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Fruits Basket
Genre Romance, Drama, Comedy, Harem, Shojo
Authored by Natsuki Takaya
Publisher Hakusensha

fruits bsket Tokyopop
Madman Entertainment
Chuang Yi
Editora fruits baske JBC
Mundo Vid
Norma Editorial

Serialized in Hana to fruis basket Yume
Original run January fruits baket 1999 – Ongoing
No. of volumes 21 (23 volumes total)

14 released in the U.S.
19 released in Australia
20 fuits basket released in Singapore
19 released in France
16 released in Mexico
14 released fruiits basket in Brazil
12 released in Spain
11 released in fruits baskt Germany

TV anime
Directed by Akitaro Daichi
Studio Studio DEEN
Network TV fruits baskket Tokyo
ABS-CBN , Studio 23 , fruits basker Hero TV
CoLours TV
Original run 5 July 2001 – fruitd basket 27 December 2001
No. of episodes 26

Fruits Basket (フルーツバスケット Furūtsu fruits basket Basuketto?) is fruits basket mp3 a shōjo manga series created by Natsuki Takaya for fruits basket (pseudonym, real name unknowncitation needed]) serialized fruits basket episodes in the semi-monthly Japanese Hana to Yume (Flowers and Dreams) magazine, which is published fruits basket manga by Hakusensha. It won the 2001 Kodansha Manga Award for shōjo. Fruits Basket is fruits basket anime also a 26-episode anime series, adapted from the manga by Akitaro Daichi fruits basket kyo (director). The word "Fruits" in the title is always plural.

The title is fruits basket english often shortened to Furuba or Fruba, a portmanteau of the fruits basket opening two parts in the Japanese pronunciation of the title, Furutsu Basuketto.


  • 1 Story
  • 2 Characters
  • 3 Origin fruits basket wallpaper characters of fruits basket of the title
  • 4 The fruits basket ending manga
    • 4.1 Manga cover
    • 4.2 Manga volumes
  • 5 The fruits baskets anime
    • 5.1 Production staff & Books fruits basket theme 21 , 22 & 23
    • 5.2 Cast
    • 5.3 Distribution
  • 6 A fruits basket yuki note on Romanization
  • 7 See fruits basket lemon fan fiction also
  • 8 External links


Fruits Basket follows the life of high school student Tohru Honda, recently orphaned when her mother is killed characters profile fruits basket in a car crash. Tohru lives with her grandfather, but when his/her family moves in, english fruits basket and for fruits basket english remodelling is needed the house, Tohru resorts to living in a kyo from fruits basket tent, unwilling to impose on her friends, and holds down a job to support herself. Despite suffering fruits basket fanfics many hardships, Tohru remains her cheerful and optimistic self.

One day, Tohru comes anime fruits basket upon a house in the woods which is the home of Shigure Sohma and Yuki Sohma (a first year at her fruits basket episode 1 school with an unwanted fan club) from fruits basket episode the Sohma family. When the Sohmas discover that Tohru is, in fact, living in fruits basket spoilers a tent in the woods, they are quite surprised. The entire area is fruits basket ayame Sohma property, and fruits basket wallpapers Tohru pleads to stay, offering to pay a rental fee for living on their gifts fruits baskets anime land. Feeling sorry for her, and desperate to end their take-out eating habits and filthy kagura fruits basket living conditions, the Sohmas offer her their spare room in exchange for cooking fruits basket clips and housework. When her tent is buried that night in fruits basket episode downloads a landslide, she has no option but fruits basket characters to accept.

Tohru soon discovers the Sohma family's secret, and the reason why Yuki is fruits basket kagura so private and taciturn; thirteen members of the family are possessed fruits basket fan fiction by the 12 animal spirits of the Chinese Zodiac ("Jyūnishi" in Japanese) and the spirit of the cat. They transform into animals fruits basket scans when kyo fruits basket hugged by the opposite gender, or when they are under great amounts of stress. When she promises to keep their secret, fruits basket character bios the Sohmas allow Tohru to keep her memories rather than hypnotically erasing them, fruits basket fan art a fate fruits basket ost that has previously befallen everyone who had found out from outside the fruits basket shigure Sohma family.

The story follows the lives of Tohru and the Sohma family, as they deal kisa fruits basket with each other and a society where neither quite fits in, as well as the fruits basket online manga feared Akito Sohma, head of the Sohma family.


Main article: Fruits Basket characters

Origin of the title

The phrase "fruits basket" means fruits basket colorbars simply a basket of fruit in Japan. In Japan, where arable land is in fruits basket icons short supply and fresh food very expensive, a basket fruits basket manga scanlation of fresh fruit is a costly and desirable item. It fruits basket pics yuki is written in Japanese as フルーツバスケット, fu-ru-u-tsu ba-su-ke-t-to, where the 'tsu' kana represents the 's' in fruits basket serenade "fruits", making it plural.

The series is named after the children's game, Fruits fruits basket year of the rooster Basket, in which everyone sits in a circle, fruits basket ending theme and the leader of the game names each person fruits basket pics after a fruit; when the name of a child's fruit is called, that child gets up and fruits basket theme song swaps positions with others with the same name. When Tohru first played this game fruits basket yaoi in kindergarten, she was assigned fruits basket archives "Onigiri" (rice ball), which was fine with her, since she believes onigiri fruits basket download are delicious. However, everyone but her was called, and she was the only one left sitting fruits basket english mp3 when she realized that an onigiri isn't a fruit and that she'd never be called. She was purposefully fruits basket manga download excluded from the fruits basket memory game; another of the mean tricks that other kids used to pull on her. She realizes that an fruits basket op onigiri can never belong in a Fruits Basket.

During the downloadable fruits basket episodes course of the story, lines spoken by members of the Sohma clan are often illustrated by fruits basket akito a super deformed (SD) fruits basket dvd head of the corresponding animal: for example, when Yuki speaks from off-screen a small mouse head fruits basket dvd set might appear, and when Kyo snaps a reply there might be an angry cat face. Uotani and Hanajima's SD fruits basket ending song heads are fruits basket episode 2 based off their names and are a fish and a flower, respectively. As fruits basket episode 3 the series goes on, Tohru's comments are illustrated in the same way with an animated onigiri: illustrating that although Tohru might fruits basket episodes in english have been rejected by classmates at school, she has found a place fruits basket kyo and tohru she fruits basket pictures can belong with the Sohmas.

The manga

Fruits Basket is still being published in Japan. It has 133 chapters as of September 20, youtube fruits basket 2006, and appears to be nearing its conclusion. It is unclear at fruits basket ch 120 scanlation this time how many fruits basket episode 1 english chapters remain to tie up loose ends. Twenty-one collected volumes have been released in fruits basket scan Japan, and at least two more are expected. yuki sohma fruits basket In an August 10, 2006 interview with, Natsuki Takaya said she plans "to conclude it within the year." [1] ayame fruits basket plushie In 2003, the fruits basket kisa manga was licensed for United States distribution by TOKYOPOP after it topped a poll of requested manga on fruits basket kyou their website. The first translated volume fruits basket manga online was released in February, 2004. In Singapore, an English translation is adapted by Chuang Yi, and the Singaporean translation is fruits basket soundtrack imported to Australia and New fruits basket translations Zealand by Madman Entertainment. Meanwhile, in Europe, the French translation of the manga is available myspace fruits basket backgrounds up to volume nineteen, as of September 2006. In Brazil, the Portuguese translation is published by which fruits basket character are you Editora JBC since April, 2005. A runaway hit, by volume english fruits basket episodes five in the U.S, it had taken the title of "Best Selling Shōjo Manga in 2004." [2]

Manga cover

The volumes each feature a specific main character fruits basket cat on the cover. They are, in order:

  1. Tohru Honda
  2. Yuki Sohma
  3. Kyo Sohma
  4. Shigure Sohma
  5. Kagura Sohma
  6. Momiji Sohma
  7. Hatori Sohma
  8. Hatsuharu Sohma
  9. Ayame Sohma
  10. Kisa Sohma
  11. Hiro Sohma
  1. Ritsu Sohma
  2. Isuzu "Rin" fruits basket monkey fruits basket opening mp3 Sohma
  3. Kureno Sohma
  4. Akito Sohma
  5. Arisa Uotani
  6. Saki Hanajima
  7. Kazuma Sohma
  8. Kakeru Manabe
  9. Machi Kuragi
  10. Ren Sohma

Manga volumes

Japanese Volumes to date: 21

English USA Volumes to date: 14

English Volume 15 scheduled fruits basket personality quizzes for release December 12, 2006[3]

English Singapore/Australia Volumes to date: 19

20 for release on fruits basket scanlation volume 1 the 11th of October 2006

[4] [5]

French Volumes to date: 19

Currently (September 2006[6]), no official fruits basket scans manga 9 date for French Volume yuki fruits basket 20 yet.

The anime

The Fruits Basket anime is a 26-episode series adapted by Akitaro Daichi. It aired ending fruits basket on TV channel TV Tokyo fruits basket 1 from July 5 to December 27, 2001, at 18:00 on Thursdays. fruits basket anime free myspace layout The beginning and ending songs are "For Fruits Basket" and "Chiisana Inori" (Little Prayer).

The anime series closely follows the manga up to fruits basket downloads approximately the end of volume 8 fruits basket end of the collections.

Following the series release in fruits basket episode 7 North America by FUNimation, a grassroots effort has been mounted by the fan base to have a second season of the fruits basket episode guide series produced in Japan. Funimation has had a fruits basket episode summaries sizable hand in this effort, organizing origami crane folding events at various anime conventions. These cranes were then fruits basket hatsuharu sent to Japan as a form of petition fruits basket hiro for the production of a second season. It currently airs as part of fruits basket horie yui the FUNimation programming block on CoLours TV.

Production staff & Books 21 , 22 & 23

  • Studio: Studio DEEN
  • Director: Akitaro Daichi
  • Assistant Director: Nagisa Miyazaki
  • Series Story fruits basket manga downloads Editor: Rika Nakase
  • Character Design: Akemi Hayashi
  • Music: Seji Muto

There are many Fruits Basket books you can find. One fruits basket pngs of which is number 21 this book is about Yuki finding momiji fruits basket out that Machi is leaving, but then finds out that she has a boyfriend yuki from fruits basket already and was tricking Yuki.We go back to Kyo and Tohru, they have recently been together, however now Kagura for fruits basket mp3 is no longer wanting fruits basket character to treat Kyo as a loving brother so want to love him as a boyfriend. So fights fruits basket dojo Tohru for it, unfortunatly Tohru gives up her love for Kyo fruits basket for fruits basket because she can't fight Kagura (since she is her friend) for Kyo. So right now fruits basket love Yuki is starting again to like Tohru(since Machi has fruits basket opening lyrics left and was tricking him.) Tohru also (since fruits basket rice ball she no longer with Kyo) falls in love with Yuki too. Will they fruits basket screencaps come together? How will Kyo feel about breaking up with Tohru and going with Kagura?..... Book 22: The fruits basket tohru relationship between Kyo and Kagura is coming together, Kyo now knows that fruits baskets anime Tohru gifts and collectibles fruits wine country gift baskets has no love for him anymore so has a chance with Kagura and is willing to go with her. machi fruits basket Meanwhile, Yuki confesses his love for Tohru and so does she so they are tome 20 fruits basket well together. Since Yuki has not broken anime episodes fruits basket free from the curse(unlike Kyo) he is still unable to hug Tohru, chapter 120 of fruits basket but.... a kiss on the lips is enough for Tohru and binds there relationship together. Is Mayu on the other fruits basket - lets stay together mp3 hand falling in love with Hatori? fruits basket backgrounds Is Shigure still in love with Mayu?....... Book 23: fruits basket character shrine Is Shigure falling in love with Mayu again? Mayu is acting weird around fruits basket dvd box set Hatori and where's the picture of Kana in his office gone? Mayu found it fruits basket ep 2 hidden for no one to see. Mayu is stressing because Shigure is acting weird around her. Does he fruits basket ep. tell her? No, he only said he has a small fruits basket foamy passion for her. However, Shigure soonfinds fruits basket gallery out Mayu's love for Hatori and he forges a plan with Mayu to win Hatoris fruits basket haru heart, but does Hatori like Mayu? (Note: Yuki,Tohru,Kagura&Kyo are not fruits basket images included in this book!) Meanwhile, Ayame and Mine have a strong relationship, but will Akito fruits basket lemons let them be? What happens to Hiro fruits basket manga scanlation or translation when Kisa may like someone else that she meet? Will Rin forgive Haru and go back with him?...

Natsuki Takaya


Character Japanese Seiyuu English Voice fruits basket manga updates Actor
Tohru Honda Yui Horie Laura Bailey
Yuki Sohma Aya Hisakawa Eric Vale
Kyo Sohma Tomokazu Seki Jerry Jewell
Shigure Sohma Ryoutarou Okiayu John Burgmeier
Kagura Sohma Kotono Mitsuishi Meredith McCoy
Momiji Sohma Ayaka Saito Kimberly Grant
Hatori Sohma Kazuhiko Inoue Kent Williams
Hatsuharu Sohma Akio Suyama Justin Cook
Ayame Sohma Mitsuru Miyamoto Christopher Sabat
Kisa Sohma Kaori Nazuka Kate Bristol
Hiro Sohma Yuriko Fuchizaki Aaron Dismuke
Ritsu Sohma Miina Tominaga Mike McFarland
Kazuma Sohma Norihiro Inoue Dameon Clarke
Akito Sohma Murasaki Wakaba Chad Cline
Arisa Uotani Yuka Imai Parisa Fahkri
Saki Hanajima Reiko Yasuhara Daphne Gere
Kyoko Honda Reiko Yasuhara Julie Mayfield


In North America, fruits basket quiz FUNimation has fruits basket quizes released the Fruits Basket anime on DVD in R1, comprising four volumes. This is also available as a complete fruits basket small prayer Boxset in Australia and New Zealand from Madman Entertainment The anime is produced in fruits basket translation English in Singapore by Odex. FUNimation has received high acclaim for momiji from fruits basket their work in read fruits basket scanlation online dubbing the series.

A note on Romanization

The name spellings used here are only read fruits basket volume 1 manga online one possible romanization and have been chosen to correspond as much as possible to the officially licensed anime fruits basket gallery R1 DVD names. Names are given in Western order, with the family name last. The romanization download fruits basket style according to the fruits basket 7 Manual of Style is given in parentheses to the right of fruits basket animated gifs the official romanization in Japanese order, with the family name before the given name.

See also

  • Dai Hin fruits basket chapter 132 manga scanlation Min - The card game frequently played during the series.

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