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The Most Authentic Restaurants 

Boston Globe - Oct 05 4:15 AM
With the city awash in ethnic eateries, we set out to discover who really cooks it up right - whose shepherd's pie tastes straight from an Irish farmhouse kitchen, whose shredded pork in garlic sauce captures the genuine flavors of Shanghai, whose salmon tagine mimics true Moroccan cooking, whose tomato sauce is spot-on Sardinian, whose brown bread and baked beans would make longtime New

Full steam ahead 
The Cincinnati Post - Oct 05 5:13 AM
Tall Stacks welcomed its first official guests through the gates at 7 a.m. today, but festival fans have been checking out the site and the boats for days.

Restaurant reviews 
Contra Costa Times - Oct 05 5:25 AM
The following are edited versions of full-length restaurant reviews that have run in the Times within the past year. The date the original review ran and its fork rating at that time is in parentheses. In April, we added star ratings to indicate service and ambience.

Kirwan's inside dish 
St. Petersburg Times - Oct 04 10:22 PM
Lightning assistant Nigel Kirwan loves to eat, which led to his own fire to cook. Just don't tell his mom.

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A domestic deep fryer with a slotted deep fryeer spoon.
A deep fryer from the 1970s

A deep fat fryer is a device deep fryer to deep fry foods. They are most commonly used in fast deep fryers food establishments and chip shops. They are also turkey deep fryer popular for home use.


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Deep fat deep fat fryers fryers have rival deep fryer a basket where food is put to fry. Oil in the fryer is used to quickly cook the food. Most built in gas grill with deep fryer fryers operate in the temperature range of 140-200 °C (280-400 °F). Some commercial fryers have deep fryer recipe timers counter top deep fryers with an alarm, or automatic basket lifting and lowering devices. Some household mini deep fryer fryers also have timers.


Deep fat fryers can be a safety risk. Oil is hot and can burn. They 3 d deep fryer may also spit oil if too hot. gas deep fryer Deep fat fryers have lids and other safety mechanisms to reduce this risk. ge deep fryer The fryer must not have too much oil in it.

Fire risks

Although less dangerous than some ge deep fryer parts frying methods, such as chip pans, deep fat bravetti deep fryer fryers are known for being a dangerous fire risk and are a major cause of fire. deep fryer for turkey They are difficult to extinguish and pouring water over delonghi deep fryer hot oil can cause explosions. Many companies produce special extinguishers just for electric deep fryer putting out fryers. These fires can also be extinguished by salt. Fryers philips deep fryer should never be left unattended.

An Underwriters Laboratories produced video showing the dangers and fire hazards of deep fat 220 volt deep fryer fryers cleaning deep fryer kettles can be found here.

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