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The Heights - Oct 05 6:49 AM
Ah, the choices presented to the modern-day health watcher. Should it be a Slim-Fast or a Luna bar for lunch, a Clif or a PowerBar before the afternoon workout? Should we go for the Balance bar to stave off bedtime hunger pangs or just munch on a handful of Jelly Belly's new Sport Beans? The answer may surprise you.

Restaurant, wine bar offers tastings, entrees 
Akron Beacon Journal - Oct 04 12:22 AM
Brecksville welcomes 2182 Bistro A chic restaurant and wine bar with a tasting menu and entree prices that top out at $19 has opened in Brecksville. The extensive list of wines by the glass, modest prices and interesting flavor combinations already are packing in the customers at 2182 Bistro and Wine Bar, said chef Rob Stauch.

Local protein bar firm finds market 
The Myrtle Beach Sun News - Oct 04 12:17 AM
Little River's DeMarco's Cafe has become ground-zero for a full-fledged protein bar business, establishing itself at local health food stores and throughout California.

Death by chocolate 
The Star Online - Oct 01 5:00 PM
I STABBED myself in the leg the other evening. And no, I wasn’t under the influence of some intoxicating substance at the time. I was merely trying to cut a small piece of chocolate from a 1kg bar that a generous soul had given to me as a present.

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For the porn star and exotic dancer, see Candy Barr.
A Twix bar, broken in half

"Candy bar" is choclate bar the most popular term in the U.S. for confectionery usually packaged in chcolate bar a bar chocolate bars or log form, often coated with chocolate, and sized as a snack for one person. But chocolate bar within that term, a wide variety of products exist, ranging from solid chocolate bars to multiple layerings or mixtures of chocolate bar wedding favor ingredients such as nuts, hershey chocolate bar fruit, grains in various forms, coconut, marzipan, marshmallow, hershey chocolate bars caramel, nougat, cookie, toffee, fondant, and fudge. In British English and Canadian English the term chocolate bar is used. The word candy is mars chocolate bar rare in describing sweets in the United Kingdom.

Up to and including the chocolate chip cookie bars 19th century, candy of all sorts was typically bar chocolate milky way sold by weight, loose, in bar chip chocolate toffee small pieces that would be bagged as bought. The introduction of chocolate as something that could be bar chocolate ny eaten as is, rather than used to make beverages or desserts, resulted in the earliest bar personalized chocolate bar wrapper forms, or tablets. At some point, chocolates came to mean any chocolate-covered candies, whether buy or sell chocolate bars online nuts, creams chocolate candy bars (fondant), caramels, etc. The candy bar evolved from all of these in the late-19th century as a way of packaging and selling candy hersheys chocolate bar chocolate chip bars more conveniently, for both buyer and seller. This "convenience" did not include hershey's chocolate bar price, of course, as the buyer had to pay for the packaging. It was considerably cheaper to buy aero chocolate bar fondue recipe candy loose, or in bulk.

Although chocolate bars and candy bars had their beginnings chocolate candy bar wedding favors in the 19th century, it was in the early-20th century that this confectionery commercial venture grew wedding chocolate bar favors most rapidly. A number of the bars developed then still exist bulk chocolate bars in relatively unchanged form. In the U.S., most candy bars started out priced at chocolate bar wedding favors a dime, chocolate bars for wedding favors went to a nickel during the Great Depression, and went luiza chocolate bar back to a dime after World War II. This price remained stable chocolate candy bar until the late 1960s.

During the first half of the century in the U.S., galaxy chocolate bar there were literally thousands of different candy bars being manufactured and distributed locally or regionally by small myoplex lite bars - chocolate peanut butter crisp candy companies. Some of these still survive, but a few major bar belgian chocolate manufacturers have taken over the marketplace, buying up smaller companies bar chocolate gift godiva pack and reproducing the most popular of their candy bars. Today candy bars are made and consumed all over the chocolate candy bar sold the stores world, and manufactured hershey chocolate bars in bulk to local tastes and environmental conditions.

Candy bars are one of the raspberry chocolate belgian bar many items commonly available from a vending machine.

Additionally, certain brands of candy bars are made for nutritional supplementation purposes. These bars contain protein calorie counter for chocolate bars and various vitamins while still retaining chocolate fountain bar rental a sweet taste. The PowerBar brand candy bars would fit into this category.


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Candy/Chocolate Bars
Name Where Manufacturer Type Note or Slogan
3 Musketeers USA, Canada Mars Aerated chocolate bar candy chocolate dark nougat with milk-chocolate coating Originally three flavors of filling – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry (1932)
5th Avenue USA Hershey Peanut butter with milk chocolate William H. bar of chocolate Luden (1936)
100 Grand Bar USA Nestlé Caramel and crisped rice chocolate bar houston with milk chocolate (1966)
Abba-Zaba USA Annabelle Taffy w/ peanut butter center  
Abba Zaba (sour apple) USA Annabelle Apple taffy w/ peanut butter center  
Aero Canada, UK, bars chocolate chips Australia Nestlé Frothy chocolate with "bubbles." Rowntree (1935); variants - green/mint bubbles; some believe that bulk hersheys chocolate bar Nestle's defunct Chocolite bar, which was sold in the cadbury chocolate bars US, is the same as Aero. However, this is incorrect, as Aero is soft chocolate baking bars and somewhat thin, and Chocolite was crunchy and thick. Also, the bubbles in chocolate bar names Aero are more like air bubbles, whereas the Chocolite chocolate bar wrappers "bubbles" can be described in this way: chocolate candy bar cake Imagine a Nestle Crunch which has holes where the rice would typically be.
Aero Caramel Canada Nestlé Chocolate "bubbles" chocolate chip cookie bar with a caramel layer in milk chocolate  
After Eight USA, Canada, UK, The Netherlands Nestlé Dark chocolate custom chocolate bars with mint cream filling Bar form of a European after-dinner mint
Almond Joy USA Hershey Milk-chocolate covered coconut with whole almonds Original version by hershey chocolate bar scrap book paper Peter Paul; variant with making baking chocolate bars dark chocolate
Almond Joy Chocolate! Chocolate! USA Hershey Almond Joy with chocolate-coconut filling (Limited Edition 2005)  
Almond Joy (Pina Colada) USA Hershey Pineapple-flavored coconut pure delite imported pure belgian chocolate bars in chocolate White chocolate variant (Limited Edition)
Apollo Chocolate Cranberry Japan Meiji 11 "peaks" in a package, with chocolate base and wholesale chocolate bars cranberry/white chocolate tops Variants: strawberry
Baby Lobster       Extinct
Baby Ruth USA Nestlé Caramel center baby shower favour chocolate bar with peanuts in milk chocolate Curtiss Candy Co. (1920)
Big Hunk USA Annabelle Chewy nougat with peanuts  
Big Turk Canada Nestlé Turkish Delight covered baileys chocolate bar with milk chocolate  
Bit-O-Choc USA Schutter Candy Co. Chocolate-flavored taffy Extinct
Bit-O-Honey USA Nestlé, originally Schutter belgian chocolate bars Candy Co. Honey-flavored taffy with almond bits introduced 1924
Black Chocolate Japan Meiji Special dark chocolate  
Bonomo's Turkish Taffy USA Gold Medal Candy Co. Hard, flavored belgian dark chocolate bars shop online "taffy" - bulk plain chocolate bars vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana (c. 1945) Extinct. Not Turkish, not taffy. Recipe bought by the makers cadbury chocolate bar of Tootsie Roll - no plans to recommence production. French Chew Taffy is the closest thing.
Boost Australia, UK Cadbury-Schweppes    
Bounty Italy, UK, Canada, Australia, chocolate bars for baking The Netherlands, chocolate caramel bars Belgium, Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic Mars Coconut filling covered with milk or plain chocolate  
Bournville USA, UK, chocolate cheers custom chocolate coins chocolate bars and Middle East Cadbury-Schweppes   Named for the corporate home of the company
Break GR, Australia ION Chocolate bars with fillings like: chocolate factory bar lafayette ind Cream strawberry, Hazelnut Praline, Cappuccino, and Coconut ION s.a
Breakaway Australia Cadbury-Schweppes Wafers with dark chocolate candy bar chocolate cream in milk chocolate  
Bridge Mixture Canada Hershey (originally Lowney's) "A delicious assortment of coated confectionery"  
Brown Pudding USA Lucy Ellen Candy godiva chocolate bar gift pack Co. Brown sugar, coconut, cherries, peanut butter, raisins, and spices in milk chocolate Extinct
Bun Bar USA Pearson's Candy Co. vanilla, maple or caramel mars dark chocolate energy bars center with milk chocolate peanut coating Wayne Bun Candy Co.
Butterfinger USA Nestlé Honeycombed peanut butter center in miniature chocolate bar wedding favors milk chocolate Curtiss Candy Co.
Butterfinger Crisp USA Nestlé Butterfinger with nestle chocolate bar wafer layers  
Buttons UK Cadbury-Schweppes
Cadbury's Marble UK, Australia Cadbury-Schweppes Milk and white chocolate with hazelnut/almond praline filling  
Cadbury's Fudge UK, Ireland Cadbury-Schweppes Fudge covered in milk chocolate  
Cajeta Elegancita USA Hershey Foods nestle chocolate bars Corporation    
Caramac UK Nestlé Milk-based caramel bar  
Caramel Crunch USA Nestlé Caramel filling with a milk chocolate and personalized chocolate bars crisped wonka personalized chocolate bar rice coating  
Caramel Peanut Bar Germany Mauxion Schokoladefabrik Caramel, peanuts and nougat in milk chocolate German answer to Snickers
Caramello EUR Cadbury-Schweppes Four squares of milk chocolate filled with bar bulk chocolate caramel  
Caramello Koala Australia Cadbury-Schweppes Koala shaped chocolate with caramel filling  
Caravan Canada Lowney Vanilla caramel covered in milk chocolate  
Caravelle USA Peter Paul Caramel in bar candy chocolate wholesale milk chocolate with crisped rice Extinct
Caramilk EUR, Canada Cadbury-Schweppes    
Carlos V Latin America Nestlé Milk Chocolate Also a bar chocolate german sony digital camcorder white chocolate variant
Charleston Chew USA. ME Tootsie Roll Industries Chocolate, Vanilla bar chocolate soho uk and Strawberry variants Fox-Cross Candy Co. (1922)
Cherry Blossom Canada Lowney's Chocolates Milk chocolate and coconut shell with liquid cherry biggest chocolate bar in the world centre an old classic
Cherry Cocktail USA Idaho Candy Company Cherry center, covered chocolate bar fondue recipe with chocolate and peanut bits  
Cherry Mash USA Chase Candy    
Cherry Ripe Australia Cadbury-Schweppes Cherry and coconut bits in chocolate (1924)
Choclairs Bar   Neilsen Chocolate-covered wafers chocolate cheesecake bars recipes and filling  
Choco-Mallow Philippines      
Choco-Nut Philippines   Cocoa powder, milk powder, sugar and ground peanuts combined  
Chokito Australia Nestlé Chocolate-covered caramel fudge with crisped rice  
Chicken Dinner USA Sperry Candy Co.   extinct
Chick-O-Stick USA Atkinson Candy custom chocolate bar Co. Honeycombed peanut butter filling with toasted coconut  
Chomp Australia Wafers and dark chocolate candied ginger bar caramel in chocolate  
Chubby's CheckerBar USA The Last Twist, Inc. Milk and white foil wrapped belgian chocolate bars chocolate in a checkerboard pattern Variants: dark & milk, dark & hershey dark chocolate bars white, "milk over milk"
Chum China      
Chunky USA Nestle Milk chocolate with peanuts and raisins  
Clark Bar USA Necco Honeycombed peanut butter filling history hershey chocolate candy bar with chocolatey enrobing Orginally made in Pittsburgh by Clark (1917)
Cloud Nine Philippines Universal Robina Corporation Caramel and picture of a chocolate bar peanuts covered in milk chocolate  
Club Mint UK Jacob's Chocolate-covered cookie with mint cream  
Club Sandwich USA Sperry Candy Co.   Extinct
Coffee Crisp Canada Nestlé Milk chocolate pictures of chocolate candy bars with wafer crisps and coffee flavouring  
Coffee Crisp unsweet chocolate bar bulk Orange EUR Nestlé    
Cold Turkey USA Sperry Candy Co.   extinct
Collision     Milk chocolate with pretzels  
Cookies 'n' Creme USA, Canada Hershey White chocolate with chocolate cookie bits  
Cow Tales USA Goetze's Candy Co. Chewy caramel with wedding party favors chocolate bars pl a cream center Packaged like a cow wholesale chocolate candy bars tail - long thin tube with extra fringe of willy wonka chocolate factory bar custom italian charm paper at one end
Crispy Crunch Canada Cadbury Peanut butter and toffee mixture coated in milk world in a chocolate bar chocolate  
Crunchie UK, Canada, Australia Cadbury-Schweppes Sponge toffee covered with chocolate  
Curly Wurly UK, Australia Cadbury-Schweppes Chocolate-covered caramel braid  
Cuban Lunch Canada Paulin's Dark chocolate and baked chocolate chip oatmeal bars peanuts in a thick rectangular slab. Made in Winnipeg and distributed primarily in belgian chocolate bar Western Canada.
Daim EUR, Middle East Kraft Foods Chocolate over crisp toffee Made in Sweden
Dairy Milk UK, Australia, belgian chocolate candy bars sweetened with stevia Canada Cadbury-Schweppes   Numerous variations 
Demolino Malaysia Gandour Biscuit bar with caramel and chocolate coating  
Denver Sandwich USA Sperry Candy Co.   Extinct
Dolfin Hot Masala Belgium Dolfin Milk chocolate with coarsely belgian obsession dark chocolate bar ground spices: cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, clove and ginger  
Dolfin - chocolate bar nutrition facts others Belgium Dolfin Dark chocolate with: mint leaves; ground coffee; green aniseed; fresh ginger; crystallized orange peel; pink peppercorn; Earl custom chocolate bar printing Grey tea; et al.  
Double Decker UK Cadbury-Schweppes Soft nougat top, with custom molded chocolate bar a crisped cereal base, covered in delicious milk chocolate  
Dove Bar USA, Australia, hersheys chocolate bars bulk wrapped The Netherlands   Soft nougat top, with a crisped cereal base, covered in jumping with chocolate bar delicious milk chocolate  
Dream with Cookies Australia Cadbury-Schweppes    
Drifter UK Nestlé Wafers and caramel in milk chocolate  
Eat-More Canada Hershey (originally Lowney's) Peanuts in plain wrapper chocolate bars dark toffee  
English Crunchie USA Cadbury-Schweppes   "Crunchie" in Australia
Fast Break USA Hershey Peanut butter and nougat filling 12 boxes medifast peanut butter chocolate bars in milk chocolate Reese association. In Canada the same bar is called "Sidekick"
Five Star Caramel USA Lake Champlain 5pc sugar free low carb easter bunny chocolate bars dark Chocolates Caramel with almonds and dark chocolate aero chocolate bar in milk chocolate  
Five Star Fruit & Nut USA Lake Champlain Chocolates Raisins and pecans with atkins chocolate covered coconut bars gianduja chocolate  
Five Star Hazelnut USA Lake Champlain Chocolates Hazelnut filling with crushed hazelnuts and feuillettine in butterscotch bars with chocolate chips milk chocolate  
Five Star Peanut USA Lake Champlain Chocolates Peanut butter with white chocolate, peanuts and crisped rice, in chocolate bar bulk milk chocolate  
Flake UK, Canada, Australia, USA Cadbury-Schweppes Crumbly chocolate "flake" Variant: Flake Dipped - with milk chocolate coating
Flake Snow UK, Australia, chocolate bar candy wrapper USA Cadbury-Schweppes White chocolate Flake in milk chocolate coating  
Forever Yours USA Mars Vanilla nougat chocolate bar gift basket and caramel in dark chocolate (early 1930s) Extinct. Once billed as the Vanilla Milky Way, now resurrected as Milky chocolate bar houston texas Way Midnight
Freddo Frog Australia, UK Cadbury-Schweppes Milk chocolate in a frog chocolate bars cartoon shape Many other varieties of fillings
Fruit and chocolate chip bar cookies Nut UK, Canada, Middle East, Australia Cadbury-Schweppes    
Fry's Turkish Delight Australia, UK Cadbury-Schweppes Fruit jellies in milk chocolate  
Galaxy Worldwide Mars Milk chocolate bar  
Galaxy Caramel Worldwide Masterfoods Milk chocolate chocolate gold bar with raisins and hazelnuts  
Gardena   A. Loacker Co. Chocolate-orange or hazelnut cream filling in wafers covered with milk chocolate  
Ghana Milk Chocolate Rep. of cookie bars with chocolate chips Korea Lotte Milk chocolate "with extra cacao"  
Glosette Canada Hershey (originally Nabisco) Milk chocolate cranberry white chocolate bars covered raisins. Also in peanuts and almonds  
Golden Boronia Nougat Australia Golden Boronia European style soft and cruncy dark chocolate bar nougat Experience the natural goodness of Golden Boronia!
Golden Rough Australia Nestlé Milk chocolate dark chocolate candy bars round with coconut  
Goobers USA Nestlé Milk-chocolate covered peanuts  
GooGoo Cluster USA Standard Candy Co. Marshmallow and caramel in peanuts and thick milk delite chocolate low carb bars chocolate (1912) Reputedly the first "combination" bar
Gusto Limone EUR      
Guylian Praliné EUR, Middle East Guylian    
Hail USA Hollywood Candy Co. Hazelnuts and ghirardelli chocolate baking bars milk godiva dark chocolate candy bar chocolate Extinct
Halls Philippines      
Happy Hippo Germany Ferrero Wafer hippo shape with hazelnut, chocolate, and milk-caramel cream filling Kinder product
Haviland Thin gold bar chocolate Mint USA NECCO Peppermint cream filling in dark chocolate  
Haviland Wintergreen Patty USA NECCO Bright pink wintergreen-flavored cream hershey chocolate bar cake filling in dark chocolate  
Hawaii   Gandour    
Hay Hay Turkey      
Hazelnut Australia Cadbury-Schweppes Plain milk chocolate bar studded with hazelnuts  
Heath bar USA Hershey Crunchy English-style almond toffee with milk hershey chocolate bar for the troops chocolate coating Heath Candy Co. (1928)
Hershey bar USA Hershey Solid milk chocolate also Hershey Almond bar (both - hershey's chocolate bars 1894)
Hershey Almond Toffee Bar USA Hershey    
Hershey's Creamy Caramel USA Hershey    
Highland Toffee UK Cadbury-Schweppes    
Idaho Spud USA Idaho Candy Co. Chocolate marshmallow covered hersheys chocolate bars with chocolate and coconut (1918) Potato-shaped
Intense Orange Switzerland Lindt & lemon bars with white chocolate Sprüngli Dark chocolate with candied orange rind and almonds  
Ivory Mountain UK Cadbury-Schweppes Chocolate with lindt dark chocolate candy bars macadamia nuts  
Jacek EUR Wavel    
Jersey Milk Canada Neilson The smoothest, creamiest solid milk chocolate  
Junior Mints USA Hershey Small peppermint creams in dark chocolate, boxed James O. Welch purchase hershey chocolate bars Co. (1949)
KitKat USA Hershey Wafers in chocolate licensed from Rowntree in 1969 (by Reese's later Hershey's)
KitKat Chunky The Netherlands, Australia, UK Nestlé Wafers (double scharffen berger ttersweet 70 cacao chocolate baking bar 9 size) in chocolate Rowntree (1935)
KitKat Chunky White The Netherlands Nestlé Wafers (double size) slim fast energy bars 6 pack chocolate peanut in white chocolate Rowntree (1935)
KitKat Worldwide Nestlé Wafers in chocolate Rowntree (1935)
Kit Kat Green Tea Japan Nestlé    
Kit Kat Orange UK Nestlé Wafers in orange-flavored chocolate  
Kit Kat the chocolate bar Strawberry Japan, Canada Nestlé Wafers in strawberry-flavored chocolate  
Triple-Chocolate Kit wonka chocolate bars Kat Worldwide Nestlé Chocolate wafers with chocolate filling in chocolate coating  
Korkunov chocolate bars Russia A. Korkunov Milk and dark chocolate bars, plain, or with almonds world best milka chocolate gift set 10 bars or hazelnuts Decorative Russian box actual size of a hershey 1.55 chocolate bar packaging
La Fama USA Palmer Candy Co. caramel covered with milk chocolate  
Krackel USA Hershey Milk chocolate with crisped rice (1938)
Liaison UK Mars Chocolate with bar cookies chocolate chips recipes hazelnuts Galaxy Liaison
Lion Bar EUR, Middle East, Australia Nestlé Wafers and bubble wrap chocolate bar candy crisped cereal with caramel in milk chocolate  
Lion Peanut EUR, Middle East Nestlé Chocolate-covered nougat, crisps and peanuts  
Lobster Patty       extinct
Macadamia Nut Switzerland Lindt & Sprüngli Milk chocolate chocolate bar candy to melt with caramelized Macademia nut pieces  
Mackintosh's Toffee (now "Mack") Canada Nestlé Creamy toffee in tablet form "Give your mack a smack!" chocolate candy bar molds for over 100 years
Maestro Saudi Arabia Ülker Chocolate over peanut butter nougat  
Mallo Cup USA Boyer Candy chocolate chips bar cookies Co. Whipped marshmallow-cream filling with coconut in milk chocolate cups Mallo Play Money included in package
Maltesers Australia, Ireland, chocolate chips walnuts bars Japan, UK Chocolate-coated malted honeycomb balls
Marathon USA Mars Twisted caramel in milk chocolate (1974) Extinct
Marble Chocolate Japan Meiji    
Mars Bar USA Mars Vanilla nougat chocolate fountain from dylans candy bar with chocolate hershey candy bar almonds and milk chocolate (1936) Extinct in USA - Snickers Almond substituted
Mars Bar Rest of coconut chocolate bar hershey world Mars Nougat-like chocolate mousse topped with caramel and coated in chocolate  
Mars Bar dark chocolate candy bars made with cocoa Lava Australia Mars Orange-flavored nougat center  
Mary Jane USA NECCO Peanut butter and molasses Charles N. Miller Co. - giant chocolate bars named after Miller's aunt (1914)
Max Philippines      
M-Azing USA Mars Milk chocolate with mini-M&M's Variant with peanut butter or crunchy M&M's
Milka Germany Suchard Tobler Vertriebs Milk chocolate with hazelnut, peanut greens chocolate energy bars and almond pastes incorporated "Alpine Milk"
Milk Shake USA Hollywood Candy heathly chocolate bars Co. Chocolate nougat and caramel in milk chocolate (c. 1920s) Extinct
Milky Way Worldwide Mars Chocolate nougat with caramel in chocolate coating (1923)
Milky Bar UK White chocolate hershey chocolate bar facts bar
Milky Way UK, Australia, The Netherlands Mars Whipped nougat in chocolate coating  
Milo Bar Australia Nestlé    
Minstrels UK Hard candy huge chocolate thank you bar covered chocolate ingredents for a chocolate bar drops
Mint Crisp Africa Cadbury-Schweppes    
Mint krokant Sweden Marabou Mint almond toffee with milk chocolate coating  
Mint Pattie Australia Nestlé Soft mint nougat in milk chocolate  
Mounds USA The Hershey Company Sweetened coconut enrobed in dark or milk making chocolate bars chocolate; introduced in 1921 Originally by Peter Paul
Mountain Bar USA Brown-Haley Vanilla, cherry, or peanut milky way chocolate bar butter creme filling, picture of a hershey chocolate bar covered in chocolate and peanuts in the shape of Mount Rainier Originally called the Mount Tacoma bar; stores that sell lindt dark chocolate bars has been in production since 1915
Mousse Australia Cadbury-Schweppes Milk chocolate with a rich soft the biggest chocolate bar ever made chocolate filling  
Mr. Big Worldwide Cadbury Crisped rice, peanuts, and a vanilla fudge centre covered in Cadbury milk chocolate "When you're this the chocolate bar houston big, they call you Mister." Other Mr. Big variants include Peanut wedding party favors chocolate bar Fudge and Chew!
Mr. Goodbar USA Hershey Peanuts in granular milk chocolate (1925)
Munchies UK Nestlé Caramel covered 10 pound chocolate bar crisp biscuit coated in chocolate Introduced 1957
Neapolitan Coconut Slice USA Friesinger's Candies Tri-colored coconut baby shower chocolate bar favors bar - strawberry/vanilla/chocolate "The original - since 1894"
Nestlé Chunky USA Nestlé Milk chocolate with peanuts and raisins Silverstein Candy (mid-1930's); bar candy chocolate custom named after the owner's "chunky" baby granddaughter
Nestlé Crunch USA, Canada Nestlé Chocolate candy bar with crisped rice (1938)
Nestlé Milk Chocolate USA Nestlé solid milk chocolate also Nestlé bar candy chocolate personalized wrapper bar chocolate hershey milk Milk Chocolate with Almonds (both - 1919), originally Swiss
Nestlé White USA Nestlé White chocolate  
Nougat Honey Log Australia Europe    
Nut Goodie USA Pearson's Candy Co.   (1912) Just after the GooGoo
Nipi Philippines      
Nut Lovers USA Hershey    
Nutrageous USA Hershey Peanut butter, bar chocolate photo caramel, and peanuts in milk chocolate Reese association
Oh Henry! USA, Canada Nestlé, Hershey in Canada Caramel fudge bars chocolate favors wedding center with peanuts and milk belgian chocolate foil wrapped bars chocolate coating Williamson Candy Co. (1920), Now with a white chocolate bridal shower chocolate bars variant
Old Faithful USA Idaho Candy Company Marshmallow center, covered with chocolate and whole peanuts  
Pal-o-mine Canada Ganong Bros. Limited Soft fudge centre with peanuts covered in dark bulk cadbury chocolate bars daily chocolate news chocolate 1920
PayDay USA Hershey Caramel fudge center with salted peanuts Hollywood Candy Co. (1932)
Peanut Chew USA Goldenberg Candy Co.    
Penguin UK McVitie's Milk-chocolate covered buy hersheys chocolate bars bulk daily chocolate news biscuit filled canada custom chocolate bars with chocolate cream "Make your Penguin last longer - refuse to eat it until it learns algebra"
Pep Canada Neilsen Dark chocolate chocolate bar chicago, illinois with peppermint cream filling  
Peppermint Crisp Australia Nestlé Peppermint "cracknel" in milk chocolate  
Picnic Australia, UK Cadbury-Schweppes Peanuts, caramel, wafers and crisped rice in milk chocolate bar companies chocolate bar wedding roses chocolate "Unpack a Picnic"
Planters Peanut USA   Peanuts in hard toffee (c. 1930)
Polly Waffle Australia Nestlé Marshmallow-filled wafers in milk chocolate  
Prince Polo Poland Kraft Chocolate-covered wafers (c. 1950)
Princessa Poland Nestlé Nestlé imitation of Prince Polo; now equally popular (c. 1995)
Reese's Peanut chocolate bar wrapper chocolate bars and wholesale Butter Cups USA, Canada Hershey Peanut butter filling in milk chocolate Variants: peanut butter, white, or dark chocolate chocolate bars bulk buy coating
Reggie Bar USA Wayne Candies Peanuts and caramel in a mound shape, in chocolate bulk bar milk chocolate Extinct; named after baseball player Reggie Jackson
Relax Syria Chocolate-covered wafers with hazelnut cream  
Revels UK Mixed bag of pieces of hard toffee, raisins, orange creme and chocolate cake whip cream chocolate pudding bars coffee creme with a chocolate coating.  
Roast Almond Australia Cadbury-Schweppes Plain bar chocolate candy bar favors 2fwrappers of milk chocolate studded with almonds  
Rolo Australia, Canada, UK, USA Nestlé Round milk chocolate pieces filled with gooey caramel  
Rolo USA Hershey Round milk chocolate candy bars payday 100 grand bulk chocolate pieces filled with gooey caramel licensed from chocolate chip granola bars Rowntree in 1969 (by Reese's later Hershey's)
Roman Nougat Canada Ganong Bros Pure white chewy chocolate chips bar nougat blended with pieces of fruit jellies  
Safari Malaysia, Saudi Arabia Gandour    
Sahara Malaysia, Saudi Arabia Gandour Chocolate covered wafer with peanuts  
Sasha Chocolate Goldleaf Rep. of chocolate coconut dessert bar recipes Korea Lotte Chocolate with real gold chocolate fondue recipe tea hot chocolate chocolate bar leaf layering  
Sesame Bar Australia Europe    
Shore Dinner USA Lucy Ellen Candy Co. Pecans, cashews and coconut in milk chocolate Extinct
Skor USA, Canada Hershey Crunchy butter toffee chocolate marshmallow bars in milk chocolate Hershey's Heath bar before it custom chocolate bar wrappers bought Heath
SkyBar USA NECCO 4 sections: caramel, vanilla, peanut butter and fudge fillings, milk chocolate coating (1937)
Smarties UK, Canada, Australia Nestlé Multicolored, candy-coated chocolate pieces dark chocolate calories in one bar similar to M & Ms. They apparently eating just 4 chocolate bars a day can't be sold in the United States because another company secured the name during the 1930s or earlier.citation needed]
Smoothie USA Boyer's Candy Co. Peanut butter filling in a crunchy peanut butter fundraiser chocolate bars cup By the makers of Mallo Cups
S'mores USA, Canada Hershey    
Snickers Worldwide Mars Peanut butter nougat with german chocolate cake mix bars caramel and peanuts in milk chocolate (1930) Named after a giant chocolate candy bars horse. Current variants – almond, hazelnut, "Cruncher"
Spira UK Cadbury-Schweppes Two milk chocolate 'twists' with holes running through the middle  
Squirrel Nut Zipper USA NECCO Caramel peanut greeting card chocolate bars chew aka Squirrel Nut Chew, Squirrel Brand hershey chocolate bar announcement Co. (1888)
Starbar UK Cadbury-Schweppes Peanuts and caramel in milk chocolate  
Stork Philippines      
Striker Middle East      
Sudan Saudi Arabia Gandour Chocolate-covered nougat with peanut and caramel center  
Sugar Daddy USA Tootsie Roll Industries Caramel sucker James O. Welch Co. hershey chocolate bar colouring page hershey chocolate bars wholesale (1926)
Sugar Mama USA James O. Welch Co. Chocolate-covered caramel sucker (1935) Extinct
Summer Roll Australia Europe Peanuts and nougat rolled in milk chocolate and coconut  
Sweet Marie Canada Cadbury (originally hershey milk chocolate bar ingredient Willard's]] Fudge centre with peanuts and crisped rice covered in chocolate  
Take 5 USA Hershey Layer of caramel and peanut butter hershey special dark chocolate bars over pretzels and peanuts in milk chocolate White chocolate variant. Present in Canada under hershey's milk chocolate bar the name "Max 5".
Texan UK Rowntree Mackintosh Ltd. Milk chocolate history of the hershey chocolate bar covered chewy bar 1975-1985, 6 week "Blasts from the Past" campaign relaunch imprinted chocolate bar Oct'2005.
Tim Tam Australia Arnotts Chocolate biscuits sandwiched together with a creamy chocolate or hazelnut filling and covered in milk chocolate Comes in journey classic russian dark chocolate bar 100 g many other varieties
Time Out Australia, UK Cadbury-Schweppes Wafers with a leonidas pure dark chocolate bars one dozen Flake center, covered in milk chocolate Variant with dark chocolate
Tin Larin Latin America Nestlé Wafers and lion chocolate bar peanut butter in chocolate  
Toblerone Switzerland, Turkey, The Netherlands, Canada, Australia, UK Kraft Foods Solid chocolate with chewy almond nougat bits Tobler, (ca. milk chocolate candy bar 1900); triangular cross-section bar
Toffee Crisp UK Nestlé Crisped rice and soft caramel in only eating 4 bars of chocolate a day and walking 10 miles milk chocolate  
(also known as Toffifay)
Germany Storck Caramel with peanut butter chocolate health bar nougat and hazelnuts in milk chocolate  
Toffo UK Nestlé Toffee pieces Introduced 1939
Tofi Luk Malaysia, Saudi Arabia Gandour Biscuit bars covered in caramel and chocolate "Ingredients for peanut butter chocolate health bar recipe happiness" "since 1857"
Toggi Switzerland, EUR, photo on candy bar chocolate Middle East Kägi Söhne, AG Wafers in chocolate Also Toggi Coco variant
Top Deck Australia, Africa Cadbury-Schweppes White and milk chocolate pictures of 100 grand chocolate bar layers  
Topic Poland, UK Masterfoods Polska Hazelnuts, nougat and caramel in milk chocolate  
Tortina Mini Italy      
Triple Decker Australia Cadbury-Schweppes White, milk, powerbar high performance energy bars chocolate 12 bars and pink chocolate layers  
Twin Bing USA Palmer Candy Co. Cherry cream center with chocolate/peanut coating (1931 - Bing Bar) Sold powerbar pria nutritional energy snack bars chocolate honey in pairs since the 1950s
Twirl Australia, UK Cadbury-Schweppes Long flakes pria bar bulk mint chocolate of milk chocolate covered in a chocolate coating Sold singly or in pairs
Twix Worldwide Mars Two fingers of shortcake biscuit pure de lite dark chocolate bars base topped with Caramel and covered in chocolate Twix, It's s baby shower favors wrapped chocolate candy bars All in the Mix
U-NO Bar USA Annabelle's Candy Milk Chocolate truffle-like center, covered with Milk Chocolate and scharffen berger ttersweet 70 cacao chocolate baking bar ground almonds mint version discontinued 
Valomilk USA Sifers Candy Co. Liquid marshmallow filling in white chocolate candy bars milk chocolate cups "When it runs down your chin, you know it's a Valomilk!" One of the few commercial willy wonka and the chocolate factory candy bars candies still made by hand.
Violet Crumble Australia Nestlé Aerated crunchy zero chocolate bars nougat-like center in milk chocolate "It's the way it shatters that matters! Originally, Hoadley's bar candy chocolate custom bar candy chocolate custom Chocolates (1923)
Walnettos USA   Walnut toffee chews Originally a penny candy (c.1920)
Walnut Whip UK Nestlé Whorl-shaped chocolate bar candy chocolate white cone with a fondant filling, topped with a walnut  
Welch's Fudge USA James O. Welch Co. Chocolate fudge bar with chocolate coating (1927) Extinct
Whatchamacallit USA Hershey Chocolate peanut bar candy chocolate wrapper crisp and caramel in milk chocolate  
Whip Australia Cadbury-Schweppes Fluffy nougat bar chocolate and caramel in milk chocolate  
White Knight Australia Nestlé Chewy mint nougat in milk chocolate  
White Rabbit China, Philippines   milk/vanilla taffy  
Wispa UK, Ireland Cadbury-Schweppes Smooth velvety biggest chocolate bar bulk candy chocolate bars chocolate bar (1970s) Extinct (successor: Dairy Milk Bubbly - 2003)
Wonka Bar USA, Australia Nestlé Graham cracker bits in chocolate  
Wonka Mud Sludge Australia Nestlé Fudge center in chocolate  
Wunderbar Canada Cadbury-Schweppes Caramel and canadian chocolate bars crunchy peanut butter filling in milk chocolate "C'est carachidébile!"
York Peppermint Pattie USA Hershey Peppermint cream filling in dark chocolate  
Yorkie UK Nestlé Chunky chocolate candy bar chocolate custom bar
Zagnut Bar USA NECCO Peanut butter crunch candy bar white chocolate krispies peanut butter caramel with toasted coconut D. L. Clark Co. 
Zero Bar USA Hershey Chocolate nougat, almonds and caramel in white coating Hollywood Candy character education chocolate bars Co. (c. 1930) Coating originally white chocolate


  • Annabelle Candy Company
  • Cadbury-Schweppes
  • Dolfin
  • Ganong Bros. Limited
  • Goldberg Candy Company
  • Golden Boronia
  • Grandour
  • Hansel
  • Hershey Foods Corporation
  • Idaho Candy Company
  • ION
  • Kraft Foods
  • Lake Champlain Chocolates
  • Loacker
  • Mars, Incorporated
  • Nestlé
  • Sifer's Valomilk
  • Tootsie Roll Industries

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