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Little Squaw Reports Encouraging Drill Results From Chandalar, AK 

SYS-CON Media - Oct 04 7:41 PM
Little Squaw Gold Mining Company (OTCBB: LITS)has received assays from 12 of the 39 orientation drill holes completed inSeptember on its Chandalar, Alaska gold property (See Press Release 11-06,September 13, 2006). The reverse circulation drill results are from theSummit and Little Squaw prospects. Assays are pending for 27 holes drilledat the Kiska, Eneveloe, Jupiter, Ratchet Ridge, Uranus,

duct tape
One thousand and TWO Uses for Duct Tape 
NPR: Mixed Signals - Oct 05 9:08 AM
Everyone knows that duct tape is good for everything, except well, ducts . I used to have a car that had more duct tape than tubing in the engine. But now I know it has made another giant leap forward, holding together Canterbury Cathedral.

Orchard holds annual Apple Dumpling Festival 
The Herald Bulletin - Oct 04 2:06 PM
Their apple dumplings are famous. The dumplings have been shipped to 48 of the 50 states and thousands of people come each year to sample the delicious treats. And it’s that time of year again.

To Top It All Off 
Embroidery Monogram Business - Oct 05 6:12 AM
The trick to topping is knowing when to use it and when to skip it. MAY 01, 2005 -- As far as embroidery stabilizers go, backing gets all the attention. You don't hear much about topping — it's one of those supplies embroiderers are supposed to automatically know how to use.

embroidery designs
To Top It All Off 
Embroidery Monogram Business - Oct 05 6:12 AM
The trick to topping is knowing when to use it and when to skip it. MAY 01, 2005 -- As far as embroidery stabilizers go, backing gets all the attention. You don't hear much about topping — it's one of those supplies embroiderers are supposed to automatically know how to use.

epsom salt
Treat Yourself to Thalassotherapy at Home 
BellaOnline - Oct 04 10:45 AM
Thalassotherapy is an age-old treatment used for pain relief. Find out why this alternative treatment is useful in fibromyalgia patients and how you can give these treatments to yourself at home.

french door
Renault-Nissan door open for Ford, analysts wary 
Reuters via Yahoo! News - Oct 05 1:13 AM
Renault SA and Nissan Motor Co. Ltd (7201.T)may have left open the door to talks with Ford Motor Co. , but analysts say such an alliance is probably an even longer shot than the one they had just been trying to negotiate with General Motors Corp. .

fruit salad
Pasta fruit salad 
The Herald-Tribune - Oct 05 6:59 AM
4 oz. dried ruffle pasta (or whatever medium-sized pasta you have on hand)

Staying well --for life--in Indianapolis 
Chicago Tribune - Oct 01 3:41 AM
Everyone kept asking me if I was hurting yet. My first appointment after checking in for a two-night stay at The Villa Inn, Restaurant and Spa was a private Pilates session with a personal trainer, and everyone from the desk clerks to the room-service attendant was sure I'd be too sore to move the remainder of my visit.

Dedication To Wind Power A Boost To Local Manufacturer 
KTRE-TV East Texas - Oct 04 6:46 PM
CAB Incorporated in Nacogdoches makes flanges that connect wind towers as tall as 23 stories. The company is the world's leading supplier for the wind tower industry. And it's about to get bigger.

food stamp
New food stamp scam emerges 
Richmond.com - 2 hours, 51 minutes ago
Richmond.com staff Richmond.com Thursday, October 05, 2006 The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has notified the Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) of a new scam targeting individuals who receive Food Stamp benefits and use an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card.

Brain Matter, 6 Feet Found In Freezer 
CBS 2 Los Angeles - Oct 04 8:10 PM
Brain tissue and six feet were discovered Wednesday in a freezer in an abandoned building on the south campus of the Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center.

Morris frees a stuffy `Arthur' 
San Jose Mercury News - Oct 05 5:05 AM
Mark Morris' reinvention of ``King Arthur,'' the 315-year-old ``semi-opera'' by Henry Purcell, is a work of happy genius. It is a charmer -- fanciful and all sexed-up in order to send up the original historical tale, dumped by Morris in favor of a vaudevillian pageant that crowds the stage with singers and dancers in gold lamé and lingerie. As choreographer and director, Morris literally

fruits basket
You pick it, you eat it 
Boston Globe - Oct 05 6:39 AM
Like so much of summer, fresh local produce can be enjoyed for only a short time. Sure, you can stop at a farm stand, but why not go one better and go straight to the source? A number of area farmers open their fields to willing pickers and let you take home your harvest. Prices vary depending on the crop, ...

furniture stores
Childrens Furniture and Décor 
Cape Business News South Africa Business - Oct 04 9:24 AM
Childrens Furniture and Décor Treehouse sells everything you need for childrens' rooms including bedding, curtaining, furniture, soft furnishings and accessories. Visit one of our stores or go to our website where we hope you will enjoy ...

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Drill press

- jet drill press

Here is an article on - drill press review.

- drill press

Drill press
A drill in use.

A drill is a tool with a rotating drill bit used for drillpress drilling holes in various materials. Drills are commonly used in woodworking drill press and metalworking.

The drill bit is gripped by a chuck at one end jet drill press of the drill, and is drill presses pressed against the target material and rotated. The tip of the drill bit does the work of cutting into the target material, slicing drill press review off thin shavings (twist drills or auger bits) or grinding off powermatic drill press small particles (oil drilling).


  • 1 History
  • 2 Types
    • 2.1 Hand drill press guard antique drill press tools
    • 2.2 Electric Drill
    • 2.3 Hammer Drill
    • 2.4 Rotary hammer drill
    • 2.5 Cordless atlas drill press drills
    • 2.6 Drill press
    • 2.7 Geared delta drill press head drill
    • 2.8 Radial drill press for milling arm drill
    • 2.9 Mill drill
  • 3 Related tools
  • 4 See micro drill press also
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The earliest rockwell drill press drills were probably bow drills. The invention of the electrical drill is credited to both Arthur James Arnot [1], in drill press vise 1889, at Melbourne, Australia and Wilhelm Fein [2], in 1895, at Stuttgart, Germany. drill press table In 1917, Black & Decker patented a trigger-like switch mounted on the handle.


There are many types wilton drill press of drills; some powered by hand and others using electricity or compressed air as the motive power. Drills with a percussive drill press operation action (such as hammer drills, jackhammers or pneumatic drill press stand drills) are usually used in hard materials such as masonry or rock. As radial drill press well, drilling rigs are used to bore holes in the earth to obtain water or oil. An oil well, cnc drill press water well, or holes for geothermal heating are created with large drill fleetwood drill press rigs up to a hundred feet high. Some types floor drill press of hand-held drills are also used to drive screws.

Hand tools

A brace and drill press cabinet bit, a hand-powered drill.

A variety of hand-powered drills have been employed over the centuries. Here are a few, starting with approximately the oldest:

  • Bow drill
  • Brace and drill press safety bit
  • Gimlet
  • Breast drill, also known as "eggbeater" drill
  • Push drill, a tool central machinery drill press using a spiral ratchet bench drill press mechanism
  • Pin chuck, a small hand-held jewellers drill

Electric Drill

A handheld electric drill

Hand-held electric drills are ubiquitous. They usually look like a pistol, with a trigger-like switch. They are also drill press accidents used for drill press floor driving screws and are often provided with a hammer action which makes them capable of being used as masonry drills. In fact, screw guns or omni drill press electric screwdrivers are generally suitably modified drills.

These drills typically portable drill press employ a universal motor with brushes. The rigid drill press original designs featured a single forward speed with a simple on-off action of the trigger; they could operate equally well on AC ryobi drill press or DC power. Modern variable speed sears drill press drills contain solid state phase control circuits that limit their walker turner drill press use to AC power only. As a tradeoff, the electronics now give them bench top drill press variable speed, reversibility and torque control.

Hammer Drill

The hammer drill is similar drill press base to a standard electric drill, with the exception that it is provided with a hammer action for drilling masonry. The hammer drill press vice action may be engaged or disengaged ikeda 1300 drill press as required.

Rotary hammer drill

The rotary hammer drill (also known as roto hammer mini drill press drill or masonry drill) is an electric drill type dedicated rockwell delta radial drill press to drilling holes in masonry. The rotary hammer drill is a percussion drill that uses a weight to small drill press create the impact force on the masonry tradesman 8106s 17 drill press bit. Generally, the drill chuck of the rotary hammer drill is designed to hold SDS drill bits. Some styles of this drill are intended tradesman drill press for masonry drilling only and westcraft drill press the hammer action cannot be disengaged. Other styles allow the drill to be atlas clausing drill press instruction manual used without the hammer action for normal drilling.

Cordless drills

A cordless champion 20 drill press drill with clutch

A cordless drill is a type of electric drill which uses cincinatti drill press rechargeable batteries. These drills are available with similar features to an AC craftsman 22920 drill press mains-powered drill. They are available in the hammer drill configuration craftsman drill press and most also have a clutch setting which allows them to be used drill press gaurd for driving screws.

For continuous use, a tradesman will drill press parts have one or more spare battery packs charging while working, so that he can quickly swap them, instead of having to wait several hours drill press reviews during recharges.

Early cordless drills started with interchangeable 7.5V drill press runout battery packs, and over the years the battery voltage has been increased to 18V, and higher, allowing these tools to little giant drill press wells brothers produce as much torque as many mains-powered radial drill press j archdale drills. The drawback of most current models is the use of nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries, safety guard for drill press which develop a "memory effect" or internal variable speed drill press short circuits due to dendrite growth, severely limiting their useful life, and posing a hazardous materials 10304 drill press disposal problem. Drill manufacturers are now introducing lithium ion batteries, most notably Makita Electric Works and Milwaukee best prices on floor drill press Electric Tool Corporation. The main bowling ball drill press advantages are lack of memory effect and very short charging time. Instead of buffalo drill press charging a tool for an hour to get 20 minutes of use, 20 minutes of charge can run the tool for an hour. Lithium drill press power feed ion drill press stands batteries also have a constant discharge rate. The power output remains constant until the battery is depleted, something that drill press storage cabinet nickel-cadmium batteries also lack, and which makes the emerson drill press tool much more versatile. Lithium-ion batteries also hold a charge for a significantly longer horizontal drill press time than nickel-cadmium batteries, about 2 years if not used, vs. around 4 months for a nickel-cadmium battery.

Drill press

A drill press.

A drill press (also shop fox h0626 oscillating drill press known as pedestal drill, pillar drill or surplus drill press bench drill) is a fixed style of drill, which may be mounted on a stand or bolted to the floor or toolshop drill press workbench. It consists of a base, column (or pillar), table, spindle (or automatic drill press quill) and drill head, usually driven by an induction motor. The head has automatic feed bench top drill press a set of handles (usually 3) radiating from a central hub which, when turned, delta dp200 10 drill press move the spindle (and chuck) vertically, parallel to the axis drill press 8 of the column. The drill press accessories table can be adjusted vertically and is generally moved by a rack and pinion, drill press as a milling machine however some older models rely on the operator to lift and reclamp it in position. drill press repair The table may also be off-set from the spindle's axis and in some cases rotated perpendicular to the column.

A drill drill press table plans press has a number of advantages over a hand held drill:

  • less effort is foremost drill press required to apply the drill to the workpiece. The movement of the how to operate a drill press chuck and spindle is ikeda drill press by a lever working on a rack and pinion, this gives the operator considerable mechanical advantage.
  • the table allows a vise or clamp to johnson drill press position and lock the work in place making the osha compliant safety signs for drill presses operation secure.
  • the angle of the spindle is fixed in relation to the table allowing table saw, band saw, drill press test holes to be drilled accurately and repetitively.

Speed change is achieved by manually moving a belt across table top drill press a stepped 3 drill press vice pulley arrangement, some types introduce a third stepped pulley to increase the speed range. This atlas clausing drill press makes selecting the correct spindle speed more likely.

Geared head drill

The geared head drill is identical to the drill press in most respects, belt driven drill press however they are generally of sturdier convert drill into drill press construction and often have power feed installed on the quill mechanism, and safety interlocks to disengage the feed convert drill to drill press on overtravel. The craftsman 12in drill press quill size most important difference is the drive mechanism between motor and quill is through a gear train (there are no delta rockwell series 17-600 drill press vee belts to tension) this makes these drills suitable for the larger sizes of drill bits doall drill press parts (16 mm or 5/8ths" drill press jig upwards) which would normally stall in a drill press.

Radial arm drill press laser drill

A radial arm drill is a geared head drill that can be moved away from its column along an arm that is radiates from drill press lathe the column. These drills are drill press manual used for larger work where a geared head drill would be limited by its reach, the arm can swivel around drill press parts chucks the column so that any point on the surface of the table drill press power table can be reached without moving the work piece. The size of work that drill press projects these drills can handle is considerable as the arm can swivel out of enco drill press the tables area allowing an overhead crane to place the workpiece on heavy duty cummins drill press the fixed table. Vices may be used with these machines but the hydraulic drill press work is generally bolted to the table or a fixture

Mill drill

A combination milling/drilling machine

Mill drills j archdale radial drill press are a lighter alternative to a milling machine, they combine a drill press (belt driven) with mlcs drill press table the x y co-ordinate abilities of the milling machines table and a locking collet that ensures that south bend drill press the cutting tool will not fall from the spindle westward drill press when lateral forces are experienced against the bit. Although they 1/2 bench drill press are light in construction they have the advantage of space saving combined with versatility and are suitable 16 speed drill press for light machining which may otherwise not be affordable.

Related tools

  • Milling machines, metal lathes and routers are also used for drilling.

See also

  • auger
  • well drilling
  • oil drilling
  • hammer drill
  • bow drill
  • drill bit
  • Boring (mechanical)
  • Core drill

External links

  • air drill or abarboga maskiner drill press pneumatic drill
  • How to choose and buy a cordless drill - what should you look for.


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Little Squaw Reports Encouraging Drill Results From Chandalar, AK 

SYS-CON Media - Oct 04 7:41 PM
Little Squaw Gold Mining Company (OTCBB: LITS)has received assays from 12 of the 39 orientation drill holes completed inSeptember on its Chandalar, Alaska gold property (See Press Release 11-06,September 13, 2006). The reverse circulation drill results are from theSummit and Little Squaw prospects. Assays are pending for 27 holes drilledat the Kiska, Eneveloe, Jupiter, Ratchet Ridge, Uranus,

Harvest Gold Announces Summer Drill Results and Options Conley Estate Claims in the Rice Lake Gold Belt, Manitoba 
[Press Release] CCNMatthews via Yahoo! Finance - 2 hours, 34 minutes ago
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA-- - Harvest Gold Corporation is pleased to report the results of its summer 2006 drill program on the Lesavage North Property in the Rice Lake Gold Belt, Manitoba.

Petrostar Petroleum Corporation: Drill Rig on Maidstone Property Drilling Program to Commence Immediately 
[Press Release] CCNMatthews via Yahoo! Finance - 2 hours, 12 minutes ago
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA-- - Petrostar Petroleum Corporation is pleased to report Ensign Tricity Rig. No. 45 is now completely set up and ready to commence the first phase of the Company's drill program on its Maidstone property.

200 more volunteers sought for large-scale disaster drill 
Antelope Valley Press - Oct 03 9:22 AM
This story appeared in the Antelope Valley Press on Tuesday, October 3, 2006. Organizers of a large-scale disaster drill planned for Tuesday, Oct. 10, are hoping for another 200 volunteers to sign up by Thursday, the deadline day for registration.