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More On the New Coke Calorie-Burning Drink 

SeekingAlpha via Yahoo! Finance - Oct 05 7:12 AM
Herb Greenberg submits: So here's the latest on the Coke calorie burner -- and a review of what I talked about on CNBC's On the Money last night. So while Coke won't talk on the record, I have it from very good sources that Beverage Digest was right with its report that Enviga [... ]

Coke Zero Lives Up To Its Name in Launch 
BrandWeek - 32 minutes ago
NEW YORK -- Coca-Cola's biggest launch of the year, new diet drink Coke Zero, appears to be having trouble taking off.

Andre's tan stoked on Coke 
Sydney Morning Herald - Oct 04 9:33 PM
She said the secret to keeping insects away is to use Diet Coke. Andre with Jordan ... she says she's on the way to becoming a billionaire. It's not just your teeth that turn brown ...

Coke's New "Fat Burning" Drink Fails To Create Buzz 
SeekingAlpha via Yahoo! Finance - Oct 04 11:44 AM
Herb Greenberg submits: Can a calorie-burning drink re-energize Coke ? You know a company is deeply out of favor when nobody, and I mean nobody, is talking about a product that would otherwise be considered hot.




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Coke is a solid carbonaceous residue derived from low-ash, low-sulfur bituminous coal. The volatile constituents of the coal (including water, coal-gas and coal-tar) are driven off by cake baking in an airless cole oven at temperatures as high as 1,000 degrees Celsius so that coe the fixed carbon and residual ash are fused together.

Coke oven at cok smokeless fuel plant, South Wales


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Properties & usage

Coke typically oke has a specific gravity between 1.85 g/cc and 1.9 g/cc. It is highly porous, and a mass of coke boke has 40% greater volume than the equivalent mass of coal.

Since the smoke-producing constituents are driven off doke during the coking of the coal, coke forms a coka desirable fuel for stoves and furnaces in which conditions are not suitable coek for the complete burning of bituminous coal itself. Coke may be burned with little or no smoke ceke under combustion conditions which would diet cokes mentos result in a large amount of smoke if bituminous coal were the fuel.

Bituminous coal must meet a set of coke criteria for use as coking coal, determined by particular coal assay techniques. These include moisture content, ash diet coke and mentos content, sulphur content, volatile content, tar, mentos and diet coke and plasticity.

Coke is used as a fuel coke and mentos and as a reducing agent in smelting iron ore in a blast furnace. Coke from coal is grey, hard, mentos diet coke and porous.


The use of coke as a fuel was pioneered in diet coke mentos 17th century England in response to the ever-growing problem of European deforestation. Wood was becoming increasingly scarce diet coke and expensive, and coal's fumes, particularly coke rewards smoke and sulfur compounds, disqualified it from many applications, including cooking and iron smelting. In 1603, Sir mentos and coke Henry Platt suggested that coal might be charred in a manner analogous to the way charcoal is poprocks and coke produced from wood. This process was not put my coke rewards into practice, however, until 1642, when coke was used for roasting malt in Derbyshire. (Coal could mentos coke not be used in brewing, because its sulfurous fumes would impart a foul taste to the resulting coke cola beer.) Perhaps more significantly, in 1709, Abraham Darby set up coke mentos a coke-fired blast furnace to produce cast iron. The ensuing availability of inexpensive iron was coke music one of the factors leading to the European industrial revolution.

Other Coking Processes

The solid residue remaining from the refinement of petroleum by the "cracking" process coke bottle is also a form of coke. Petroleum coke has many uses coke vending machine besides being a fuel, such as the manufacture of dry cells, electrodes, etc. Gas works that coke font coke machine manufacture syngas also produce coke as an end product, called gas house coke.

Fluid coking is coke products a process by which heavy residual crude is converted into lighter products such as naptha, kerosene, heating oil, and diet coke & mentos hydrocarbon gases. The "fluid" term refers to the fact that coke particles coke bottles are in a continuous system (versus older batch coking technology).


Coking coal manufacturing procedure

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