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Orchard holds annual Apple Dumpling Festival 

The Herald Bulletin - Oct 04 2:06 PM
Their apple dumplings are famous. The dumplings have been shipped to 48 of the 50 states and thousands of people come each year to sample the delicious treats. And it’s that time of year again.

Local homemakers planning Greenville, Ohio trip 
Rushville Republican - Oct 04 11:37 AM
The Rush County Extension Homemakers are sponsoring a one-day trip to Kitchen Aid and Bear Mill in Greenville, Ohio on Oct. 19. The cost for the day is $15, which includes the tours, making an apple dumpling, goodie bag and snack. Shopping and lunch will be on your own.

Akron Beacon Journal - Oct 05 9:56 AM
Polish Festival -- 4-10:30 p.m. Friday; 4-11 p.m. Saturday; 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday, St. Stanislaus Social Center, 6601 Baxter Ave., Cleveland. Polka dancing, boutiques, cash prizes and dinners. 216-341-9091 or www.ststanislaus.org.

The Most Authentic Restaurants 
Boston Globe - Oct 05 4:15 AM
With the city awash in ethnic eateries, we set out to discover who really cooks it up right - whose shepherd's pie tastes straight from an Irish farmhouse kitchen, whose shredded pork in garlic sauce captures the genuine flavors of Shanghai, whose salmon tagine mimics true Moroccan cooking, whose tomato sauce is spot-on Sardinian, whose brown bread and baked beans would make longtime New




- dumplings

- chicken and dumplings

For the film, see Dumplings (film).

Dumplings may be any of a wide variety of dishes, both dumping sweet and savoury, in several different cuisines. They are either made from chicken and dumplings balls of dough or are small parcels of food encased in pastry, dough, batter, or leaves.


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United States

The baked german dumplings dumpling is popular in American cuisine. These sweet dumplings are made by wrapping fruit, frequently a whole apple dumpling photo tart apple, in pastry, then baking until the apple dumpling picture pastry is browned and the filling is plum dumplings tender. As an alternative to simply baking them, these dumplings are surrounded by a sweet sauce recipe for chicken and dumplings in the baking dish, and may be basted during cooking. Popular flavours for apple dumplings include chicken and dumpling recipes brown sugar, caramel, or cinnamon sauces.

Southern States

Boiled dumplings are made from flour to form a dough. apple dumpling recipes A pot of boiling chicken or turkey broth is used to apple dumplings in dutch oven cook this dough. The size of the dumplings is the choice of the cook and does not easy chicken dumpling recipes affect the taste, but can have an how to make dumplings effect on the texture. It is optional to serve with the meat in the dish or on the side. Dumplings can chinese dumplings be made with eggs, milk, baking the sasquatch dumpling gang powder or even yeast or just simply from flour and water. Rolled crock pot chicken and dumplings dumplings are rolled thin and cut roast beef dumplings into small pieces for cooking, while drop dumplings are formed into small balls.

Having gained popularity apple dumpling in Alabama (particularly in the central regions) over the last few cajun chicken and dumplings recipe years is the concept of making boiled dumplings from sliced or torn pieces of cracker barrel chicken and dumpling recipe flour tortilla. These slices of tortilla are then added to the boiling pot of dutch oven en and dumplings stock to make dumplings. Popular varieties of Southern dumplings include: chicken dumplings, turkey dumplings, apple dumplings, ham chicken and dumplings recipes dumplings, and even butter-bean dumplings.

British cuisine

Savoury dumplings dumpling recipe for beef stew made from balls of dough are part of traditional British cuisine, and easy apple dumplings make up a filling meal stew dumplings in winter. The simplest dumplings are made from twice the weight of self raising flour to suet, bound together by cold water to chicken dumplings form a dough. Balls of this dough are make dumpling dropped into a bubbling pot of stew or soup, or into blackberry dumplings a casserole. They sit, partly submerged in the stew, and expand as plum dumplings sauce they are half-boiled half-steamed for ten minutes or so. The cooked dumplings are sauerkraut and dumplings airy on the inside and moist potato dumpling recipe on the outside. The dough may be simply flavoured with salt, potato dumplings pepper and herbs, or the dough balls may have a filling blueberry dumplings such as cheese pressed into their centre.

The "Norfolk dumpling" is made without fat from flour and raising agent. Other British dumpling german recipe sony digital camcorder dumplings call for the fried dumplings addition of breadcrumbs and cheese, and the balls of dough may be rolled in breadcrumbs and fried, rather than how to make chicken and dumplings cooked in a soup or stew.

These sour-dough dumplings, when sweetened and made with dried fruit steamed dumpling recipe and spices can be boiled in water to dumplings melt why make a quick dessert. In Scotland, this is called a clootie dumpling, after german bread dumplings the cloth that is used to hold pillsbury chicken and dumplings recipe it together in the water.

Central Europe

Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia boast a large variety of dumplings, raw potato dumplings both sweet and savoury. A dumpling is called Klöße in recipe for dumplings Northern Germany, Knödel in Southern Germany and Austria, knedlíky in the Czech lands and knedličky in authentic chicken dumplings chicken & dumplings Slovakia. Meat dumplings are also called Klopse in North-Eastern Germany. Occasionally, the terms Knöpfe and Nocken are also used.

Potato dumplings chicken and dumpling soup recipe are made with raw or boiled potatoes, or a chicken dumpling soup mixture of both, and are often filled with croutons. Bread dumplings are made with dumplings homemade white bread and are sometimes shaped like a loaf of bread, and boiled in easy dumpling recipe a napkin, in which case they are known as napkin dumplings (Serviettenknödel). forming chinese dumplings Semolina dumplings are made with semolina. Meat dumplings, bone marrow dumplings and forming dumplings liver dumplings are homemade chicken and dumplings frequent additions to soup. The most famous German meat dumplings are Königsberger Klopse homemade chicken dumplings from East Prussia, which contain anchovy or salted herring and are eaten with caper sauce. Bryndzove halusky, the Slovak little dumpling national dish, are small dumplings similar to gnocchi, which are served with salty recipe and peach cobbler and dumplings sheep's cheese.

Some sweet dumplings are made by wrapping (food)dough, less frequently potato dough, apple dumpling gang around whole plums or apricots. Others are made of yeast dough apple dumpling receipe and filled with jam.

Eastern Europe

Pierogi of Poland or pyrohy in chicken and dumpling receipe Ukraine are ravioli-like dumplings filled with savoury or chicken drop dumplings recipe sweet filling. They are usually boiled, sometimes then fried when served. dutch country apple dumplings Often served with plenty of sour cream.

Pirozhki, "little perogies", are tiny easy dumplings filled buns, similar to pasties. Another bun of this homemade dumplings sort is rasstegai, filled usually with fish and rice.

Lithuanian dumplings are called Koldūnai and Virtiniai. There are also lowfat chicken and dumplings popular potato dumplings called Cepelinai, or Didžkukuliai.

Didžkukuliai Lithuanian potato dumplings

In Ukrainian pork and dumplings cuisine, vushka ("little ears") are folded triangular perogies stuffed with mushrooms. They are traditionally recipes + potato dumplings + shredded served in the borshch at Christmas Eve dinner. They are equivalent to pelmeni in Russia rolled dumplings and uszka in Poland.

In Siberia, especially popular with the Buryat peoples are dumplings called pozi apple dumpling cafe+mesa (buuz in Mongolian, from Chinese: 包子; pinyin: bāozi). They are usually made with an bisquick dumplings unleavened dough, but are often encountered leavened. The traditional filling is cracker barrell receipes apple dumpling meat, crockpot chicken and dumplings but the kind of meat and how it's processed varies. In Mongolia, mutton is dumpling recipie favored, and is chopped rather than ground; pork and beef mixes are more popular in Russia. Unlike most other flour dumpling recipe European dumplings, a poza is cooked over steam, not boiled.

Samsa (related to homemade apple dumpling the Indian samosa), sasquatch dumpling gang cheburiki, and belyashi are all popular imported dumplings.

Chinese cuisine

A plate of fried sour beef dumplings recipe jiaozi.

The jiaozi is a Chinese dumpling which southern chicken and dumplings consists of minced meat and chopped vegetables wrapped into a piece of dough. sweet dumpling squash Popular meat fillings include ground pork, ground beef, ground lamb, shrimp, apple dumplings recipe and even fish. Popular mixings are pork with apple dumplings using canned biscuits Chinese cabbage, lamb with spring onion, leeks with eggs, etc. Jiaozi are usually chicken and dumplings canned bisquits boiled or steamed. Jiaozi is a traditional dish for Chinese New cornmeal dumplings Year's Eve. Family members would get together to make dumplings. There are a cracker barrel apple dumpling recipe few ways to wrap the dumplings. One way is to use your two cracker barrel chicken and dumplings hands to press the wrapping together.

If they are shallow fried, they are called guotie or potstickers. Compared to czech dumplings wontons (dumplings served boiled in a soup), jiaozi have a thicker skin and are czech recipe sites raised dumplings longer. Also dumpling man jiaozi has different wrappings and ways to wrap.

Chinese cuisine includes sweet dumplings. Also commonly found are tangyuan. dumpling sauce These are smaller dumplings made with glutinous rice flour and filled with very sweet dumplings recipe sesame, peanut or red bean paste. There are also other dutch oven chicken and dumplings kinds of dumplings such as Har Kao, Siew Mai, Small Dragon Bun, Pork Bun and Crystal green bean dumpling soup Dumpling.

See also: dim sum for descriptions of several other kinds of dumplings such homemade apple dumplings as gau and taro root dumplings.

An interesting how to cook potato dumplings variation on Chinese dumplings, known as dim sims can be i need a good chicken dumpling recipe found in Australia.

Japanese cuisine

Fried Japanese dumplings made from eggs raw potato dumpling and eaten with dashi are known as akashi no tamagoyaki. Similarly shaped dumplings, but with octopus rice flour dumpling (or sometimes konnyaku) and flavoured with pickled ginger, negi (welsh onion) sonneys bq chicken dumplings and other ingredients, are a Kansai dish known as takoyaki.

The gyōza is the Japanese sugar dumpling version of the Chinese jiaozi.

Korean cuisine

Korean meat dumplings are called mandu (만두). They are typically filled with a mixture of bean dumplings ground pork, scallions, and garlic, and eaten boiled; sometimes they are fried.

Indian cuisine

Indian dumplings are called samosas, and are chicken & dumpling recipes with refrigerated biscuits usually vegetarian. They generally consist of a fried triangular pastry shell stuffed with potatoes, onions and peas. chinese dumpling Karanji are sweet dumplings made of wheat chinese dumpling recipe flour and stuffed with dry coconut delicacies, and are a popular dish among the Maharastrians and the South Indians. Also, south Indians chinese dumpling recipes make a form of dumpling called the "kozhukottai" cracker barrel chicken & dumpling recipe (Tamil) or "Modagam", which is either sweet, salty or spicy. But the outer shell remains cracker barrel chicken and dumpling the same: steamed sticky easy to make chicken dumpling with can biscuits rice dough. In the sweet version, a form of how to make bread dumplings sweet filling made with coconuts, boiled lentils and jaggery is used, whereas in the how to make chinese steam dumpling salty version, a mixture of steamed cracked lentils, chillies and some mild spices are peach dumpling recipe used. For the spicier version, cayenne pepper is added raw potato dumplings cream of tartar recipe to the dough of the outer covering and rolled into mini-balls by itself and southern chicken and dumpling then steamed. These dumplings are one of the most healthier versions due to the strawberry shortcake apple dumpling ability to make them literally without any fat (or oil) involved the apple dumpling gang since they are steamed.

Himalayan cuisine

In Nepal, Tibet and Sikkim, steamed dumplings known as momos are a popular snack. vegan dumplings They are similar vegetarian dumplings to the Chinese jiaozi. Many different fillings, both meat-based and vegetarian, are common.

Jewish Cuisine

See Kreplach

Turkish Cuisine

See Mantı

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