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Tea time 

Delta Democrat Times - 1 hour, 14 minutes ago
When most Southerners think of drinking tea, they envision sitting on the veranda sipping a glass of iced tea with the ceiling fan whirling overhead on a hot summer's day. But the tea that's making news these days is hot tea and it's becoming popular worldwide, not just in jolly old England.

Officials to probe how ceiling chunk hit fan 
Miami Herald - Oct 03 12:24 AM
Miami-Dade County and the Miami Dolphins ordered separate inspections of the structural integrity of Dolphin Stadium Monday, a day after a woman attending a Florida Marlins game was slightly injured by a small piece of concrete.

Adrift in jokelessness 
The Daily Iowan - Oct 04 12:56 AM
** out of **** "All right," said the bewildered journalist. He threw his arms up in a final fit of frustration, watching the press release from Comedy Central, once firmly held in his hand, fly into his ceiling fan. "When will excessively arbitrary and plot-deviating jokes cease to dominate the airwaves?"

Fan Fiction Section 
Veritaserum - Oct 05 3:12 AM
Snape's underwear gets personal as the next tasks are completed. The Chosen one isn't supposed to be here. "The sun was finally leaving the remainder of what had been an astonishingly hot day. As it fell behind the mountains, Harry Potter decided to finally head back to his temporary home."




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A ceiling fan is a fan suspended from the ceiling of a room. It sometimes has a light associated ceilingfan with it to replace any displaced light or to provide additional light. These devices are used in cealing fan two ways: To create a breeze for an apparent cooling effect ("wind chill"), celling fan or reversed to force celing fan warm air near the ceiling downward to the occupied part of the room. Ceiling fans can reduce heating costs by ceiling fans reducing the ceiling fan load on heating equipment, and they can reduce cooling costs by making hunter ceiling fans warmer air comfortable.

Modern ceiling fan with outdoor ceiling fan integrated light.


  • 1 History
  • 2 Parts hampton bay ceiling fans of a ceiling fan
  • 3 Operating a ceiling fan
  • 4 Oiling outdoor ceiling fans a ceiling fan
  • 5 Types of ceiling fans
    • 5.1 Industrial casablanca ceiling fans fans
    • 5.2 Household fans
  • 6 Styles of harbor breeze ceiling fans ceiling fans
  • 7 Changes ceiling fan pulls in technology
  • 8 Laws governing installation
  • 9 See hunter ceiling fan also
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The ceiling fan was invented in 1886 by father-and-son team John and James Hunter. This device was powered ceiling fan parts by water, as electric power ceiling fan blades was still scarce. Several years later, the Emerson Electric Company introduced the world's first alternating-current fan motor, which opened the energy star ceiling fans doors to a major improvement upon Hunter's design. In 1903, the discount ceiling fans Hunter Fan and Motor Company began producing its kids ceiling fans "Original" line of ceiling fans, which quickly became a harley davidson ceiling fan mainstay in the industry and underwent very few changes in design until 100 years later.

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Parts of a ceiling fan replacement parts ceiling fan

A standard ceiling fan has several key components:

  • An electric motor, usually casablanca ceiling fan encased by a decorative housing
  • Two to six industrial ceiling fans blades - usually made of wood, MDF, metal, or plastic
  • A mounting system, such rustic ceiling fans as a downrod or a flush mount (hugger) motor housing
  • A series westinghouse ceiling fans of controls.

Operating a ceiling fan

A Hunter ceiling fan pull chain ceiling fan with pull chain controls.

Standard ceiling fan controls usually include one for speed (high, medium, ceiling fan remote control low, and off), one for the light (on and off), and one for directional control contemporary ceiling fans of the fan blades remote control ceiling fans (clockwise and counterclockwise). These vary depending on the small ceiling fans make, model, and age of the fan; computerized and remote-controlled ceiling fans are becoming very popular as the technology becomes regularly available.

Ceiling fans hunter ceiling fan parts are normally used as a cooling device lithuania bay ceiling fan hampton kit light in warm months by pushing air down gyro ceiling fans from above, thereby creating a wind chill effect. In winter months, ceiling fan repair a ceiling fan can act as a heat transferrer by reversing the direction of the blades. By doing so, modern ceiling fans the fan pulls air up, thereby pushing the warmer air that stratifies near the neon ceiling fans ceiling down along the walls; as long as the heritage ceiling fans fan is set at a low speed, this will hunter douglas ceiling fans not create a wind chill. A fan on reverse has the leading edge of the fan blades being sierra ceiling fan the downward edge; in most cases this rotation is victorian ceiling fans clockwise when the operator is standing below and looking upwards wholesale ceiling fans at the fan.

Oiling a ceiling fan

Frequency: Fans which are designed to be oiled should be oiled on ceiling fans with lights a regular basis, perhaps annually. estonia cat ceiling fan video A common "oil bath" model is the Hunter Original. Some fan models based on the Hunter great lodge ceiling fan Original also require oiling, this includes models by Classic Fans, Kenroy, Evergo, Leslie-Locke, Robbins harbor breeze ceiling fan & Myers, and small ceiling fan Montgomery Ward.[1] Any fan made prior to 1970 is likely to litex ceiling fans require oiling.

Location: Usually, the oil hole is on top of the unique ceiling fans motor, near the downrod and sometimes labeled; models designed to be oiled are usually of cast-iron construction and weigh ceiling fan bracket much more than conventional fans, ceiling fan capacitor perhaps 40 lb or 20 kg.[1] In most cases, when a cheap ceiling fans fan is designed to be oiled, the motor windings are visible through antique ceiling fans the vent holes in the bottom of the motor housing. With these fans, the motor usually fills the entire ceiling fan direction summer motor housing, whereas motors with sealed bearings ceiling fan installation often have a lot of space inside the motor housing.

No-Oil Fans: Fans not designed rustic ceiling fan to be oiled may still require oiling if the bearings become dry, dirty or gummed years later. twig ceiling fan If the blades/paddles do not turn freely by hand and coast, ceiling fan light kits or if there is a hampton bay ceiling fan parts grinding or ticking noise as they spin, the bearings likely need oil. Gumming is likely to occur when the quorum ceiling fans fan is run a ceiling fan duster lot in dirty, dusty, or smoky conditions.[1] Over time, a so-called ceiling fan wiring "permanently sealed bearing" can trap dirt inside so it can't get back out. For lubrication, a southwestern ceiling fans no-oil fan must be removed from the ceiling, usually removing the fan blades/paddles, unusual ceiling fans to oil the motor sideways, or even disassembled. western ceiling fans Sometimes, oil can be applied slowly to the central motor shaft tipped downward, for seeping into ceiling fan accessories the bearings. However, there might be a wiring a ceiling fan need to open the motor casing and clean/oil the sealed ceiling fans online bearings directly.[1] Note that extra oil spilled inside an electric flush mount ceiling fan appliance can arc a short circuit and cause a fire when plugged into an outlet.

Oil Types/Amount: Fans can flush mount ceiling fans be oiled with 10W, 15W, or 20W weight non-detergent motor oil (Any oils with detergents how to install a ceiling fan will gum the bearings); for fans designed to be oiled, installing ceiling fans simply fill the resevoir with oil via the oil hole, adding 1 or 2 ounces, regency ceiling fans unless the fan is completely dry or the oil has bathroom ceiling fans been drained.[1] In the event the fan is devoid of oil, you will designer ceiling fans want to fill it completely. Using oil for hunter ceiling fans 3-in-1 oil is not recommended, and WD40 is NOT a motor oil. 30 ceiling fans WD40 can work very well for 60 inch ceiling fans cleaning exceptionally dirty bearings; however, WD40 is not a thick enough lubricant to prevent friction among moving parts; if a brushed nickel ceiling fan bearing is cleaned with WD40, the parts should be THOROUGHLY oiled oscillating ceiling fans with the proper oil afterwards. Non-detergent motor oils can be found in auto-parts departments. airplane ceiling fans The Hunter company bottles its own oil for its Hunter Original model, but fanimation ceiling fans similar oils can be used.

Types of ceiling fans

Two major types hampton ceiling fans of ceiling fans are common today, industrial and household.

Industrial fans

Industrial-style ceiling fans heated ceiling fans typically have three metal blades, and they novelty ceiling fans have higher maximum rotational speeds than typical tropical ceiling fans household ceiling fans (usually 250 to 300 RPM). Because industrial fans operate at the higher western style ceiling fans speed, and the metal blades on industrial fans are sharper than those commercial ceiling fans on a household fan, industrial fans must be mounted at a greater distance from the floor than household fans. emerson ceiling fan Most industrial fans range roughly from 48 to 60 lodge ceiling fans inches in diameter, with a lowes ceiling fans few 36-inch models available. Rather than having a controls on the fan ceiling fan light fixture housings, industrial fans are commonly controlled by wall-mounted speed controls; these normally have four or five speeds, but solid-state continuously-variable controls also ceiling fan lights exist. Industrial fans are commonly not reversible.

Household fans

Household ceiling ceiling fans outdoor fans typically have four or five wooden blades. They range in bamboo ceiling fans style from plain to very ornate. ceiling fan light kit Standard sizes of household fans are generally 36, 42, and 52 inches in ceiling fan wiring diagram diameter; however, household fans in the United States ceiling fans for kids rooms are being manufactured as small as 29" and as large as 72". Specialty fans can even home depot ceiling fans reach beyond this; for example, a Casablanca Malibu Star has an 84-inch blade span. ceiling fans toronto A well-designed 52-inch ceiling fan with a blade pitch from 12 to 15 discount ceiling fan degrees will usually operate at a speed residential ceiling fans between 180 and 220 rpm on high (full speed). An exceptionally white ceiling fan made household ceiling fan, such as the pre-2003 Hunter Original, will circulate over 10,000 cubic feet 1997 ceiling fans gallerys of air per minute.

Normally, these fans have a switch housing suspended directly below the center of the motor; 60 ceiling fans this consumer reports and ceiling fans module holds a three-speed pull chain, a switch to reverse the hunter ceiling fans bargain prices fan, and a center socket to which a light kit can be attached. However, many older fans do remote control ceiling fan not have a reverse switch (or it transitional ceiling fans is located elsewhere on the fan), and some fans feature different items as part of the switch housing:

  • An on-off pull uk ceiling fans chain that operates independently vintage ceiling fan pull of the speed control;
  • A control allowing for a continuous range of speeds (known as a variable speed control);
  • A light kit integrated with 42 ceiling fans the switch housing itself;
  • A sensor for a remote ceiling fan mount control.

Styles of ceiling fans

Many different styles of ceiling fans have developed over their 120-year install ceiling fan history, as design, technology, and discoveries in energy-saving methods have evolved. remote controls for ceiling fans Both industrial and stainless steel ceiling fans household fans have undergone changes over the years. Many household fans wicker ceiling fans are used in industrial settings, and some fans have characteristics of both a household and 48 ceiling fans an industrial fan. Below is a list of ceiling fan styles and their characteristics:

A Hunter ceiling fans uk Original cast iron ceiling fan. This model dates from July 1982.
  • Cast iron ceiling fans: A heavy-duty motor is encased in a cast-iron housing, craftmaid ceiling fans and must be oiled regularly, usually once per crystal ceiling fans month. Because these fans are well-built, custom ceiling fans it is not uncommon to see 80-year-old cast-iron fans running and in use today. Almost all ceiling fans manufactured in the hugger ceiling fan late 1800s and the first half of hunter ceiling fans westminster the 1900s were cast iron fans; install ceiling fans the most popular of these were manufactured by Emerson Electric Company, Hunter Fan and Motor kitchen ceiling fans Company, Century, Dayton, Diehl, and Westinghouse. Emerson and Hunter still manufacture ceiling fans to this day (though not with cast replacement blades for ceiling fan iron motors); a replacement globes for ceiling fans less expensive line of household fans has been marketed under the Westinghouse brand name starting in the early 2000s. wiring diagrams for connecting ceiling fans The most common example is the Hunter Original, 36 inch ceiling fans which up until 2003 underwent very few changes in its design.
balance ceiling fan
The Emerson Universal, one of the first fans to use a flywheel-type motor.
  • Flywheel-type ceiling best ceiling fans fans: In the late 1970's during the direction of ceiling fan energy crisis, Emerson invented an electric motor specifically for hunter ceiling fans and fountains ceiling fans that was significant in making the device readily available for households. The common version of this stack hunter ceiling fans wiring motor, which is referred to in the industry as the mission ceiling fans K55, has powered many ceiling fans from its patio ceiling fans inception to the present. Other companies, such as General Electric, Fasco, replacement parts for hunter ceiling fans and Casablanca Fan Company, invented similar motors. The windings are encased inside the motor, and turn a flywheel outside smc ceiling fans the motor casing tiffany ceiling fans to which the blades are attached. Many of the most powerful fans manufactured today, such bamboo ceiling fan as those by Emerson and Casablanca, incorporate the flywheel-type motor in their design.
One of the earliest buy ceiling fans flywheel-type fans was Emerson's Universal, a crude but very powerful fan with camo ceiling fans large fiberglass or plastic blades. This fan ceiling fan capacitors was produced between 1976 and 1983, and was used in both industrial and residential settings. ceiling fan ratings Some more recent and well-known fans that use a stack motor with a flywheel are the ceiling fan rotation Casablanca Zephyr, Delta, and Victorian, ceiling fans houston the NuTone Verandah, and the Emerson Premium and 1895 Series.
One disadvantage in this kind of fan is that contemporary ceiling fans made in usa if the flywheel is made of copper ceiling fans rubber, it could lose the strength necessary to support the blades, eventually breaking decorative ceiling fan pulls and rendering the fan useless until the flywheel is replaced.
  • Direct drive ceiling fans: On these fans, electrical wiring ceiling fans the motor is hampton bay ceiling fans remote control located inside a metal shell, which it turns. The shell, to which the blades are attached, is enclosed in a home trends ceiling fans by hometrends standard fan motor housing. This type of motor has become the standard how do ceiling fans work for today's ceiling fans, and is usually produced in foreign lubricating ceiling fans countries. Standard sizes of modern direct drive motors are:
    • 153mm diameter, used in fans up to panasonic ceiling fans 42" and in inexpensive or builder-model 52" fans
    • 172mm diameter, used in 52" fans of more western lodge style ceiling fans moderate quality
    • 188mm diameter, used in basketball ceiling fan 52" to 60" fans of higher quality
    • Recently, direct drive motors over 200mm have been produced, and only appear belt driven ceiling fans on a select few models.
    • Other examples of direct drive ceiling fan light motors are the Hunter AirMax and Casablanca XTR200 motors.
Examples of this type fan are most ceiling fans 2b installationvancouver modern Hunters, less expensive Emerson and Casablanca fans (such as ceiling fans child27s bedroom the Emerson Northwind and the Casablanca Four Seasons III), and ceiling fans contemporary hardware store brands such as Harbor Breeze (Lowe's) and Hampton Bay ceiling fans movie (The Home Depot).
  • Friction drive ceiling fans: This ceiling fans with light short-lived type of ceiling fan was attempted by companies such as Emerson and NuTone in the ceiling light fans late 1970's with little success. The term "friction drive" clearance ceiling fans describes the way the mechanism works. Such a mechanism consists of a low-torque motor tilted on concord ceiling fans its side, mounted on the stationary part of a hub. The motor turns a wheel at electricalwiring hunter ceiling fans the end fasco ceiling fans of its shaft; this wheel then turns a rubber flywheel attached to the moving part of the hub, to which fixing ceiling fans the blades are attached. Because of halsey ceiling fans the low torque of the motor, in addition to the high moment of inertia of the blades on the moving how to install ceiling fan part of the hub, the fan must hunter ceiling fans replacement parts be started on high speed, and then reduced to the desired speed. Otherwise, the indoor ceiling fans motor would not provide sufficient force to start the kichler ceiling fans motion of the blades, and would in turn burn out.
  • Gear-driven ceiling nautical ceiling fans fans: These were similar to (and even less common than) the friction drive models; however, instead of a wheel on wiring ceiling fans the motor shaft 42 ceiling fans with lights using friction to turn the flywheel holding the blades, a gear on the motor turned the flywheel, which 44 ceiling fans also had gear teeth.
  • "Spinner" ceiling fans: On some airetek ceiling fans fans, there is no decorative motor housing and the blades attach to the bare motor (this includes nearly all industrial ceiling fan problems fans). On others, the blades attach to the motor ceiling fan replacement blades housing itself, which ceiling fans compare then rotates. A majority of spinner-type fans made today are very inexpensive (and usually poorly made); however, in the ceiling fans for childrens rooms 1980's, some very powerful "spinners" were made by ceiling fans lights taking an industrial motor, adding wooden blades, and sometimes a light kit and/or a switch housing. Others were ceiling fans parts controlled with a wall control similar to (if not the discovery ceiling fans same as) those used with the industrial fans themselves. Some of the highest quality ellington ceiling fan "spinner"-type fans were made by Crompton Greaves (who still manufactures fans fanimation ceiling fan overseas today), and Evergo. Other unique hamptom bay ceiling fans "spinner" type fans were manufactured by Moss and Commander Electric.
  • Belt-driven ceiling fans: Many of the oldest ceiling harbour breeze ceiling fans fans were controlled by a belt that connected all hunter and ceiling fans fans to one motor, which in turn drove the blades on the fans themselves. One example of a hunter outdoor ceiling fans belt-driven fan iron ceiling fans today is the Fanimation Bourbon Street.
  • Art-type ceiling fans: Created more for show than function, these fans can kenroy ceiling fans feature elaborate designs on the motor housing and/or blades, oversized lamp depot ceiling fans blades made from special material and/or carved to resemble various objects in lighting and ceiling fans nature (especially palm leaves), and/or unusual methods of operating. Some extreme examples include the Fanimation Enigma (a one-bladed ceiling fan), outside ceiling fans the palm ceiling fans Casablanca Malibu Star (an 84" ceiling fan seemingly made with bicycle sprockets, fishing rods, and quoram ceiling fans sailcloth), and the Quorum Jellyfish.

Changes in technology

As technology has advanced, the number of methods rv ceiling fans of controlling ceiling fans has increased. Some of uplight ceiling fans the more recent fan control types are explained below:

  • Remote control: A warbird ceiling fans remote control sends a signal to a sensor, which is usually located either in the switch housing or the canopy (the part westinghouse ceiling fan of the mounting device that conceals the hole in the 44 ceiling fans discount ceiling.) The remote usually has buttons to ceiling fan outdoor turn the fan on or off, change the speeds, and ceiling fans hansen wholesale reverse the fan's direction (although sometimes this must still be manually done), and brighten or dim the light.
  • Computerized wall ceiling fans short pump va control: Beginning with the Casablanca Inteli-Touch, very elaborate wall controls find ceiling fans have been designed for higher-end ceiling fans. These fans usually have more than three speeds (usually how to replace capacitor in ceiling fans hunter ceiling fan light kits five or six), a full-range light dimmer, and a reverse feature. Most computerized wall controls have thermostats that automatically hunter ceiling fans for sale turn the fan on, up, down, or off; still others have programs that adjust hunter ceiling fans homepage the speed of the hunter ceiling fans mission fan according to time and/or even automatically turn the light(s) on or off hunter reconditioned ceiling fans while the user is away from home. Several of these computerized controls have a remote control of their own which can perform lamps lighting and ceiling fans several of these functions.
  • Aerodynamic blade design: Recent research and development litex ceiling fan lead by the Florida Solar Energy Center has resulted in a review of ceiling fans new fan using an airfoil rather than flat or merely artistically wrought iron ceiling fans styled paddles. The new design can double the energy efficiency 32 ceiling fans of the fan. Production models intended for home use available from Home Depot, and now other manufacturers, made all products usersearch ceiling fans availableonline compromises that resulted antique ceiling fan in a 40% rather than 100% increase in flow per watt of energy input. However, industrial models designed for assembling ceiling fans installation 10 ft or more above the floor are also available cat ceiling fan with a more efficient airfoil.

Laws governing installation

In the United States, the National Electric Code (document NFPA ceiling fan hunter palm royal 70, Article 314) states that ceiling fans must be supported by an electrical junction box listed for that use, such as ceiling fan light kit black a metal junction box, not plastic.[2][3] However, some junction boxes ceiling fans canada installed for ceiling mounted light fixtures do not meet this requirement. It is a common mistake for homeowners to replace a light ceiling fans in uk fixture with a ceiling fan without upgrading to a proper ceiling fans kids room metal junction box; failure to use a proper junction box may ceiling fans operation result in a fan that wobbles or worse yet, a fan unexpectedly falling down.[2]

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