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From January through June 2006, China Makers Exported Approximately US$801 Million Worth of Cooking Appliances, an  

[Press Release] Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance - Oct 02 6:58 AM
DUBLIN, Ireland----Research and Markets has announced the addition of China Sourcing Report: Cooktops, Hoods & Ovens to their offering.

High-End, Professional Grade Appliances 
WCCO Minneapolis/St. Paul - Sep 28 12:15 PM
There are many debates on whether or not professional grade appliances are better than the standard appliances most people have in their kitchens. The names Subzero and Wolf may sound familiar because they are a well known manufacture for these professional grade appliances such as ovens, cooktops, refrigerators, and wine chillers. Other manufactures of these high end appliances may include Miele

Make Sure Appliances Will Fit 
Hartford Courant - Sep 29 12:28 AM
Kitchen appliances offered by most major manufacturers come in sizes that can be considered reasonably standard. But be warned: Standard size or not, they may not fit your existing opening, gas line or the available electric outlet.

Three Ways to Cook for the Cure 
[Press Release] PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance - Sep 28 4:00 AM
For those who love to cook, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation has partnered with KitchenAid to offer three ways to support the fight against breast cancer during October and throughout the year.




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A stove is a heat-producing device. The word typically describes an appliance used either for generating warmth or for cooking. cooktop In British English, however, the term cooker is normally used for the cooking appliance, and stove for a wood- induction cooktop or coal-burning room-heating appliance. Another American English word cooktops for a cooking stove is range.

There are many types gas cooktops of stoves. A kitchen stove is used to cook food, and refers to a device that has both burners on induction cooktops the top (also known as gas cooktop the cooktop or range or, in British English, the hob) and, often, an oven. A cooktop just has burners on the top and is usually wolf cooktops installed into a countertop. A drop-in range has both burners electric cooktops on the top and an oven and hangs from a cutout in the countertop (that electric cooktop is, it cannot be installed free-standing on its cooktop own).

In industrial usage, stove may refer to the place where island with cooktop fuel is combusted before being fed to a large heat consumer such as viking cooktop an open hearth furnace.

A glass-ceramic downdraft cooktop cooktop (2004)


  • 1 Kitchen stove heat generation
  • 2 Modern stove 2 burner cooktop features
  • 3 History
    • 3.1 Early stoves in the Western World
    • 3.2 Early ge cooktops stoves in Asia
    • 3.3 Wood stoves downdraft cooktops (metal stoves, masonry stoves)
    • 3.4 Gas verona cooktop and electric stoves
    • 3.5 Modern corn, pellet or biofuel ceramic cooktop pans stove
  • 4 See also
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Kitchen stove jade cooktop heat generation

A stove generates heat jenn air cooktop by one or more of the following means:

  • burning of
    • natural gas
    • liquefied gases (e.g., butane, propane)
    • heating oil
    • biofuel such marine cooktops as wood, coal, corn, or synthetic heating pellets
  • electrically, by either
    • electrical resistance (by way of a heating element)
    • induction

Modern stove features

Modern stoves are typically considered a halogen cooktop basic appliance in homes in developed nations. Along with the refrigerator, a stove is usually found in the kitchen.

Many modern stoves typically have viking cooktops from two to eight burners or plates of various sizes creda cooktop and power levels; an oven; and knobs, for controlling creda cooktops the heat of the burners and the oven. The control knobs may be ge cooktop parts located on the backsplash, on the cooktop, or on the upper part of kitchen island with cooktop the front of the stove.

Middle- to high-end models also how to choose an electric cooktop may feature locking mechanisms for the oven door; convection cooking; automatic cleaning mechanisms, which raise the oven temperature to more 36 gas cooktop than 260 degrees Celsius (500 degrees Fahrenheit) and reduce accumulated food spills to ash or a cooktop reviews catalytic oven lining which aids in burning off spills; one or more timers; and gas cooktop with grill a cookware for ceramic cooktops digital display. Many can even accommodate automatically raising and lowering the oven downdraft gas cooktop temperature to preset levels at preset times.


Early stoves in the Western World

Stove manufacture in Senegal.

In Europe, the history smoothtop cooktop of the kitchen stove begins in earnest in the 18th thermador cooktop century. Before that time, people cooked over open fires fuelled by wood, which first were on the whirlpool cooktops floor or on low masonry constructions. In the Middle Ages, 36 inch electic cooktop waist-high brick-and-mortar hearths and the first chimneys appeared, so that cooks no longer had to kneel or sit to tend ge cooktop to foods on the fire. The fire was built on top of the construction; induction kitchen cooktop the space underneath was used to store and dry wood. jenn air cooktops Cooking was done mainly in cauldrons hung above the fire or placed on trivets. The heat was regulated lp cooktop by placing the cauldron higher magnetic induction cooktops or lower above the fire.

Open fire has three major disadvantages that prompted inventors even miele cooktops in the 16th century to devise improvements: it is dangerous, it produces much smoke, outdoor cooktop and the heat efficiency is poor. Attempts were made to enclose the fire professional cooktops to make better use of the heat that it generated and thus reduce the professional gas cooktop wood consumption. A first step was the fire chamber: the fire was enclosed creda cooktop parts on three sides by brick-and-mortar walls and marine cooktop stove covered by an iron plate. This technique also caused a change in the kitchenware used for cooking, for it repair gas cooktop required flat-bottomed pots instead of cauldrons. Only in 1735 did the first design that completely enclosed the viking gas cooktop fire appear: the Castrol stove of the French architect François Cuvilliés 1950's rv cooktop parts was a masonry construction with several fireholes covered by perforated iron plates. It is cleaning ceramic cooktops also known as a stew stove. Near the end of the 18th century, dacor gas cooktops the design was refined by hanging the pots downdraft electric cooktops in holes through the top iron plate, thus improving heat efficiency electric coil cooktops even more.

Early stoves in Asia

Raised kamado

Chinese and Japanese civilisations had discovered the principle of the closed stove much earlier. Already from the Chinese Qin Dynasty (221 teppan yaki grill cooktop BC - 206/207 BC), clay stoves atwood cooktop that enclosed the fire completely are known, and a similar design known as kamado (かまど) appeared in the Kofun period five burner gas cooktops (3rd - 6th century) in Japan. These stoves were fired by gas cooktop wok ring wood or charcoal through a hole in magnetic induction cooktop the front. In both designs, pots were placed over or hung into holes at the top of the knee-high construction. Raised kamados were marine gas cooktops developed in Japan during the Edo period (1603 - round cooktop 1867).

Wood stoves (metal stoves, masonry stoves)

Fire in sears kenmore 32099 gas cooktop reviews the home stove.

Although a 24 electric cooktop good source of light before lamps, an open fireplace is a very inefficient form of heat for two reasons. First, 32 inch electric cooktop in order to prevent air, cooktop covers and therefore smoke, from spilling back into the room you need a large updraft pulling cooktop gas air (and therefore heat) out the chimney. This both pulls heat away and halogen light cooktop pulls air from the rest of the house into the fire and then up the chimney. A fireplace consumes 200 kenmore cooktop ignition module repair to 600 cubic feet of air per minute, more for a very kenmore cooktop repair large fire. A mostly wolf gas cooktops closed off fireplace, for example a modern fireplace with glass doors closed will 1950's preway propane cooktop parts use 50-150 cubic feet per minute. High airflow creates a draft which pulls 36 electric radiant cooktop heated air out of the house to be replaced with cold air leaking in from the outside. Second, in 36 inch gas cooktop with griddle an open fire some of the combustible gas coming off the wood escapes affordable cooktops does not ignite and is lost. To resolve these problems masonry heaters were bosch cooktop developed, then metal stoves came into ceramic cooktop use in the 18th century.

An early, and famous, example of a metal stove is the Franklin stove, a wood burning stove cooktops in australia said to have been invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1742. It had a labyrinthine path for hot exhaust dcs ct-304 gas cooktop gases to escape, thus allowing heat to enter the room downdraft 30 gas cooktops instead of going up the electric coil cooktop chimney. The Franklin stove, however, was designed for heating, not for cooking. Benjamin Thompson at the turn to the 19th european cooktops century was among the first to present a working glass ceramic cooktops metal kitchen stove. His Rumford stove used one fire to heat several pots that kenmore range cooktop were also hung into holes so that they could be heated from the sides, too. It was even kitchen cooktops possible to regulate the heat individually for each two burner cooktop hole. His stove was designed for large canteen or castle kitchens, winnebago cooktop though. It would take another 30 years until the technology had wolf ranges cooktops been refined and the size of the iron stove been reduced enough for domestic 30 cooktop by magic chef use. Stewart's Oberlin stove was a much more compact metal stove, patented in the U.S. in 1834. It became a huge commercial success 30 inch stainless steel cooktop summit with some 90,000 units sold in 36 glass cooktop the next 30 years. In Europe, similar designs also 45 inch electric cooktop appeared in the 1830s. In the following years, these iron stoves evolved into veritable cooking machines with flue pipes connected arch tile backsplash cooktop to the chimney, oven holes, and installations for ceramic cooktops heating water. The originally open holes into which the pots were hung were now ceran cooktop covered with concentric iron rings on which the pots were placed. Depending on cleaning black ceramic cooktops the size of the pot or the heat needed, one could remove the inner cooktops australia rings.

By controlling the inflow of air to allow only what a fire needs to burn, metal dacor cooktop stoves reduce the consumption of air to a mere 15-30 cubic feet per dacor cooktops minute (this figure is for a modern stoves. dcs cooktop All metal stoves operate on the principle of controlled air flow but their consumption will downdraft cooktop installation vary).

Modern wood stoves also increase the completeness of combustion. More expensive stoves use a catalytic converter which causes ebay stores cooktops ovens ranges major appliances home the gas and smoke particles not actually burned fisher and paykel electric cooktops to combust. Other models use a design that includes firebox insulation, a large baffle to gas cooktops australia produce a longer, hotter gas flow path and pre-heating the ge gas cooktop air prior to its entering the combustion chamber.

A masonry heater is designed to allow complete combustion by burning fuels at full-temperature ge induction cooktop parts with glass cooktop cookware no restriction of air inflow. Because the firebox is masonry (not metal) the burn temperature can increase grill cooktop to the point where secondary and complete combustion of the fuel takes place. These heaters high end induction cooktop capture most of the heat from the how to replace ceramic cooktop combustion and exhaust through an extended system of flues inside a large thermal kitchenaid electric cooktop switches mass before the exhaust is vented to the outside air. A properly fired masonry heater has little or no particulate pollution magic chef cooktop in the exhaust and does not contribute to the buildup of creosote in the heater radiant cooktop flues or the chimney. Due to its large thermal repair magic chef cooktop mass the captured heat is radiated over long spt induction cooktop periods of time without the need of constant firing, and the surface temperature is generally not dangerous to touch.

In the thermador cooktops US, the EPA created stricter emissions standards in the late 1980s. Maximum smoke output is limited to used 36 glass cooktop 7.5 grams per hour and some viking gas cooktops stoves achieve as little as 1 to 4 grams per hour. Put differently, this is roughly 90% less 2 burner gas cooktop smoke than older stoves, which amana cooktops equates to nearly zero visible smoke from the chimney. This is largely achieved through causing the best cooktop most possible material to combust, which results in a net boat stoves cooktops efficiency of 60 to 70% as contrasted to zero to 30% for a fireplace. (net efficiency bosch cooktops is the amount of heat energy transferred to the ceramic cooktop care room compared to the amount contained in the wood, minus any amount central heating must work to compensate cooktop cleaning creme for the airflow problems described elsewhere in this article.)

Modern enclosed stoves are often built with a window cooktop grill to let out some light and to enable the cooktop replacement glass user to view progress of the cookware for black ceramic cooktops fire. Glass or semi-translucent manufactured mica are common window materials.

Gas and electric stoves

Many stoves use natural gas to provide heat.

All previous double oven with cooktop stoves were fueled by wood (or other biofuel), charcoal, or coal. The first electrolux induction cooktop gas stoves were developed already in the 1820s, but fisher and paykel gas cooktop these remained isolated experiments. (James Sharp in Northampton, England, patented a gas stove in frigidaire oven refrigerator cooktop hood dishwasher 1826 and opened a gas stove factory in 1836.) At the World Fair in London in 1851, a gas stove was shown, but gaggenau cooktops only in the 1880s did this technology start to become gas cooktop 2 burns a commercial success. The main factor for this delay was the gas cooktop stoves slow growth of the gas pipe network. The first gas stoves were rather unwieldy, but soon the gas cooktop wolf oven was integrated into the base and the size reduced to fit in ge electric cooktops better with the rest of the kitchen furniture. In the 1910s, producers started to enamel german made induction cooktop their gas stoves for easier glass cooktops enamelware cleaning. A high-end gas stove called the AGA cooker was invented in 1922 by Swedish Nobel prize winner Gustaf Dalén. It hope's cooktop cleaner is considered to be the most efficient design and is a much sought after jenn air cooktop ignitor magic chef cooktop wiring diagram kitchen "must have" in certain circles—despite the hefty price tag.

The AGA, and similar products such as the Rayburn Range are examples of modern maid cooktop service manual always-on stoves which continue to burn fuel even when cooking is professional portable gas cooktop not being performed. Stoves (or ranges as they professional wok cooktop are also known) such as these are often used instead of boilers or furnaces to sealed burner rv cooktop supply hot water and central heating to the rest of the house.

Thomas Ahearn invented the electric wok induction cooktop cooking range in 1892 and installed one in the Windsor Hotel in Montreal. The electric 30 cooktops stove was showcased at the Chicago 30' cooktops World's Fair in 1893, where an electrified model kitchen was shown. But like the gas stove, the electrical stove had a 60 cooktop slow start, partly due to australia european cooktops the unstable technology, and partly because first cities and town needed to be electrified. By the best gas cooktops 1930s, the technology had matured and the electrical stove started to blue star cooktop slowly replace the gas stove, especially in domestic kitchens.

The electrical stove technology has developed ceramic cooktop reviews in several successive generations:

  • The first technology used resistor heating coils which heated iron hotplates, on top of which the pots were placed. commercial cooktops Though commercial gas cooktops consumer reports the technology is slowly fading into obsolecence, coil ranges still provide the best durability out of all electric cooktop implementations.
  • In the 1970s, glass-ceramic cooktop cleaner cooktops started cooktop stoves to appear. Glass-ceramic has a very low heat conduction coefficient, but lets infrared radiation pass very well. Electrical heating coils or cooktops au infrared halogen lamps are used as cooktops columbus ohio heating elements. Because of its physical characteristics, the cooktop heats quicker, there is less afterheat, and cooktops gas only the plate heats up while the adjacent surface remains cool. Also, these cooktops have a smooth surface dcs ct-304 cooktop and are thus easier to clean, down draft cooktop but they only work with flat-bottomed cookware and are markedly more expensive.
  • A third downdraft electric cooktop technology, developed first for professional kitchens, but today also entering the domestic market are induction drop in range with induction cooktop stoves. These heat the cookware directly through electromagnetic induction and thus require pots and pans with ferromagnetic bottoms. ebay stores major appliances home garden cooktops ovens Induction stoves also often have a glass-ceramic surface.

The iron hotplate technology is still in widespread use, electric cooktop installation although newly electric cooktop with downdraft vent equipped kitchens nowadays usually get a stove using one of the later technologies.

Electrical oven technology has also advanced: in electrolux icon gas cooktop review the convection oven, a stream of hot air gas cooktops nz is used for heating food instead of the heat produced by coils directly as in a conventional electrical oven.

Gas and electric stoves are the ge cooktop modules most common today in western countries. Both ge profile cooktop are equally mature and safe, and the choice ge profile cooktop halogen burner repair between the two is largely a matter of personal preference and preexisting utility outlets: if a house has no gas grillwagen cooktop supply, adding one just induction cooker, cooktop to be able to run a gas stove is an expensive endeavour. In particular, professional chefs often prefer jenn air cooktop accessories gas cooktops, for they allow them to control the heat more finely and more quickly. On the other hand, chefs often jenn aire cooktops prefer electric ovens because they tend to jennair cooktop parts heat food more evenly. Today's major brands kenmore cooktop parts offer both gas and electric stoves, and many also offer dual-fuel stoves combining kitchenaid cooktop gas cooktops and electric ovens.

Modern corn, pellet or biofuel stove

Main article: Corn and modern maid cooktop pellet stoves and furnaces

A corn stove is a type of pellet stove new zealand affordable cooktops which is a type of biofuel stove. The shelled dry kernel of corn, also called a corn new zealand european cooktops pellet, creates as much heat as a wood pellet but generates more ash. portable cooktop "Corn pellet stoves and wood pellet stoves look the same from the outside. Since rv gas cooktop they are highly efficient, they don't need a chimney; instead they can single ceramic round cooktop be vented outdoors by a four-inch pipe through an outside wall and so can small cooktop be located in any room in the home." Encyclopedia of Alternative stainless steel gas cooktop Energy

A pellet stove uses small, biological fuel pellets which are renewable and very clean-burning. venting requirements for gas cooktops Home heating using a pellet stove is an alternative what is an induction cooktop currently used throughout the world, with rapid growth in Europe. The pellets are made of renewable material whirlpool cooktop –- typically wood sawdust or off-cuts. There are currently more than half a million homes in North America whirlpool cooktops dealers using pellet stoves for heat, and probably a similar number in Europe. The wolf 36 gas cooktop pellet stove typically uses a feed screw to transfer pellets from 26 inch gas cooktop a storage hopper 36 downdraft cooktop to a combustion chamber. Air is provided for the combustion by an electric blower. The ignition below cost cooktops is automatic, using a stream of air heated by an electrical element. The rotation speed of built in electric downdraft cooktop the feeder and the fan speeds can be varied to modulate the heat output.

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