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Rash Of Car Break-Ins At Downtown Parking Garage 

KXAN 36 Austin - Oct 05 9:27 AM
Watch your car and where you park. KXAN NBC Austin has uncovered a hotspot for car thefts that may surprise you because you're paying to park there. It's a popular parking garage for anyone headed downtown at Fifth and Lavaca.

Garage raided 
The Comet - 1 hour, 11 minutes ago
RAIDERS stole cigarettes and spirits after forcing open a metal shutter at a garage in the early hours of yesterday (Wednesday) morning. Police were called at around 3am to the BP garage on Stevenage Road, Hitchin.

Garage Damaged, House Saved By Fire Crews 
WHIO-TV 7 Dayton - Oct 05 8:58 AM
JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Firefighters in Jefferson Township worked hard to keep a garage fire from spreading on Thursday morning. The fire happened on Diamond Mill Road and started in a detached garage. Firefighters said they were concerned that the flames would spread to a nearby home.

Woman Abducted In Parking Garage, Police Say 
NBC 6 Miami - Oct 05 8:33 AM
A woman said she was picked up at a parking garage at a South Florida shopping center and raped, authorities say.




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Garage may refer to:

  • Automobile repair shop, garaje where vehicles are serviced and repaired.
  • Garage (house), a building or a residence for garaga storing a car
  • Carport, a residential vehicles storage that is open on at least two sides
  • Filling station, where vehicles take on fuel
  • Parking garage, garge a building serving as a public parking facility
  • Garage (dance garag music), a form of electronic dance music
  • Garage rock
  • Garage (album), garege the album from Cross Canadian Ragweed
  • GarageBand, a music production software application published by Apple Computers.


A garage grage appears as a charge in the coat of garrage arms of Bálsamo, Brazil, though it is not stated in the blazon as to whether it is supposed to garage plans be depicted to represent a garage associated with a house garage or an automobile repair shop.

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