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Cook's Corner: Recipes from the memory file 

Louisville Courier-Journal - Oct 05 3:46 AM
Memory remains a mystery to psychologists, who debate where in the brain memory resides. A job researching old recipes has shown me that a lot of memory must be connected to taste, for I hear from people who cannot forget dishes eaten long ago. This week sees requests for recipes for President Eisenhower's favorite barbecued chicken and Katharine Hepburn's raspberry brownies.

Preserving recipes from Nana's kitchen 
Boston Globe - Oct 05 6:32 AM
There's at least one in every family: Nana's baked ziti, Bubbe's chicken soup, or Oma's stollen. It's grandma's special recipe, the one that makes family celebrations complete, and it's always been entrusted to an aunt or a sister or a cousin for safekeeping.

Locals publish recipes of hope 
The Shelby County Reporter - Oct 05 6:39 AM
Hope tastes like apple-cr me cheese torts, chicken and dumplings and peach cr me pie to the Hannah Homes Ladies Auxiliary. The women have just release Recipe for Hope, a new cookbook created to raise support for Hannah Home Shelby, an abused women and children’s shelter set to open this fall.

Top Recipe 1994: Sicilian Chicken with Lemon, Mint & Almonds 
San Francisco Chronicle - Oct 04 12:20 AM
This recipe from Roving Feast columnist Marlena Spieler was a favorite of ours in 1997 when the Food section ran "A Perfect 10," listing 10 of our favorite recipes from the last 10 years. We retested the recipe recently, and guess what --...

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New Mexican food is a type easy chicken recipes of regional cuisine originating in fried chicken recipes the US state of New Mexico; it is a subset of baked chicken recipes Mexican-American cuisine. Although many New Mexican dishes are similar to Mexican and Tex-Mex offerings italian chicken recipes such as enchiladas and burritos, New Mexican food has a distinct chicken wing recipes style. The most important difference is the type of chile pepper used. New Mexico chiles comes in two varieties, referred to crockpot chicken recipes as either "green chiles" or "red chiles" depending on the stage of ripeness in which they were picked.

Green chile grilled chicken recipes is perhaps the defining ingredient of New Mexican food compared to chicken crockpot recipes neighboring styles, though heavier use of cilantro and relaxed use of cumin chicken casserole recipes are also important. In the past few years, green chile has recipes for chicken grown increasingly more common outside beer can chicken recipes of New Mexico, and it is a popular ingredient in everything from enchiladas and burritos to cheeseburgers and bagels within the state's chicken and rice recipes borders.


New Mexican cuisine began as a blend of the styles chicken baked recipes of ancestral Mexicans of the region roast chicken recipes (who made use of local plant variants, animal availability, etc., and chicken curry recipes ergo are likely to have already had a cooking style notably divergent from that of central Mexico) and nearby Native Americans such rotisserie chicken recipes as the Navajo, Zuñi and Ute. This native style chicken fajita recipes has been strongly influenced by incoming American tastes since the end of the Mexican-American War. Over time, the style diverged leftover chicken recipes increasingly from similar slow cooker recipes for chicken styles in California and Texas (all of which, like New Mexico, were formerly part of Mexico). smoked chicken recipes This divergence has accellerated in the last few free chicken recipes decades, perhaps as a protective response to the "invading" popularity of heavily Americanized "Mexican" food products and fast food.

Today, New Mexican cuisine differs from Mexican, recipes italian chicken parmesan Tex-Mex and Mexican-Californian in numerous ways besides chile, including spice balance, ingredients, chicken enchilada recipes general definitions of what barbecue chicken recipes certain dishes are and how to prepare them, use of sauces chicken alfredo recipes and condiments, etc. For example, New Mexican food uses, on average, more beef than Mexican cooking, usually uses a different kind of oregano, italian chicken parmigiana recipes and often handles tortillas differently; it does not make use of Tex-Mex style chili con carne chicken marsala recipes and chicken marinade recipes uses less cumin and fewer jalapeños than the Texas style; and it does not chicken quesadilla recipes make nearly as much use of rice and mixed vegetables as the California style, nor as much avocado (which is not native to the canned chicken recipes semi-arid New Mexico region).

List of New Mexican cuisine terms

  • Albondigas: meatballs.
  • Atole: a chicken and dumpling recipes thick, hot gruel made from corn.
  • Biscochitos: an anise-flavored cookie.
  • Burrito: a small-to-medium white flour emeril chicken recipes tortilla, filled outback restaurant chicken recipes with meat, beans, cheese, salsa, or a combination of these, and rolled. Often served smothered with chile sauce and melted cheese; the California-style variant easy chicken dumpling recipes is chicken fried steak recipes usually much larger (often twice as large or more), includes rice, and may use colored mexican chicken recipes and flavored tortillas.
  • Capirotada: a raisin and walnut pudding.
  • Carne adovada: cubes of pork that have been marinated and cooked chicken gravy recipes in red chile, garlic and oregano.
  • Chalupa: a slow cooker chicken recipes corn tortilla, fried into a bowl shape and filled with shredded chicken teriyaki chicken wing recipes or other meat, and/or beans, and usually topped with guacamole and salsa. (Contrast with the larger and bourbon chicken recipes vegetable-laden California-style equivalent known as taco salads; compare with tostadas.)
  • Chicharrones: pork skin ("pork rinds"), fried crisp into a potato chicken parmesan recipes chip-like snack; often spiced heavily.
  • Chile or chicken stew recipes chile sauce: A sauce made from red or green chiles by roasted chicken recipes a variety of recipes, and served hot over many (perhaps any) New Mexican dish. Chile does not use chicken drumstick recipes vinegar, unlike most salsas, picantes and other hot sauces. Green chile chicken teriyaki recipes is made with chopped roasted chiles, while red chile is marinade recipes for chicken made with chiles dried and ground to a powder. Thickeners like flour, and recipes for chicken casseroles various spices are often added, especially ground cumin, coriander and oregano. Chile is one of the most definitive differences between New chicken ala king recipes Mexican and other Mexican stewed chicken recipes and Mexican-American cuisines. Mexican and Californian tend to use various specialized sauces for different dishes, while chicken bundle recipes Tex-Mex leans toward the use of salsa picante and chili con chicken liver recipes carne (and even Cajun-style Louisiana hot sauce). New Mexican cuisine uses chile sauce chicken spaghetti recipes as taco sauce, enchilada sauce, burrito sauce, etc. (though any given meal may use chicken spread recipes both red and green varieties for different dishes). A thicker version of green chile, with larger pieces of the plant, plus onions and chicken and dumplings recipes other additions, is called green recipes for fried chicken wings chile stew and is popular in Albuquerque-style New Mexican food; it is stuffed chicken recipes used the same way as green chile sauce, as a topping for virtually anything, including American dishes.
  • Chiles: Peppers of barbecued chicken recipes the capsicum species. New Mexico chile is chicken cutlet recipes a local cultivar of the species or subspecies otherwise represented as jalapeños, Anaheim peppers simple chicken recipes and many other varieties. The large, flavorful New Mexican variety gives the region's cuisine much of its distinctive style. Green south beach diet chicken recipes chiles are those that chicken stir fry recipes are picked unripe; they are fire-roasted, then peeled before further use. Unlike the easy chicken parmesan recipes ultra-mild canned supermarket green chiles, New Mexico green chiles can range from mild to (occasionally) hotter than jalapeños, and come in can of cream of chicken soup recipes grades of spiciness at markets that cater chicken fritters recipes to chile afficionados. Red chiles are the ripe form of the garlic chicken recipes same plant (though particular strains are bred for intended use as red or green chile). Generally more piquant than green chiles, they too greek chicken recipes can be roasted, but are usually dried; they left over chicken recipes can be added whole, to spice an entire stew, or more often are ground into powder marinated chicken recipes or sometimes flakes. recipes chicken Freshly dried red chiles are sold in string-bound bundles called ristras, which are a common decorative sight on porches and in homes barbeque chicken recipes and businesses throughout the Southwest. Chiles chicken dinner recipes may be referred to as chile peppers, especially if the sentence requires them to be distinguished from the chile sauce made out dutch oven chicken recipes of them. The bulk of, and allegedly the best of, New Mexico chiles are good housekeeping chicken recipes grown in and around Hatch, grilling chicken recipes in southern New Mexico.
  • Chile con queso: chile and melted cheese mixed together into low fat baked chicken recipes a dip. (Not to be confused with chili con queso, which is Tex-Mex-style sweet and sour chicken recipes chili con carne stew topped with cheese); 'chile' and 'chili' are pronounced slightly differently by knowledgeable baked chicken tenders recipes English speakers in New Mexico, especially if the difference would be semantically chicken fettucine alfredo recipes important; the prononuciation of 'chile' leans at least cuban chicken recipes slightly toward the Spanish source, e.g. "chillay", at least when necessary.)
  • Chiles rellenos: roasted, peeled green chiles stuffed (usually with cheese), dipped curry chicken recipes in batter and fried, often to a crispy-battered texture (like fish & chips or fried lowfat chicken recipes chicken); the California version substitutes sesame chicken recipes milder, thinner Anaheim peppers, and they are usually under-fried to have a spongy batter texture. In New Mexican English, the first chicken and potato recipes "s" is chicken and spinach recipes usually silent (to the consternation of local Spanish speakers).
  • Chimichanga: a small deep-fried meat and (usually) bean chicken casseroles recipes burrito, also containing (or smothered with) chile sauce and cheese; popularized by chicken chesapeake recipes the Allsup's convenience store chain with a series of humorous commericals in the 1980s with chicken cordon blue recipes candid footage of people attempting and failing to chicken enchiladas recipes pronounce the name correctly. Chimichangas, like flautas and taquitos, are a fast-food adaptation of traditional dishes in a form that chicken gizzard recipes can be stored frozen and then quickly fried as needed; they are also rigid and easily hand-held, chicken rollup recipes and thus easy to eat by people while walking or driving.
  • Chorizo: a spicy pork sausage, hawaiian chicken recipes seasoned with garlic and red chile, usually used in ground or hawaiian food chicken salad recipes finely chopped form recipes for chicken leg quarters as a breakfast side dish or quite often as an alternative to ground beef or shredded chicked in other dishes; New Mexican chorizo recipes for chicken parmesan is said to be recipes for rotisserie style chicken noticeably different in its spice blend from that of Mexico and California.
  • Cilantro: a pungent green chicken and broccoli recipes herb (also called Mexican or Chinese parsley, the seeds of which are known as coriander) used fresh in salsas, and chicken noodle casserole recipes as a topping for virtually any dish; one of the defining tastes of crock pot baked chicken recipes New Mexican cuisine, especially low carb fat chicken recipes Santa Fe style.
  • Empanada: a turnover, filled usually with a sweetened meat mixture or fruit.
  • Enchiladas: corn tortillas filled with meat, beans or cheese, and recipes for leftover chicken either rolled, or stacked, and covered with chile best chicken recipes sauce and cheese. In California-style Mexican-American food, enchiladas are invariably each chicken and potatoes recipes a discrete item; New Mexico-style enchiladas are often prepared fused together on a pan or in a casserole dish chicken basil recipes and tend to be served in a manner reminiscent chicken feet recipes of lasagna, though the California style is becoming more common, especially in upscale restaurants.
  • Fajita: strips of chicken rotisserie recipes grilled steak or chicken that cream of mushroom soup and chicken recipes come with flour tortillas, sauteed bell peppers and onions, and other side dishes, on a hot metal plate, to make do-it-yourself burritos.
  • Flan: caramel lemon chicken recipes custard dessert.
  • Flauta: a small, tightly rolled, low fat chicken recipes for leftovers fried enchilada; contrast chimichangas and taquitos.
  • Frijoles: beans, usually kidney or (in more recent times) black beans
  • Guacamole: mashed, spiced oven fried chicken recipes avocado, usually with rachel ray chicken recipes chopped onion, tomatoes, garlic, lime and chile.
  • Horno: an outdoor, beehive-shaped oven.
  • Huevos rancheros: flour tortillas, recipes beer chicken topped with eggs, usually pan-fried, smothered with chile sause or salsa, and cheese. Traditional Mexican huevos rancheros always use corn recipes for chicken milano tortillas, and this variant is in fact sometimes to be recipes fried chicken found in New Mexican breakfasts. The term is chicken and anaheim pepper recipes virtually always plural. The name means "ranch-style eggs".
  • Jalapeño: a small, fat chile pepper, ranging from mild to painfully hot, frequently used chopped (fresh) chicken noodle recipes for the crockpot in salsa, sliced (pickled) on nachos, or split (fresh) and stuffed with chicken parm recipes cheese (outside of New Mexico, cream cheese is chicken parmesean recipes more common). Jalapeños are common to all Mexican and Mexican-American cuisines. chicken parmigiana recipes Their use in New Mexican food tends to be lesser, in favor of green chile; they are used mainly to provide chicken taco recipes additional piquancy when desired.
  • Natilla: soft custard dessert.
  • Oregano: A flavorful herb used in many cuisines, and chicken tenderloin recipes most demi glace chicken recipes closely associated with Italian food. It's heavy use in American cuisine in general has supplanted the use of the unrelated but somewhat fondue recipes for chicken similar Mexican oregano spice in New Mexican (as well as Californian and Tex-Mex) free kentuck fried chicken recipes cuisine, though some cooks prefer light chicken recipes to use Mexican oregano, which is remains easily obtainable in New Mexico.
  • Pico de gallo: cold salsa with thick-chopped low fat grilled chicken recipes fresh chiles, tomatoes, onions and cilantro (does not have a tomato paste base like commercial packaged salsas, and never low fat recipes for chicken any vinegar); the name, curiously, means "chicken oven baked chicken recipes beak".
  • Posole: a thick stew made with hominy corn simmered for recipes for cooked chicken hours with pork and green chile plus other vegetables such as onions. Red chile and chicken recipes also exist, teriyaki chicken recipes but are not traditional. The heavy use of New Mexico-style green chiles the best fried chicken recipes makes this posole quite different from the baked chicken and sour cream recipes ancestral Mexican variant.
  • Quesadilla: a turnover made of a flour tortilla, filled with cheese (and best fried chicken recipes often other ingredients), then toasted, pan-fried or baked. It is also commonly made round, using two tortillas instead of folding one, and is canned chicken chunks recipes chicken and noodle recipes usually served topped with salsa or pico de gallo and sometimes sour cream.
  • Refritos or refried beans: pre-cooked beans that have been mashed and fried, chicken and pasta alfredo recipes traditionally in lard but more commonly in vegetable oil today; often an chicken and red sauce recipes ingredient, but if served as a chicken barbeque recipes side dish typically topped with cheese. Traditionally always made with pinto beans, but the California influence is making black bean chicken cacciatore recipes (frijole negro) refritos more common.
  • Salsa: generally chicken cassarole recipes an uncooked mixture of chiles/peppers, tomatoes, onions, and frequently blended or mixed with tomato paste to produce a more sauce-like texture than pico chicken chimichanga recipes de gallo; usually contains vinegar in noticeable quantities (contrast chile chicken fettucine recipes and pico de gallo). The green chicken finger recipes chile variant usually uses cooked tomatillos instead of tomatoes or omits both, and does not use avocado (which chicken florentine recipes is very common in California green salsa). chicken lasagne with mushrooms recipes Differs from Mexican, Texan and Californian styles principally in the use of green chile in chicken makhani recipes place of or in addition to jalapeńo peppers (and all styles' mild versions are chicken recipes good housekeeping created simply by substituting a lot of green bell pepper for the hotter varieties). The New Mexico and California styles chicken skillet recipes share a typically large amount of cilantro added to chicken tenders recipes the mix. The word simply means "sauce" in Spanish.
  • Salsa picante or picante chinese food recipes orange chicken sauce: A thin, vinegary, piquant (thus it's name) sauce of pureéd red peppers and tomatoes cold chicken recipes with spices, reminiscent of a combination of New Mexico-style chile cooked chicken recipes sauce and Louisiana style tabasco pepper sauce. (Note: American commercial food producers have appropriated egyptian chicken recipes the term to refer simply to spicy packaged salsa). Picante's european chicken recipes place in Mexican, Tex-Mex and Californian food, where it is low fat chicken fajitas recipes extremely common, especially as a final condiment to add more "heat", has largely been supplanted by chile, especially red chile, in low fat chicken marsala recipes New Mexican cuisine.
  • Sopaipilla: a puffed, fried bread, that is eaten split and filled with honey-butter lowfat chicken and avacado recipes (as a oriental chicken recipes dessert), or sometimes stuffed with meat, beans, cheese and chile sauce.
  • Taco: a corn tortilla recipes for chicken lettuce wraps fried into a trough shape and filled with meats, cheese, or beans, and recipes for chinese chicken sdalad fresh chopped lettuce, onions, tomatoes and cheese; increasingly may also refer to the burrito-like uncooked, rolled flour tortilla variant, by way of recipes for cream of chicken soup the influence of Taco Bell and its popularization of the California-style "soft taco". recipes for ground turkey & ground chicken A corn tortilla is always fried in recipes using frozen chicken New Mexico cuisine if to be used in a recipes with chicken taco, in stark contrast to Mexico-style tacos which are usually flat and served on two uncooked corn tortillas.
  • Tamale: meat, usually shredded pork, rolled recipes with chicken thigh fillets in cornmeal masa, wrapped traditionally in corn rotel chicken recipes husks (paper is more common today), and steamed, and served most often with red chile sauce. New Mexican tamales do spanish recipes for chicken or beef not, as a style, differ appreciably from those made barbaque chicken recipes elsewhere other than the sauce, which varies from region to region, but they best chicken parmesan chicken recipes are a major component of New Mexico cuisine.
  • Taquito or taquita: a tightly rolled, campbell's cream of mushroom soup and chicken recipes deep-fried variant of the taco; contrast chimichangas and flautas.
  • Tortilla: a flatbread made predominantly either of cashew chicken recipes unbleached white wheat flour or of cornmeal. New Mexico-style flour tortillas chicken & dumpling recipes with refrigerated biscuits are about the same as those of Mexico, while California chicken and noodles recipes has popularized colorful flavored and whole wheat versions. Mexican corn tortillas are usually made of white corn, but New Mexico favors yellow chicken demi glace recipes corn, chicken french recipes and the Santa Fe local style leans toward the more exotic (though allegedly less flavorful) blue corn. Tortillas chicken noodle soup crockpot recipes are the foundation or wrapping for a great number of chicken saltemboca recipes dishes, and can also serve as snacks in the form of corn chips (sliced and fried corn chicken saltimbocca recipes tortillas, served with chile, salsa or pico de gallo).
  • Tostada: an open-face chicken teryaki recipes fried corn tortilla covered with (typically) refried beans, salsa, cheese, and chopped lettuce and tomato. Compare with chalupas.

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