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Raise domestic power rates: Montek 

The Hindu - Oct 04 1:09 PM
NEW DELHI: The Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, on Wednesday favoured a higher power tariff for households, on a par with commercial establishments as a measure to discipline consumers and promote energy ...

Robert F. Chrone Joins as Chief Financial Officer 
CircleID - 2 hours, 25 minutes ago
Chrone has more than twenty years of domestic and international financial and operations management experience in both private and public company environments. more...

Domestic news 
The West Australian - Oct 04 2:57 AM
A Liberal MP who helped defeat tough immigration laws has launched a broad attack on his party, accusing conservative forces of trying to trash the Liberals' progressive traditions.

Japan PM seen keeping fiscal discipline-Moody's 
Reuters via Yahoo! Asia News - Oct 02 10:32 PM
TOKYO, Oct 3 (Reuters) - Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe seems likely to stick to fiscal consolidation policies undertaken by his predecessor, Moody's Investors Service said on Tuesday.

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Domestic discipline (abbreviated DD) is discipline (the enforcement of order) usually by punishment for infringement of rules applied in a domestic context, normally between members of domestic disipline a household.

See also Domestic discipline (lifestyle) for the practice of interspousal discipline with domestic discpline an emphasis on spanking as a punishment.


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General meaning

In education, it is discipline applied by christian domestic discipline the educator (usually parental, mainly the head of household, other care-givers (e.g. babysitter, guardian, day care staff) or older sibling, as part of the education domestic discipline of the minor, mainly at home, but also anywhere both are domestic discipline stories present, and sometimes interacting with other eductors, domestic corporal discipline e.g. punishment at home for bad school results domestic discipline diary or misbehaviour at school.

By extension, it is sometimes said of disciplining of the same minors by similar means ('in loco christian domestic discipline parentis') in other rather informal private contexts other than school, normally subject to parental consent, such as free domestic discipline stories summer camp.

The distinction may be a loving domestic discipline gray area, e.g. when boarding school kids are disciplined by staff and/or older colleagues (such as prefects) as they might domestic discipline forum be at home.

In adult relationships

In the generally voluntary context of adult relationships, it is specifically said of the practice of interspousal domestic discipline for my wife discipline, in BDSM and some other erotic contexts with an male domestic discipline emphasis on spanking as a punishment. Practitioners argue that domestic discipline is distinct from both domestic discipline in relationships domestic abuse, and activities such as erotic spanking and BDSM-style domination and stories domestic discipline submission.


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