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Touch that dial 

Denver Post - Oct 03 10:57 PM
When the Denver Broncos play the Baltimore Ravens on Monday night, fans watching the game on Dish Network will be able to shop from the couch using their remote control.

UPDATE: Big Cable Operators, Sprint Win Wireless Auction 
Nasdaq - Oct 05 9:50 AM
CHICAGO (Dow Jones) -- A joint venture that includes several of the nation's largest cable operators has won the 137 wireless spectrum licenses put up for auction by the Federal Communications Commission, giving them a chance to add a fourth leg to their much-touted "triple-play" bundle of services.

Minnesota Swarm to Make National Television Appearance on VERSUS 
OurSports Central - 1 minute ago
SAINT PAUL/MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - The National Lacrosse League (NLL) announced today that the Minnesota Swarm will make one national television appearance on VERSUS during the 2007 NLL season.

Deacons want to see men and women in black 
Greensboro News-Record - Oct 05 6:45 AM
WINSTON-SALEM -- The Wake Forest athletics department is taking advice from "Passenger 57," the movie thriller in which Wesley Snipes counsels: "Always bet on black." (Credit: "By Rob Daniels Staff Writer")

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DirecTV, Inc.
Type Public NYSE: DTV
Founded 1994
Headquarters El Segundo, California
Industry Telecommunication
Products Direct broadcast satellite
Revenue $3.15 billion (2005)
A standard DirecTV satellite dish free satellite directv dish with 1 LNB on a roof

DirecTV is a direct broadcast satellite affiliate directv dish free network pal pay sfi (DBS) service based in El Segundo, California, that transmits digital satellite television directv satellite dish and audio to households in North America , South America cable directv dish free network satellite tv and the rest of the world. DirecTV is owned by DirecTV Group, which is controlled by News Corporation's Fox Entertainment Group.


  • 1 General information
  • 2 History
    • 2.1 Market satellite free directv dish network adoption
  • 3 Management
  • 4 Access dish network vs directv card history
  • 5 High-definition television (HDTV)
  • 6 Satellite directv vs dish network directv dish fleet
  • 7 Local channels
  • 8 References
  • 9 See dish network free satellite directv also
  • 10 External links

General information

DirecTV typically uses a fixed 18-inch dish network directv diameter dish antenna to receive compare dish network and directv its signals. Slightly larger, 18×24-inch elliptical antennas (which receive signals from three geostationary satellite positions simultaneously) are free satellite tv review dish network directv becoming more common as DirecTV (as well as other DBS services) attempt to squeeze more programming directv 5 lnb dish onto their growing systems — particularly local directv dish network television network affiliate stations, as well as HDTV programming. directv multi satellite dish DTV is now installing a dish that has five LNBs dish system free directv satellite dishes (receives signals from five satellites) for HDTV programming in select markets.

DirecTV offers local channels to more dish vs directv than 94% of the nation's TV households (now including Hawaii & free directv satellite dish Alaska), with more markets coming soon. Plus, DirecTV offers locals in HD in select directv and dish network markets.

Local channels are transmitted over optical fiber directv hdtv dishes networks to the Castle Rock Broadcast Center, in Castle Rock, Colorado, where they are uplinked.

As of November 30, 2005 DirecTV has over directv satellite tv dishes 15 million customers in the U.S. and 1.57 million in directv hdtv dish Latin America. 2005 revenues are $3.15 billion.

The Economist has suggested that News Corporation directv satellite dish xxasdf would eventually satellite dish directv like to merge DirecTV with Sky, its British satellite operation, and possibly its Asian Star and Australian Foxtel networks to form a dish network directv free satellite tv global satellite TV company.

In late July, 2006, DirecTV directv dish network satellite review forum tv added several channels to their online guide that are directv satellite dish tv free apparently not available to viewers -- these include UK-based Sky Sports One, Sky One and Sky directv with two satellite dishes News. The three are channels that are generally available to satellite free directv dish television viewers in the United Kingdom, though Sky News has been made available in other compare directv and dish network countries internationally.


  • In 1981, Stanley S. Hubbard founded United States Satellite Broadcasting. After 10 years of waiting for technology to catch up, Hubbard approached RCA Consumer dish network directv channel comparison chart Electronics and General Motors subsidiary Hughes Electronics to develop a new generation directv tivo dishes of digital satellite service capable of delivering 175 channels to a small rca directv satellite dish 18" dish. The two agreed to jointly develop and launch the dish network directv comparison satellite which would carry two programming services: USSB and DirecTV.
  • In 1994, free directv dishes the USSB and DirecTV programming services were launched. Digital Equipment Corporation provided the directv hd dish customer-care out of their existing technical support center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • In 1998 dish network directv dealer directv satellite radio dish DirecTV acquired USSB for $1.3 billion.
  • In 1999 DirecTV acquired PrimeStar for $1.83 billion.
  • In 2003, dish network va directv a merger with EchoStar, owner of Dish Network, fell through.
  • On December 22, 2003, General Motors sold controlling free directv and dish network interest in Hughes Electronics to News Corporation.
  • On November compare directv dish network 15, 2005, DirecTV stopped carrying Music Choice audio-only channels, replacing it with 72 channels of XM Satellite Radio.

Market adoption

As of June 2006, DirecTV has 15.4 directv vs dish million subscribers,[1] more than any other in the satellite industry, having subscribed their dish or directv 15 millionth customer in November 2005.[2]

Number of DirecTV free to air and directv on one dish subscribers by year


  • Rupert Murdoch, Chairman
  • Chase Carey, dish network or directv President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Bruce B. compare directv to dish network Churchill, Executive Vice President
  • Larry D. Hunter, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
  • Michael W. directv dish for rv Palkovic, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Romulo G. directv versus dish network Pontual, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
  • Patrick T. Doyle, Senior Vice President, Treasurer, free to air directv on one dish Controller and Chief Accounting Officer
  • Mark Ryan, Senior director, Marketing

Access card comparison review directv and dish network history

DirecTV transmits programming with encryption to mitigate signal piracy. The receiver (also known as an IRD, or "integrated receiver-decoder") directv at9 kaku 5 lnb hdtv dish utilizes ISO 7816 directv dish pointing smart cards which tell the receiver how to decrypt the programming for viewing. In directv satellite tv dish a continuing effort to combat piracy, an access card generation is created approximately every two years, outdating directv tivo dish the old set. DirecTV is now utilizing a fifth generation of dish network and directv channel comparision access cards.

  • P1, also known as F cards, were used until 1997. comprehensive online tool to compare dish network to directv F cards have a picture of a satellite directv at9 dish on the front.
  • P2, also known as H cards, were introduced dish network hd vs directv hd in 1996 to replace F cards. H cards look the same as F cards. who is the best directv or dish network H cards were in use until 2002.
  • P3, also known as HU cards, were at9 directv dish introduced in 1999 and are no longer supported. HU cards have a picture of a football player on the front. HU directv dish network comparison cards originally directv dish sizes shipped with receivers with serial numbers above 0001 700 000. These were directv free tv and dvd player with dish removed from circulation due to high piracy plaguing the system.
  • P4 cards were introduced in 2002 and are currently still in directv satellite dish buy use. P4 cards are labeled "Access Card: 4."
  • D1 cards were introduced in 2004 following directv satellite television dishes directv systems free satellite dishes compatibility problems with the P4 cards in some receivers. These cards can be identified by the silver edges, and simply bear free affiliate sfi pay pal directv dish network the word "DirecTV" hook a dish network dish up to a directv receiver on the front (no number).
  • D2 cards were introduced in 2005. This is the current new directv hd dish "standard issue" card. These cards can be identified by a two-toned blue dot pattern directv and dish network hacks resembling the DirecTV logo in addition to the DirecTV logo and directv dish hdtv the words "DirecTV Access Card". They have no number on the front.

DirecTV has long been a victim of an active directv free dish signal piracy underground, but has recently begun to crack down on directv free tv and and dvd player with dish illegal reception free air directv dish of its signals. On its anti-piracy website, DirecTV claims to have sued over 24,000 end users as of March 17, 2004, including celebrity buy directv high definition dish O.J. Simpson. DirecTV bases its compare directv vs dish network receiver suits on purchase records of ISO-7816 Smart Card devices. Although directv dish 66e these devices could be used to rewrite DirecTV's access cards, there are directv dish dish dish dish free free free network satellite countless legitimate uses for them as well. This has caused controversy, since DirecTV is making directv dish hti the assumption that all purchasers of the devices are pirates.

High-definition television directv five prong dish (HDTV)

DirecTV's 5-LNB satellite dish

Like its directv oval dish competitors, DirecTV also offers high-definition television (HDTV) and interactive directv requiring two dishes services. Its self-branded digital video recorders (DVRs) originally were based upon technology licensed from TiVo in directv satellite dish pointing an agreement that has been largely supplanted by a new partnership with News dish hd vs directv Corporation-owned NDS.

To handle the proliferation of bandwidth-intensive HDTV broadcasting, DirecTV is now broadcasting local HD content self install directv satellite dish using the will a dish reciever work with directv H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec while employing a newer transmission protocol (DVB-S2) over 5lnb dishes directv their new SPACEWAY-1 satellite and SPACEWAY-2 satellite. This allows DirecTV to squeeze much cable and satellite dish network directv more HD programming over its satellite signal than was previously feasible using the convert directv to dish network older MPEG-2 compression and DSS protocol it has been using.

It is speculated (and directv dish alignment many say testable) that both DirecTV and their competitor Dish Network have also directv kaku dish reduced the quality of their Standard Definition Broadcasts in directv satellite dish rv mobile marine order to clear more bandwidth for HDTV on the older MPEG-2 systems due to current capacity constraints. free affiliate si pay pal directv dish network This is not the case with the new MPEG-4 systems.

DirectTV is being full service satellite dish satellite directv sued by some subscribers for which is better directv or dish network allegedly lowering their HDTV picture resolution. DirectTV counters the lower resolution is still high definition. [3]

Subscribers must antenna directv dish multi satellite acquire a new set-top box (the H20 receiver or HR20 DVR) and a difference between dish network and directv 5-LNB dish (referred to as a "Ka/Ku" dish) in order to receive the new directv dish installation programming encoded with MPEG-4. DirecTV has contracted with Korea's directv dish network satellite tv systems LG Electronics and France's Thomson to manufacture these new boxes. LG Electronics manufactured DirecTV H20 boxes directv dvr for at9 kaku 5 lnb hd dish are Model directv satellite dish antenna # H20-600. Thomson manufactured DirecTV H20 boxes are Model # H20-100.

DirecTV uses the less advanced H10 receiver only when the customer cannot directv satellite dish assembly receive local stations. [4]

The HD channels offered by DirecTV directv satellite dish assembly guide are:

  • 70 - HBO HD
  • 71 - Showtime HD
  • 72 - ESPN2HD
  • 73 - ESPNHD
  • 74 - Universal portable directv dish HD
  • 75 - TNT HD
  • 76 - Discovery HD Theater
  • 78 - HDNet Movies
  • 79 - cable vs satellite tv dish network directv HDNet
  • 99 - PPV HD
  • 95 - RSA HD
  • 96 - RSA compare satellite tv offers at dish network directv specials HD
  • 101 - CD USA
  • 623 - NESN HD

DirecTV directv local channels dish pointing also broadcasts FSN in HD in various markets, on fta with directv dish different channels in the 90s range, for certain games.

DirecTV also broadcasts some of the NFL Sunday Ticket in HD for an additional how does the dish network compare with directv fee. This service is only available to customers that sat c lnb kit directv hdtv 110 satellite dish antenna purchase the NFL Sunday Ticket Super Fan for an additional $99.

Local stations satellite tv directv dish wireless internet (CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX) broadcasts transcoded satellite tv directv free dish network satellitetv in MPEG-4 are currently being rolled out in major markets. Where not available through satellite, local HD channels can be received will dish lnb work on directv receiver over the compare dish directv air using an antenna for free of charge with an over the air HD tuner.

Satellite fleet

Satellite Orbital slot Launch date Satellite type
DirecTV-1 110.0° W December 17, directv compare to dish net work packages 1993 Hughes Electronics HS-601
DirecTV-2 100.8° W August 3, 1994 Hughes Electronics HS-601
DirecTV-1R 100.8° W October 10, 1999 Hughes Electronics directv dish install HS-601HP
DirecTV-4S 101.2° W November 27, 2001 Hughes Electronics HS-601HP
DirecTV-5 72.5° W May 7, directv dish network compared 2002 Space Systems/Loral LS-1300
DirecTV-6 109.8° W March 8, 1997 Space Systems/Loral LS-1300
DirecTV-7S 119.0° W May 4, directv fringe satellite dish antenna 2004 Space Systems/Loral LS-1300
DirecTV-8 101.0° W May 22, 2005 Space Systems/Loral LS-1300
DirecTV-9S TBD (est.) October 12, 2006 Space Systems/Loral directv or dish network LS-1300
SPACEWAY-1 102.8° W April 26, 2005 Boeing BSS-702
SPACEWAY-2 99.2° W November 16, 2005 Boeing BSS-702
DirecTV-10 TBD (est.) 2007 Boeing BSS-702
DirecTV-11 TBD (est.) 2007 Boeing BSS-702
DirecTV-12 TBD (est.) 2007 Boeing BSS-702

Local channels

DirecTV also offers local channels directv satellite dish weather covers (CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, PBS, The CW, My Network free directv dish network TV, and some independent stations) for many markets. In the largest markets, install directv dish the locals are carried on the main satellite. In smaller markets, the locals are carried via another satellite oversize directv dishes where why does dish have two satellites and directv have one HD and most Spanish language programming is located, requiring a slightly larger 30 directv dish oval dish, capable of receiving from both satellites simultaneously. Generally, this dish will include three LNBs so it can see three satellites. In a compare dish and directv few smaller markets, local stations are located compass bearing for directv dish on yet another satellite (at 72.5°W), requiring a second dish pointed in a different directv dish merger direction. In markets that lack a CW affiliate, DirecTV includes WSFL from directv dish signal enhancer Miami or KSWB-TV from San directv dss dish network 18 inch satellite antenna Diego. Subscribers located where they cannot receive a decent terrestrial television signal can receive feeds from New directv five lnb dish York and Los Angeles for CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox, though a waiver from the directv free tv dvd player dish local stations directv sony satellite antenna dish may be required to allow this, approved at their discretion. A national PBS channel is also available. dishes dish directv satellite parts In late 2005 DirecTV began the rollout of HD locals in the largest cities, requiring new free dish network directv set-top boxes and an even larger dish capable of seeing five satellites at once satellite tv directv dish network television (at 99°W, which direction does a directv dish point 101°W, 103°W, 110°W and 119°W).


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External links

  • DirecTV corporate directv kaku dish pointing website
  • "EKB: Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations" by BobaBird, DBStalk, retrieved March 7, 2006

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