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At SAP, putting software in drive 

ZDNet - 21 minutes ago
Q&A SAP's fast-rising star, Shai Agassi, looks to Henry Ford's heyday as he faces present-day software challenges.

Union Aid's annual food drive begins 
Sewickley Herald - 16 minutes ago
The Union Aid Society has begun its annual Community Food Drive to gather Thanksgiving foods for the needy families in the eleven municipalities of the Quaker Valley School District.

Developer has plans for shopping mall in Killingly 
Norwich Bulletin - 41 minutes ago
A developer is looking to put a 74,000 square-foot shopping mall on the land that was once a drive-in theater on Route 12. John LaBossiere, owner of LaBossiere Entertainment has owned the land for about 18 months and has worked his way through the zoning process in town.

Georgians vote in municipal elections 
AP via Yahoo! News - 51 minutes ago
Georgians voted Thursday in municipal elections that could serve as a bellwether for President Mikhail Saakashvili's pro-Western policies amid a deepening diplomatic crisis with Russia.

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Drive-ins are an important pop culture memory for many.

The drive-in theater is dive in a form of cinema structure consisting of a large screen, a projection booth, a drivein concession stand and a large parking area for automobiles. The screen can be as simple drive inn as a wall that is painted white, sonic drive in or it can be a complex steel truss at the drive in structure with a complex finish. Within this enclosed area, customers can view features from the privacy and comfort of their cars. Some drive in movies drive-in theater managers added children's playgrounds between the screen mercy drive burn in my light and the first row drive in of cars. Concrete patios for lawn chairs were available at some drive-in theaters.

Originally, audio was provided by speakers on the screen and drive in theaters later by an individual speaker for each bun drive in car. This system was superseded by the more economical method of broadcasting the soundtrack at a low output drive in movie power on AM or FM Radio to be drive in theater picked up by a car radio, an advantageous method as it allows the soundtrack to drive in car hops be picked up in stereo by the audience instead of warwick drive in monaural.

Because of an easy cattle drives in montana source of high-quality sound and the relative ease of hiding and mounting a camcorder, drive-in theatres are drive ins often preffered sites to make Telesync and CAM pirated movies.citation needed]


  • 1 History
  • 2 Concession mustang drive in stand
  • 3 Drive-ins drive a man wild in bed in films and paintings
  • 4 Surviving drive-in theaters
    • 4.1 Alabama
    • 4.2 Arizona
    • 4.3 Arkansas
    • 4.4 California
    • 4.5 Canada
    • 4.6 Colorado
    • 4.7 Connecticut
    • 4.8 Delaware
    • 4.9 Florida
    • 4.10 Georgia
    • 4.11 Idaho
    • 4.12 Illinois
    • 4.13 Indiana
    • 4.14 Iowa
    • 4.15 Kansas
    • 4.16 Kentucky
    • 4.17 Maine
    • 4.18 Maryland
    • 4.19 Massachusetts
    • 4.20 Michigan
    • 4.21 Minnesota
    • 4.22 Mississippi
    • 4.23 Missouri
    • 4.24 Nebraska
    • 4.25 Nevada
    • 4.26 New what type or color of laser is used in a cd drive sonic drive ins hyde park drive in mendon drive in miracle twin drive in rustic drive in starlite drive in puget park drive in drive in theatre Hampshire
    • 4.27 New belmont drive in Jersey
    • 4.28 New Mexico
    • 4.29 New milford drive in York
    • 4.30 North Carolina
    • 4.31 Ohio
    • 4.32 Oklahoma
    • 4.33 Oregon
    • 4.34 Pennsylvania
    • 4.35 Rhode location of all sonic drive in Island
    • 4.36 South dependable drive in Carolina
    • 4.37 Tennessee
    • 4.38 Texas
    • 4.39 Utah
    • 4.40 Vermont
    • 4.41 Virginia
    • 4.42 Washington
    • 4.43 West drive a woman wild in bed cascade drive in northfield drive in Virginia
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sonic drive in coupons
The 61 Drive flash media 6 in 1 pocket drive usb 2 0 In, one of only three such theaters left in Iowa.

The drive-in theater was the creation of Camden, New Jersey, chemical company magnate mansfield drive in Richard M. Hollingshead, twilight drive in Jr., whose family owned and operated the R.M. Hollingshead Corporation chemical plant in Camden. In 1932, Hollingshead conducted outdoor theater tests in compuware drive in his driveway at 212 Thomas sonic drive in california Avenue in Camden. After nailing a screen sonic drive in carhops to trees in his backyard, he set a 1928 Kodak projector on the hood of his car and put a memphis drive in radio behind the screen, testing different sound levels with delsea drive in his car windows down and up. Blocks under vehicles in the driveway enabled list drive in theaters. him to determine the size and spacing of ramps so all automobiles could have mercy drive - burn in my light a clear view of the screen. Following skyview drive in these experiments, he applied August 6, 1932 for a patent of his invention, and he was given patent number 1,909,537 beckys drive in on May 16, burn in my light by mercy drive 1933. (Seventeen years later, that patent was declared invalid by the Delaware 5 drive in District Court.)

Hollingshead's drive-in opened in New Jersey June 6, 1933 on Admiral Wilson Boulevard at the Airport Circle sunset drive in in Pennsauken, a short distance from Cooper River Park. It only operated for three years, but transit drive in during that 411 drive in time the concept caught on in other states. The April burn in my light mercy drive 15. 1934, opening of Shankweiler's Auto Park in Orefield, Pennsylvania, was followed by Galveston's Drive-In Short Reel Theater (July 5, haars drive in 1934), the Pico in houston drive in theater Los Angeles (September 9, 1934) and the Weymouth Drive-In Theatre in Weymouth, Massachusetts (May 6, 1936). In 1937, malta drive in three more opened in Ohio, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, with another twelve during 1938 and 1939 in vineland drive in California, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, at the drive in lyrics New York, Texas and Virginia.

The drive-in's peak popularity came in the late 1950s and early 1960s, particularly in drive in jobs in florida rural areas, with some 4000 drive-ins spreading across the finger lakes drive in United States. Among its advantages was the fact harvest moon drive in that a family with a baby could take history of sonic drive in care of their child while watching a movie, while teenagers with access to autos found drive-ins ideal for dates. Revenue was more lost drive in limited than regular theatres since showings can tibbs drive in only start at twilight. There were abortive valley drive in attempts to create suitable conditions for daylight viewing, such as large tent structures, but nothing viable was developed.

Hull's Drive In Theatre, outside Lexington, cumberland drive in Virginia

In the 1950s, the greater privacy afforded to patrons gave drive-ins a reputation as immoral, and they hulls drive in were labeled "passion pits" in the media. During the 1970s, some midway drive in drive-ins changed from family fare to sexploitation movies. rodeo drive in In addition, the economics of real estate made the large sonic drive in site map property areas increasingly expensive for drive-ins to successfully operate. These changes and the advent of VCRs led to a us 23 drive in sharp decline auburn valley 6 drive in movie theater in the popularity of drive-ins. They eventually lapsed into a quasi-novelty status with the remaining handful catering to a generally council bluffs drive in nostalgic audience.

In 2002, groups of dedicated individuals galaxy drive in began to organize so-called "guerilla drive-ins" and "guerilla walk-ins" in parking lots and empty fields. Showings are garden drive in often organized online, hanover drive in and participants meet at specified locations to watch films projected on bridge pillars or warehouses. monetta drive in The best known guerilla drive-ins include the Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In in Santa Cruz, California, MobMov in Berkeley, California and Hollywood 49er drive in MobMov in Los at the drive in arc arsenal live streaming audio Angeles, California, and most recently Guerilla Drive-In Victoria in Victoria, BC. The Bell Museum of Natural History in Minneapolis, Minnesota bengies drive in has recently begun summer "bike-ins," inviting only pedestrians or people on bicycles calvert city drive in onto the grounds for both live checkers drive in restaurant music and movies.

Family drive-ins are making a comeback in some states. Garrett, Texas is the home of the terrace drive in Galaxy Drive-in Theater, a four-screen drive-in which opened van buren drive in for business in 2004.

Concession stand

Snack becky's drive in bar ad shown at a drive-in.

The concession stand, also called a compuware drive in movie snack bar, is where the drive-in makes most of its money. As a compuware drive in theater result, much of a drive-in's promotion is oriented toward the concession stand. The typical snack bar offers dodge charger drive in winter any food that can fork union drive in be served quickly, such as hot dogs, pizza, hamburgers, popcorn, jungle drive in soft drinks, candy and french fries.

To send patrons to the concessions stands, advertisements were overlook drive in projected before the feature and during the intermissions. Now a great source pleasant valley drive in of nostalgia, these memorable concession commercials often featured animated food such as dancing hot dogs and talking boxes of popcorn. scioto breeze drive in These ads were collected in 1993 for a video, Hey Folks, structural steel company near stadium drive in k.c. mo. It's Intermission Time, once distributed 'the disk in drive a: is not formatted' by Something Weird, and the 1978 film Grease has a scene in a drive-in deanza drive in showing such an ad.

Drive-ins in films and flash media 6 in 1 pocket drive usb 1 1 paintings

Released on video, After Sunset: The Life & Times of the Drive-In idaho falls drive in theaters Theater is a 1995 documentary featuring producer Samuel Z. Arkoff, director John Carpenter jericho drive in and critic Joe Bob Briggs. "Shining Stars: Canada's Drive-In Movie Theatres" (2004) by Sean C. Karow is the location of drive in theatres in arizona, only definative documentary on Canadian drive-ins. Drive-in theaters have also mayfield drive in been featured as movie locations, notably Peter mustang drive in guelph Bogdanovich's Targets (1968) about a veteran horror film actor (Boris Karloff) making a personal appearance at a drive-in theater while a pioneer drive in freeway sniper (Tim O'Kelly), hiding port hope drive in behind the movie screen, prepares to shoot the theater's customers.

"Moments to Remember," a series of route 66 drive in paintings by Beaumont, Texas, artist Randy Welborn, includes two paintings of Beaumont drive-ins saco drive in in the mid-1950s. "Goin' Steady" depicts the Circle Drive-In trapped in the drive thru which opened in 1948, and "A Summer Remembered" shows the South Park Drive-In which opened in 1950. wellfleet drive in In Welborn's audio slide shows, he explains the photographic barrie drive in research and painting techniques he uses to recapture the past.

Surviving drive-in circus drive in theaters

Partial list of notable surviving drive-in theaters:


  • The Blue Moon Drive-In in cottage grove drive in Gu-Win
Operates two screens. Both usually show double-features.
  • King Drive-In in drive in porter texas Russellville


  • The Apache Drive-in in Globe, drive in theatre lowville ny Arizona
  • The DeAnza Drive-In Theatre in Tucson, Arizona
  • The Glendale 9 Drive-in in Glendale, Arizona
  • The Scottsdale Drive-in in Scottsdale


  • The 112 Drive-In in hard drive in pio mode only Fayetteville
  • The Kenda Drive-In in Marshall
  • The Stone Drive-in in Mountain View, Arkansas


  • The Capitol Drive-In in holiday drive in San Jose
  • The Ceres Drive-In in i-70 drive in Ceres
  • The Hi-Way Drive-In in Santa Maria
  • The Kings Drive-In in Hanford
  • The Madera Drive-In in Madera
  • The Mission Tiki Drive-in in install a new hard drive in a laptop Montclair
  • The Rubidoux Drive-In in jump drives in interstellar travel Riverside
  • The Sacramento 6 Drive-In in Sacramento
  • The Santee Drive-In in Santee
  • The Skyline Drive-In in mchenry drive in Barstow
  • The Skyview Drive-In in Santa Cruz
  • The South Bay piedmont drive in Drive-In in San Diego
  • The Sunset Drive-In in San Luis Obispo
  • The Van Buren Drive-In in Riverside
  • The Vineland Drive-In in pipestem drive in Industry
Only operating drive-in theater left in Los Angeles and Orange County


  • The 5 Drive-In in prides corner drive in Oakville, Ontario
  • The Can-View Drive-In in redwood drive in Fonthill, Ontario
  • The Cinedrive in Pefferlaw, Ontario
  • The Cine-Parc Saint-Georges in Saint-Georges, Québec
  • The Ciné-Parc Orford in stern drives in salt water Deauville, Québec
  • The Ciné-Parc Trois-Rivières in Trois-Rivières, Québec
  • The Cine-Parc Templeton in twin drive in Gatineau, Quebec
Operates two screens; both screens show double-features (four movies total)
  • The Empire Theatres Drive-In in Westville, welfleet drive in Nova Scotia
  • The Lakeview Drive-In in Toronto, Ontario
  • The Mustang Drive-In in London, Ontario
  • The Mustang Drive-In in who drives car no 4 in nascar nextel Guelph, Ontario
  • The Mustang Drive-In, Peterborough, Ontario
  • The North York woodstock drive in Drive-In in Sharon, Ontario
  • The Skylark Drive-In in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
  • The Starlite Drive-In Theatre in 61 drive in Stoney Creek, circle drive in Ontario
  • The Sunset Drive-In in Dryden, Ontario
  • The Twilight Drive-In in Langley, British Columbia
  • The Valley Drive-In Theatre in drive in 5 Cambridge, Nova Scotia
  • The Port Elmsley Drive-In in Port Elmsley, Ontario


  • The Holiday Twin drive in wichita falls Drive-In in Fort Collins
Operates two screens; both dvd drive not recognized in bios screens show double-features (four movies total)
  • The Mesa Drive-In in Pueblo
Operates three ford mustang for sale in the uk right hand drive screens; each screen shows double-features (six movies total)
  • The Cinderella Drive-In in Denver


  • The Mansfield Drive-In in Mansfield
  • The Pleasant Valley how to access local drives in terminal server Drive-In in Pleasant Valley


  • The Diamond State Drive-in in Felton
Delaware's lone mayfield road drive in remaining drive-in


  • The Fun-LAN Drive-In in Tampa
  • The Joy-LAN Drive-In in Dade montana drive in City
  • The Naples Drive In Theater in Naples
  • The Northside Drive-In Theatre in Fort Myers
  • The Ocala Drive most scenic drives in the us In Theatre in Ocala
  • The Playtime Triple mother milk madrassas resist regulation drive four killed in Family Drive-In in Jacksonville
  • The Ruskin Drive In Theatre in password cracker for seagate hard drive in xbox Ruskin
  • The Silver Moon Drive-In in Lakeland
  • The Thunderbird Drive-In Theater in Fort Lauderdale
opened November 22, 1963 - redwood drive in utah 13 screens; now known as the sky-vue drive in wausau Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop for its flea market
  • The Trail Drive-In Theater in Lake Worth
site of the Lake Worth valley 6 drive in Swap Shop and Drive-in


  • The Jesup Drive-In Twin in Jesup
  • The Starlight Six arnold's drive in Drive In in Atlanta
  • The Swan Drive In in Blue Ridge


  • The Sky Vu in barrie triple drive in Idaho Falls
  • The Sunset Auto Vue in Grangeville


  • The Cascade Drive-In in West Chicago
  • The Clark 54 brownsville drive in Drive-In in Summer Hill
  • The Fairview Drive-In in Newton
  • The Harvest Moon Twin Drive-In in Gibson City
  • McHenry Outdoor diamond state drive in Theatre in McHenry
  • Mac's Drive In in Salem
  • The Route 66 Drive-In in Springfield
  • The Sky View Drive-In in Litchfield
  • The Skyview Twin drive b120 bass guitar amplifier 120 watts 2x12 in Drive-In in Belleville
(Belleville is a drive in theatre porter texas suburb of St. Louis, Missouri)


  • The 13/24 Drive-In near Wabash, Indiana
  • The 49'er Drive-In in earls drive in Valparaiso
  • The Auburn Garrett Drive-In near Garrett
  • The Canary Creek eden drive in Drive-In in Franklin
  • The Cinema '67 Drive In in Owen
  • The Georgetown Drive-In in fairlee drive in Georgetown
  • The Holiday Drive-In in Reo
  • The Huntington Drive-In in illinois drive ins Huntington
  • The Lake Shore Drive-In in Monticello
Operates two screens; both screens show double-features (four movies total)
  • The Melody Drive-In near Knox
  • The Mitchell Drive-In near keno drive in Mitchell
  • The Skyvue Drive-In in New Castle
  • The Tibbs Drive-In in leicester drive in Indianapolis
  • The Tri-Way Drive In in Plymouth


  • The 61 Drive In, five miles south mels drive in of Maquoketa


  • The Boulevard Drive-in in Kansas City, Kansas
1 screen, mooney drive in serving 750 cars with 600 speakers that moonlight drive in still work. Became the world's first "digital drive-in" in 1999 with the addition of a DTS north york drive in system.
  • The Kanopolis Drive-In in Kanopolis
  • Midway Drive In in Osawatomie
  • The Starlite Drive-In in Wichita


  • The Franklin Drive-In Theatre in Franklin.
  • The Judy Drive-In in Mount santee drive in showtimes Sterling
  • The Mt. View Drive-In in shankweilers drive in Stanton
  • The Sky-Vue Twin Drive-In in Winchester


  • The Bridgton Twin skowhegan drive in Drive-In in Bridgton
  • The Prides Corner Drive-In in Westbrook
  • The Saco Drive-In in Saco
  • The Skowhegan Drive-In in Skowhegan
  • The Skylite Drive-In in Madawaska


  • The Bengies Drive-in in south bay drive in Baltimore


  • The Mendon Twin Drive-In in Mendon
  • The Tri-Town Drive-In in texas drive in theaters Fitchburg
  • The Wellfleet Drive-In Theater in Wellfleet


  • The Capri Drive-In in unadilla drive in Coldwater
  • The Cherry Bowl Drive-In in Honor
  • The Five-Mile Drive-in between weirs beach drive in Dowagiac and Decatur
  • The Ford Wyoming Drive-In in Dearborn
  • The Getty 4-Screen Drive-In In Muskegon 99w drive in Heights
  • The Hi-Way Drive-In near Carsonville
  • The Miracle Twin at the drive in invalid litter department Drive-In in Burton
  • The Sunset Drive-in near Hartford
  • The US-23 Twin Drive-In in Flint


  • The Cottage View Drive-In in at the drive in one armed scissor Cottage Grove
  • The Long Drive-In in Long big sky drive in monrovia Prairie
  • The Starlite 5 Drive-In in Litchfield
  • The Vali-Hi Drive-In in Lake Elmo
  • The Verne Drive-In in clermont drive in Luverne


  • The Beverly Drive-In in Hattiesburg
  • The Iuka Drive-In Theater in create a mirror drive in windows xp Iuka
W. Quitman St., Iuka, MS 38852 Phone (662)423-2153


  • The 19 Drive-in in Cuba
  • The 66 Drive-in, in Carthage on drive in movie speakers Route 66
  • The Horseshoe Lake Drive-in, in St. Joseph
Is the newest Drive-IN in drive in theaters in ohio MO that opened in 2004.
  • The I-70 Drive-In, in Kansas City drive in theatres north of flash drive in windows xp Interstate 70 near the Truman Sports Complex
Operating 4 screens.
  • The Starlite Drive-in, near Potosi
  • The Sunset Drive-in, in Aurora
  • The Twin Drive-In, in lake worth drive in Independence on Missouri Highway 291
Operating 2 screens.


  • The Star-Lite Drive-In in Neligh
  • The Sandhills Drive-In in serial ata drives in windows 2003 server Alliance
  • The Kearney Drive-In in Kearney


  • The El Rancho silverdome drive in Drive-In in Sparks
  • The Las Vegas Drive-In in skyline drive in Las Vegas

New Hampshire

  • The Milford Drive-In Theater in Milford
Operating 2 112 drive in screens.
  • The Northfield Drive-In in Hinsdale
  • The Weirs Beach Drive In Theater in Weirs Beach
4 Screens

New Jersey

New Jersey was the first a bullet hole in a car from drive by state to have a drive-in at the drive in mp3 movie theater.
  • The Delsea Drive-in in Vineland
Reopened in 2004; auburn garrett drive in New Jersey's first open drive-in in over a decade

New Mexico

  • The 85 Drive-in in Raton
Single screen; open April to bar ann drive in September
  • The Apache Drive-In in Farmington
Two screens; open black river drive in weekends from April to September
  • The Fiesta Drive-In Theatre in Carlsbad
Three screens; opened in 1990
  • The Fort Union Drive In in bridgeton drive in Las Vegas
Single screen; dependable drive in pittsburgh open weekends May to September

New York

  • The Elmira Drive-In in dixie drive in West Elmira
  • The Finger Lakes Drive-In in Auburn
  • The Glen Twin Drive-In in Glens Falls
  • Hathaway's Drive-In in North Hoosick
  • The Hiway Drive-in near drink and drive in florida Catskill
  • The Hollywood Drive-In in Averill Park
  • The Hyde Park Drive-In in Hyde Park
  • The Jericho Drive-In in drive in theater kansas city Glenmont
  • The Malta Drive-In drive ins in ohio Theater in Malta
  • The Midway Drive-In in Minetto
  • The Mountain Drive-in in Hunter
  • The Overlook Drive-In in Arlington
  • The Ozoner 29 Twin formatting usb hard drive in mac os 9 Drive In in Broadalbin
  • The Portville Drive-In in Portville
  • The Silver Lake Drive-in in Perry
  • The Transit Drive-in in gibson city drive in Lockport
  • The Unadilla Drive-In in Unadilla
  • The Vintage Drive-In in Avon
  • The Warwick Drive-In in how to drive him crazy in bed Warwick
  • The West Rome Drive-In in Rome

North Carolina

  • The Badin Road Drive-In in Albemarle
  • The Eden Drive-In how to use virtual floppy drive in dell server in Eden
  • The Starlite Drive-In in Durham


  • The Aut-o-Rama Drive-in in North Ridgeville
  • The Blue Sky Drive-In in installing dvd drive in laptop Wadsworth
  • The Elm Road Drive-in in Warren
  • The Holiday Auto Theater in Hamilton
  • The Kanauga Drive-in learn to drive in a week Theatre in Gallipolis
  • Lake Drive-In in lyrics to alone in the drive in movies Celina
  • The Lynn Auto Theatre in Strasburg
Second oldest continuously magic city drive in operating drive-in theater in the world
  • The Magic City Drive-In in Barberton
  • The Mayfield Road maine drive ins Drive-In in Chardon
  • The Melody Cruise-In in Springfield
  • The Memphis Triple Drive-in in Cleveland
  • The Midway Drive-In in Ravenna
  • The Skyview Drive-In in melody 49 drive in Lancaster
  • The Skyway Drive-In in Warren
  • The South Drive-In in Columbus
  • The Springmill Drive-In in Mansfield
  • The Star Light Drive-In in oakville drive in ocala drive in Bethel
  • The Sundance Kid Drive-in in Oregon
  • The Sunset Drive-In in Mansfield
  • The Van-Del Drive-In in Middle Point
  • The Winter Drive-In in removal companies in pear tree drive Wintersville


  • The Admiral Twin ruskin drive in Drive In Theatre Tulsa
Opened 5/21/51 as a single screen theatre named the Modernaire, was twinned in 53 and renamed scenic drives in washington state the Admiral Twin. Built by local schoolclosest to club drive street in lawrenceville Businessman L.E. Snider, First Feature was "Oh Suzanna" starring Chill Wills. Was later owned By General Cinema Corp. and skyborn drive in fairborn ohio is now owned by a local family named Blake.
  • The Beacon Drive-In in Guthrie
  • The Winchester Drive-In in sonic drive in restaurant Oklahoma City


  • The 99w Drive-In in step by step replacing hard drives in dell laptop computer Newberg
Open seasonally since 1953, last active drive-in cinema in the Portland metropolitan area
  • The La Grande swan drive in blue ridge ga Drive-In in La Grande
  • The M & swapshop drive in F Drive-In in Milton-Freewater
  • The Motor Vu Drive-In in Dallas
Open since 1953, it has the tripple x drive in car show biggest screen in Oregon (90' wide).


  • Becky's Drive-In in valley drive in auburn Berlinsville
  • The Circle Drive-In in Scranton (Officially in Dickson City)
  • The Dependable Drive-In in Moon Township
  • The Evergreen Drive-In in 4 wheel drive tracks in victoria Mount Pleasant
  • The Garden Drive-In in Hunlock Creek
Operates two 99 west drive in screens; both screens show double-features (four movies total)
  • The Haars Drive-In in Dillsburg
  • The Hi-Way Drive-In in andy's drive in Latrobe
  • The Pike Drive-In in Montgomery
  • The Kane Rd. Drive-In in Aliquippa
  • The Mahoning Drive-In in avon drive in Mahoning Township, Carbon can i make a usb drive bootable in xp County (outside Lehighton, PA
  • The Palace Gardens Drive-In in Indiana
  • The Port Drive-In in Williamsport
  • The Reynolds Drive-In in Transfer
  • The Shankweiler's -America's canview drive in Oldest- Drive-In in Orefield
  • The Sunset Drive-In in Waterford
  • The Super 322 Drive-In in Clearfield

Rhode Island

  • The Rustic Drive-In in North Smithfield

South Carolina

  • The Monetta Drive-In in clark 54 drive in Monetta
Also known as "The coupons for sonic drive in Big Mo"



  • The Dunlap Drive-In in Dunlap
  • The Hiway 50 Drive-in Theater in Lewisburg
  • The Midtown Drive-In in drive a woman crazy in bed Midtown
  • The Midway Drive-In in Athens
  • The Parkway Drive-In in Maryville
  • The Pink Cadillac drive in gatesville texas Drive-In Theater in Centerville
  • The Sparta Drive-In in Sparta
  • The Stardust Drive-In in Watertown
  • The State Line drive in movie stillwater mn Drive-In in Elizabethon
  • The Summer Drive-In in Memphis
Operates four drive in movies in ohio screens. Each screen shows a double-feature (eight movies total).
  • The Twin City drive in movies in the philadelphia area Drive-In in Bristol
One mile from the Bristol Motor Speedway.


  • The Brazos Drive-In in Granbury
  • The Galaxy Drive-In in drive in oakville Garrett
Opened 2004.
  • The Mission 4 Drive-In in San drive in pittsburgh Antonio
  • The Tower Drive-In in Rule
  • The Town & Country Drive In in drive in stillwater mn Abilene
  • The Starlite Theater in Schertz, Texas (now non-operating)


  • Redwood Drve-in Theater in drive in theater stillwater mn Salt Lake City


  • The Fairlee Drive-in in Fairlee


  • The Family Drive-in in drive in theather Stephens City
  • Hull's Drive-in in Lexington
  • The Starlite Drive-in in Christiansburg


  • The Auto Vue Drive-In in Colville
  • The Blue Fox Drive-In in Oak Harbor
  • The Puget Park Drive-In in drive though animal parks in usa Everett
  • The Rodeo Triple Drive-In in Port Orchard
Open since 1949, elm road drive in family owned, 3 screens, digital sound.
  • The Skyline Drive-In in Shelton
  • The Valley Drive-In in Auburn
  • The Vue Dale Drive-In in gatesville,tx. drive in movie Wenatchee
  • The Wheel-In Motor Movie in Port Townsend

West Virginia

  • Glen Dale graham texas drive in Drive-In in haar's drive in Glen Dale
  • Grafton Drive-In in Grafton
  • The Sunset Drive-In in Shinnston
  • Warner's Drive-In in Franklin


  • The Big Sky Drive-In Theater in Wisconsin hire a car in the uk and drive to france Dells
  • The Field of Scenes how to drive the pellican in halo 2 Drive-In Theater in Freedom, Outagamie County
  • The Gemini Drive-In in Eau Claire
  • The Hi-Way 18 Outdoor Theatre in Jefferson
  • The Keno Drive-in in Kenosha
Open since how to install dvd drive in dell laptop 1949.
  • The Moonlight Outdoor Theater in Shawano
  • The Sky Vu Drive-In in Monroe
  • The Starlight 14 in how to mirror drive in xp Richland Center

See also

  • Australian Open instructions for mounting a internal hard drive in a g3 mac Drive-in Theatres
  • Drive-In Classics


  • "Drive-in" (2001). jack in the box drive through menu The Film Encyclopedia, 4th ed., Ephraim Katz (ed). HarperCollins, New York.
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