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Asheville's new slogan: 'any way you like it' 

USA Today - Oct 04 12:45 PM
North Carolina city wants vistiors to move past its mountains-only destination notion. Beginning next winter, TV spots will air in Atlanta, Charlotte and Orlando, showing skinny-dipping seniors in mountain streams and mountain bikers careening down the grand staircase at Biltmore House.

Disney Closes Roller Coaster After Rider Falls Ill 
WESH via Yahoo! News - Oct 05 8:59 AM
Disney officials closed the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster at Disney-MGM Studios on Wednesday after a rider fell ill.

MSU-COT Dean: Bright future the result of vision 
Great Falls Tribune - Oct 04 4:13 AM
The future at times looks bleak for higher education in northcentral Montana. A dwindling population and a tight budget top the list of challenges. Mary Sheehy Moe chooses to see the situation in a different light.

54 Divine Dishes (In No Particular Order) 
Boston Globe - Oct 05 4:15 AM
1. KEBAB OVER SALAD Andros Diner ( Restaurant profile & review ) For 30 years, the Manetas family has run Andros Diner in Belmont, named for a Greek island. Son George is at the stove now, and his Greek-American cuisine includes spoon-tender lamb and succulent pork. But the dish going to half the tables in this little place is kebab ...

ceiling fan
Tea time 
Delta Democrat Times - 1 hour, 14 minutes ago
When most Southerners think of drinking tea, they envision sitting on the veranda sipping a glass of iced tea with the ceiling fan whirling overhead on a hot summer's day. But the tea that's making news these days is hot tea and it's becoming popular worldwide, not just in jolly old England.

Faith in modern art 
Boston Globe - Oct 05 7:03 AM
Forget crucifixes, angels, and visions of Mary. Think, instead, of a grainy photo-montage of sports products superimposed on a Wheaties cereal box. Or a pop-up book depicting a crumbling tower surrounded by discarded cat litter, coffee cans, and other trash.

ceramic tile
Launch of the best leather tile ever 
Cape Business News South Africa Business - Oct 04 9:25 AM
Leaco Tiles have a patented modular interlocking design to ensure perfect assembly whether DIY or by contractor. Cover any interior surface, wall-to-wall, or just the area you require as a loose carpet. Shoe sole leather filled with ceramic clay duri...

Nexia Receives $1.7 M Valuation on Black Chandelier Acquisition 
[Press Release] Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance - Oct 04 4:30 AM
SALT LAKE CITY----Nexia Holdings, Inc. announced its subsidiary, Gold Fusion Laboratories, Inc. , has received an independent valuation, as of August 31, 2006, reporting the fair market value of the assets and operations of Black Chandelier at $1,700,000.

Ceiling catches fire at Brazil Grill 
The Enterprise - Oct 05 8:22 AM
BROCKTON — The roof vent system over a charcoal grill may have contributed to a ceiling fire that caused the evacuation of a Crescent Street restaurant Wednesday, fire officials said.

cherry pie
Kristen's Sweet Creations is more than mom just baking cookies 
The Huntsville Times - Oct 04 8:52 AM
A Madison baker can whet appetites for hummingbird cake, key lime cheesecake or blueberry cream pie. Kristen Kulavich, owner of Kristen's Sweet Creations, makes "a little bit of everything sweet."

chicken recipes
Cook's Corner: Recipes from the memory file 
Louisville Courier-Journal - Oct 05 3:46 AM
Memory remains a mystery to psychologists, who debate where in the brain memory resides. A job researching old recipes has shown me that a lot of memory must be connected to taste, for I hear from people who cannot forget dishes eaten long ago. This week sees requests for recipes for President Eisenhower's favorite barbecued chicken and Katharine Hepburn's raspberry brownies.

chili recipe
Top Recipe 1995: White Chili 
San Francisco Chronicle - Oct 04 12:21 AM
This chili is one of our favorite recipes from Jacqueline Higuera McMahan, whose family lived on one of the last Spanish land grant ranchos in California. This recipe gets its unique flavor from an artful combination of chiles: roasted...

chocolate bar
Take the energy bar exam 
The Heights - Oct 05 6:49 AM
Ah, the choices presented to the modern-day health watcher. Should it be a Slim-Fast or a Luna bar for lunch, a Clif or a PowerBar before the afternoon workout? Should we go for the Balance bar to stave off bedtime hunger pangs or just munch on a handful of Jelly Belly's new Sport Beans? The answer may surprise you.

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- cappuccino

Here is an article on - espresso cappuccino.

- cappuccino machine

A typical cappuccino with foam.

Cappuccino is a large cappucino Italian beverage prepared with espresso and foamy steamed milk. A cappuccino differs from a caffe latte, which is mostly milk and little foam.

In Italy, cappuccino capuccino is generally consumed cappuccio early in the day as part of a light breakfast, with croissant, better known for cappuccino machine Italians as cornetto. Generally Italians do not drink cappuccino with meals other than breakfast; however, it is a very common habit, in cappuccino Italy, to have a cappuccino and croissant after a night out, even if cappuccino maker it is about time to go to bed. In other countries espresso cappuccino it is cappuccino krupps consumed throughout the day or after dinner.

Besides a quality shot of espresso, the most important element in preparing a cappuccino is the cappuccino coffee beans texture and temperature of the milk. When a barista steams the milk for a cappuccino, he or mr coffee cappuccino machine direction booklet she creates microfoam by introducing cappuccino machines very tiny bubbles of air into the milk, giving the milk a velvety texture bialetti cappuccino maker and sweetness. In some places, skilled baristas create cappuccino blast latte art when pouring properly steamed milk into the espresso, making designs such as apples, hearts, cappuccino chips leaves, rosettes, and corporate logos.

A cappuccino is generally defined as 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 cappuccino ftp software frothed milk. Another definition would call for 1/3 espresso where did the plane land in cappuccino by ray charles and 2/3 microfoam. (A "dry cappuccino" has less milk.) The "iced cappuccino" (or cappuccino "Freddo") beverage is bean 2 cup cappuccino coffee vending machine somewhat of a misnomer since there is no way cappuccino finish queen bed to duplicate the foam on top of the hot beverage, but the term is nevertheless cappuccino recipes widely spread in some Mediterranean countries where ice is added before the foam. Espresso and cold milk on ice is espresso cappuccino machine called an iced caffelatte, suzuki cappuccino while an espresso macchiato is a shot of espresso "stained" with a dollop of milk foam.

A cappuccino is cappuccino vending supplies ideally prepared in a ceramic coffee cup, which has far better heat retention characteristics than glass or havana cappuccino company paper.

Cappuccino was automatic cappuccino machine a taste largely confined to Europe and the more cosmopolitan regions of North America, until the mid-1990s when breville cappuccino machine cappuccino was made much more widely available to North Americans, as part of the new upscale cappuccino cups coffee bar chains with a consciously created "European" cartoon cappuccino cups ambience (such as Starbucks). At America's largest coffee chain, Starbucks, a cappucino has only about ⅛ 1/8(as opposed general foods international orange cappuccino coupons to the traditional ⅓ 1/3) unless extra shots are ordered.

By the first reviews for koala italian espresso cappuccino maker years of the 21st century a modified version of cappuccino connection cappuccino was being served by the McDonald's fast-food chain. cappuccino cup Tim Hortons, a large Canadian coffee and doughnut chain, began serving cappuccino in the 1990s, but achieved greater success with flavoured cappuccino steamer cappuccino and, more notably, iced cappuccino. Upon coffee artist cappuccino decorations her release from prison, Karla Homolka was asked what the first thing was the movie cappuccino she planned to do once leaving prison: "This is stupid. cappuccino art stencils I'd like to have an iced cappuccino. An iced cappuccino from Tim Hortons, that's what I'd cappuccino sprinkles like to do." [1]


The widespread acceptance cappuccinos washington dc in the U.S. of what was once regarded as a taste of coastal urbanites and older Italian-Americans led to many establishments, such commercial cappuccino machine as convenience stores offering iced cappuccino recipe what they represent as cappuccino to their patrons. However, that product is usually an ersatz cappuccino produced by machines similar to those that recipe for cappuccino mix cocoa drinks where all the buyer need do is touch stovetop cappuccino maker a button and position the cup properly. The drink that comes where did cappuccino originate out is usually produced either from a preproduced mix or cappuccino by ray charles double-brewed coffee and bears little relation to the real thing.

Similar products result from home use of store-bought mixes usually cappuccino coffee espresso maker mr advertised, cappuccino coloured stain more accurately, as producing "frothed coffee."


The origin of the name is cappuccino light in the brown hooded robes worn by the Capuchin order of Franciscan friars. In France at cappuccino makers the beginning of the 18th century a new fashion arose in Paris (though not at Versailles) for carved cappuccino recipe wall-panelling boiseries that were left in their natural color (almost consumer reports on cappuccino makers invariably oak) rather than being painted and gilded as in the previous century. The new mode, which coincided homemade cappuccino with the height of the controversy over Jansenisme that was dividing monterrey espresso and cappuccino maker the tout Paris in stylish religious pamphleteering, was wittily termed à la capucine in cafe d'vita mocha cappuccino reference to the brown color of the robes worn by calories in cappuccino Franciscan friars. This color-coded etymology is followed by the Oxford English Dictionary and the cappuccino rescipe American Heritage Dictionary. The order of Capuchins was, in turn, named for the capucize (cappuccio), or long pointed cappuccino tx3 computer cowl, worn by the friars.

Devotees of the Blessed Marco d'Aviano offer a (likely apocryphal) cappuccino vs latte twist on the origin espresso cappuccino free machine of the term. According to this legend, Marco d'Aviano, the Capuchin friar and french vanilla cappuccino nutrition facts confidant of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, added milk and honey to sweeten the bitter coffee beans left by french vanilla cappuccino recipes fleeing Ottoman Turkish frozen cappuccino machine army after the Battle of Vienna (1683). A similar legend, with slightly more credibility is told about the origin of the first frozen cappuccino pie Viennese cafe by Franciszek Jerzy Kulczycki.

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Asheville's new slogan: 'any way you like it' 

USA Today - Oct 04 12:45 PM
North Carolina city wants vistiors to move past its mountains-only destination notion. Beginning next winter, TV spots will air in Atlanta, Charlotte and Orlando, showing skinny-dipping seniors in mountain streams and mountain bikers careening down the grand staircase at Biltmore House.

Local volunteer starts her own cat protection force 
East Providence Post - 27 minutes ago
Rita Falaguerra has a long history of helping animals in need, but don't call her the cat lady. Her husband, Bob, can't stand that. "He loves the cats, he hates when I bring new things home," Ms. Falaguerra said.

Tim Hortons reports hearty sales growth at U.S. and Canadian outlets 
CP via Yahoo! Canada News - Oct 05 6:07 AM
TORONTO (CP) - Tim Hortons Inc. (TSX:THI) is reporting solid summer sales increases, including a 9.2 per cent rise in same-store sales at its 297 outlets in the United States.

A hilly haven in the jungles of the Valley 
Los Angeles Times - Oct 05 4:06 AM
Part of Tarzana's 8 square miles slopes gently up the Santa Monica Mountains. Streets tend to wind and stop in cul-de-sacs in the foothills, adding to the sense of privacy and security of the mostly sprawling ranch-style homes on large lots.