention to things like find the perfectt baby shower and birthday invitations Timmy’s goldfish. In all the finding nemo birthday invitations years that Timmy has had his pet fish, not once has he fed them. Dad concludes that finding nemo birthday party printable invitations they must be a new breed and sets out to dissect the fish in front of fired birthday invitations the entire scientific community. Operation F.U.N. Remy Buxaplenty has come home from first birthday duck party invitations military school for spring break. All he can talk about is how great his free 21st birthday invitations new school is, making Timmy, Chester, and AJ very jealous free 40th birthday invitations in the process. Timmy decides they should all get to go to Remy’s fancy academy and wishes free 40th birthday party invitations for three scholarships. Once the boys get to their new school, they find that it is not quite free african american 50th birthday party invitations the paradise Remy described -- it’s the exact opposite. Among other rules, pets free birthday invitations cards to print are strictly free birthday invitations online forbidden which means that Timmy’s pet goldfish (a.k.a. Cosmo and Wanda) are confiscated and placed in free blank printable birthday invitations storage. This of course was Remy’s plan all along, and now that Timmy can’t get to free downloadable halloween birthday invitations his godparents, he cannot wish himself out of this nightmare. Albert Einstein
63 October 6, 2005 April 11, 2006 Something's Fishy Timmy is at free egreeting birthday invitations the beach and he’s bored silly. He has the full line of merchandise free egreeting invitations for baby's 1st birthday free evil birthday invitations from the horrible Wet Willie movie but can’t go diving because none of it will help him breathe underwater. Until free go diego go birthday invitations he wishes, and, poof, he’s Timmy Turntrout! He, Cosmo, and free happy bunny birthday invitations Wanda set off to explore the deep, and everywhere free kid's printable alien birthday invitations they go, Timmy and Wanda receive a warm undersea welcome while Cosmo seems to upset the other fish. When the three happen free personilized printable elmo birthday invitations upon the lost city free pirate birthday invitations of Atlantis, Timmy and Wanda learn why: Cosmo’s been nicknamed “the accursed one” and hunted for centuries because he free printable 50th birthday invitations sank the city of Atlantis- nine times! Cosmo’s arrested, put on free printable birthday flower invitations trial, and immediately found guilty! Timmy appeals to Atlantis’s leader, King Greg -- if he can show good cause free printable birthday invitations no registration why Atlanteans should be free printable birthday invitations winnie the pooh happy beneath the sea, Cosmo will be set free. Will Timmy save Cosmo? Presto Change-O Timmy hasn’t studied for a test in Mr. Crocker’s class, so free printable birthday party invitations for kids he wishes for a magical device that allows him to change places with free printable cat birthday invitations anyone who comes in contact with it. Cosmo and free printable jo jo's circus birthday invitations Wanda don’t have time to investigate; Momma Cosma’s got the dreaded Nine Hour Flu and they must free printable kids birthday parth invitations rush off to take care of her. At school, he uses this free printable racecar birthday party invitations buzzer device to change places with AJ, and lets the free verses or rhymes for first birthday invitations smart kid take his test for him. The plan backfires when Mr. Crocker free wording for birthday party invitations tries to confiscate the device -- once he touches it, Timmy becomes Mr. Crocker and Mr. Crocker becomes free, printable birthday invitations free, printable birthday party invitations Timmy! Now it’s a race to Timmy’s house, because if Mr. Crocker, as Timmy, gains access, french kids birthday invitations printable he’ll finally have the proof that fairies exist! Pink fish
64 October 7, 2005 April 12, 2006 The Good Ol' Days Mr. and funny 70th birthday invitations Mrs. Turner round up Mr.'s father, Gramps, to keep an eye on young grinvilla first birthday invitations Timothy. Discovering that the modern world isn't exactly floating his boat, Timmy wishes that hallmark birthday invitations the world was more like halloween birthday invitations for children an old cartoon. In this new cartoony world, Timmy and Gramps wander into and out of a construction site, try hawaiian birthday party invitations sasparilla, and save Gramps from a Vicky-esque counterpart. All the while, Cosmo and Wanda's home made first birthday invitations wands have come to life and magic-based hilarity how to make birthday party invitations ensues. Future Lost Timmy wishes for his society to be more futuristic, like a fictional character from one of Dad's old books. However, this society ice cream birthday party invitations is filled with ideas for 50th birthday invitations robots, which are extremely useful at first, but are soon put under control informal birthday invitations by a giant brain. The robots become evil, and even Cosmo and Wanda, who had disguised themselves as robots in order to blend invitations for 30th birthday in, are affected. Robot
65 October 2006 invitations for 40th birthday party or 2007. April 12, 2006 Timmy the Barbarian Binky is ill in bed, so Jorgen (forcefully) insists on reading him a bed-time invitations for a 30th birthday story. But Fairy bed-time stories make invitations for a 50 birthday whatever the story is about actually happen. So Jorgen tells the story of invitations for a halloween birthday party how Timmy wishes he was as strong and ruthless as a barbarian and he, Cosmolius the invitations for children's birthday party mule-faced packmule and Wandalo the Nag embark on a quest invitations to a 40 birthday surprise party to find the mystical MOME (mama) cup. No Substitute For Crazy Crocker injures himself by falling out of the school window in it's 5 o'clock somewhere birthday party invitations another fairy-hunting scheme, so Timmy's class must have a substitute teacher. Enter Ms. jungle birthday invitations Sunshine, a lovely teacher who rewards students for admitting they are wrong and virtually everything else. looking for beautiful baby shower and birthday invitations She is so good, Timmy wishes she was his permanent teacher, and mario birthday invitations Crocker is reduced to a crossing guard. But the class motorcross birthday invitations is horrified when Ms. Sunshine reveals her true colours: she is an evil, professional fairy-hunter named motorcycle birthday invitations Ms. Doombringer! Trapping Timmy and his friends online birthday party invitations in the school, she is intent on discovering which of them has a fairy. online free birthday invitations And because of the giant butterfly net around the school, Timmy can't make any wishes! Cow
Third movie June 10, online party invitations children birthday 2005 School's personal birthday invitations Out (musical) Timmy wishes that the kids rules the world, but the pixies sense a print free kids birthday invitations break in the rules that allows to them control the two worlds! Trumpet
67 2006 or 2007. TBA* Wish Scouts When Timmy's dad, a Squirrely Scoutmaster, print your own birthday invitations gets unaware of danger, he printable birthday card invitations gets himself violently hurt. Because "Da Rules" say that can't restore somebody's memory by magic when they get printable birthday invitations harry potter amensia, Timmy wishes that he was his dad's assistant. Get Out printable bowling birthday party invitations Of My Head Gary escapes from Unwish Island, planning to take revenge on Timmy for the 2nd time. Timmy, finds his ex-imaginary friend in his bathroom. A disastrous wish that puts Gary in his mind causes brain control, and Timmy and Gary must get everything back to normal.
Fourth movie May 19, 2006 April 13, 2006 Fairy Idol Norm tries to trick Cosmo and Wanda into quitting their jobs so that he can take their place. microphone

TV Movies

  • Abra-Catastrophe! (July 12, 2003)
  • The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour ¹ (May 7, 2004)
  • Crash Nebula (July 2, 2004)
  • Channel Chasers (July 23, 2004)
  • The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide ¹ (January 16, 2006)
  • School's Out: The Musical (June 10, 2005)
  • Fairy Idol (May 19, 2006 (USA)) (April 13, 2006 (UK))
  • The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators ¹ (July 21, 2006)
  • The Fairly OddParents Movie (2007)

¹ These are crossovers with the Jimmy Neutron TV series.

  • Bonus Episode: Mother Pranks!

Aired USA: May 8, 2007

Crimson Chin "webisodes"

  • There were approximately 10 or 11 short Macromedia Flash cartoons featuring the Crimson Chin made for Nickelodeon's website in 2001. Some of the segments aired on the first season episodes of The Fairly OddParents that were compiled from the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts, were included on The Fairly OddParents: Superhero Spectacle DVD and sometimes are seen on Nicktoons Network (but all versions of the cartoons besides the internet versions are somewhat edited).

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