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Brain Matter, 6 Feet Found In Freezer 

CBS 2 Los Angeles - Oct 04 8:10 PM
Brain tissue and six feet were discovered Wednesday in a freezer in an abandoned building on the south campus of the Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center.

Crust freezer handles delicate foods 
Food Production Daily - Oct 04 3:54 AM
04/10/2006 - A new crust freezer on the market has been designed to hand delicate foodstuffs such as fish, other seafood and items such a mushrooms. Linde says its new Cryoline MC uses the low temperature of liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide to freeze food rapidly and carefully.

Pepper freezer food with flavor 
Asbury Park Press - Oct 04 1:12 AM
An easy way to get dinner on the table is simply to open the freezer. But a steady diet of frozen entrees can become as monotonous as driving through west Texas.

Personal Finance Daily -- Oct. 5 
Market Watch - 2 hours, 44 minutes ago
You probably haven't bought any Halloween candy yet, or even been out to the orchards for apple picking and cider. And it's a safe bet your Thanksgiving turkey isn't taking up space in the freezer already. Why hurry the season after all?




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For the Japanese film, see Freeze Me.
For making ice cream, see Ice cream freezer.

The word freezer is generally used to describe an freeze appliance that keeps foods frozen. Freezers feezer are common as household units for storing food but are also used in commercial settings. Most Freezers operate around -18°C frezer (0°F).

Domestic freezers can be included with a refrigerator or can be stand alone units. Domestic freezers freezers are generally upright units, freezer resembling a refrigerator, or a chest, which resemble an upright unit laid on its back. Many modern freezers come with upright freezer an icemaker.


Early refrigerator models (1916 and upright freezers on) featured a cold compartment for ice cube trays. Successful processing of fresh vegetables through freezing began in the chest freezer late 1920s by the Postum Company (the forerunner mini freezer of General Foods) which had acquired the technology when it bought the rights to Clarence Birdseye’s successful fresh freezer jam freezing methods.

The first chest freezers successful example of the benefits of frozen foods occurred when General Foods heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post (then wife of Joseph freezer meals E. Davies, United States Ambassador to the Soviet white mountain ice cream freezer Union ) deployed commercial grade freezers to Spasso House (US Embassy) small freezers in Moscow in advance of the Davies’ arrival. Post, fearful of the food processing safety batch freezers observed in the USSR, then fully stocked the freezers with product processed from General ice cream freezer Foods Birdseye unit. The frozen food stores allowed the Davies’ to freezer recipes lavishly entertain and serve fresh frozen foods that would otherwise be out of season. Upon returning from Moscow, Post (who resumed her maiden small freezer name after divorcing Davies) directed General Foods to freezer labels market frozen product to upscale restaurants.

Introduction of compact freezers home freezer units occurred in the United States in 1940, and compact freezer frozen foods began to make the transition from luxury to necessity.

Problems with the technology

Early freezer units accumulated ice crystals around the freezing units. taylor batch freezers This was a result of humidity introduced into the fridge freezers units when the doors to the freezer were opened. This build up of frost required freezer alarms periodic thawing of the units to maintain their efficiency. Advances in frost-free refrigeration eliminating the gel tec batch freezers thawing task freezer alarm were introduced in the 1950s.

Later advances included automatic ice units and self ice cream freezers compartmentalized freezing units.

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