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Norsk Hydro Cuts 2006 Oil, Gas Output 

AP via Yahoo! Finance - Oct 05 2:46 AM
Norsk Hydro ASA said Thursday daily oil and natural gas output for 2006 will be 2.6 percent lower than it previously forecast, due partly to delayed production starts.

RAM Energy Resources To Present At IPAA's Oil And Gas Investment Symposium West; Webcast At 1:05 PM 
Nasdaq - Oct 05 9:20 AM
(RTTNews) - RAM Energy Resources (RAME) CEO Larry Lee will host a presentation at the IPAA Oil and Gas Investment Symposium West in San Francisco. The presentation scheduled to begin at 1:05 pm.

Iran woos Central Asians as oil, gas export route 
Reuters via Yahoo! Asia News - Oct 05 4:34 AM
ALMATY, Oct 5 (Reuters) - Iran made a pitch on Thursday to become a strategic export route for Central Asia's oil and gas, even as Tehran faces mounting pressure from the West to abandon its nuclear ambitions.

Mediterranean Oil & Gas Gets Okay to Drill the MG2 Exploration Well 
Rigzone - Oct 05 6:10 AM
Mediterranean Oil & Gas says that the joint venture holding the Serra San Bernardo exploration permit has approved the drilling of Monte Grosso 2 exploration well (MG2).




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Fuel oil is a fraction obtained from petroleum distillation, either as a distillate or gasoil a residue. Broadly speaking, fuel oil is any liquid petroleum product that is burned in a furnace or boiler for the generation oil and gas of heat or used in an engine for the generation of power, except oils oil and gas investing having a flash point of approximately oil and gas investments 40 °C (about 100 °F) and oils burned in cotton or wool-wick burners. In oil and gas jobs this sense, diesel is a type of fuel oil. Fuel oil oil and gas well investing is made of long hydrocarbon chains, particularly alkanes, cycloalkanes and aromatics. Factually and in a stricter oil and gas investor sense, the term fuel oil sales jobs in oil and gas field is used to indicate the heaviest commercial fuel that can be obtained from crude oil, heavier than gasoline sales jobs in the oil and gas industry and naphtha.


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Six classes

Fuel oil strata oil and gas is classified into six classes, according oil & gas to its boiling temperature, composition and purpose. The boiling point, ranging from 175 to 600 °C, oil and gas companies and carbon chain length, 20 to 70 atoms, of the fuel increases oil and gas investment with number. Viscosity also increases with fuel oil number and the heaviest oil has to be heated to get oil gas it to flow. Price usually decreases as the fuel number oil and gas leases increases. No. 1 fuel oil, No. 2 fuel oil and No. 4 fuel oil are wyoming oil and gas conservation commission referred to as distillate fuel oils, diesel fuel ms oil & gas oils, light fuel oils, gasoil or just distillate. For example, No. 2 fuel oil and gas funding oil, No. 2 distillate and wyoming oil and gas commission No. 2 diesel fuel oil are almost the same thing. Diesel is different in that it also has acme gas & oil co. ltd. a cetane number limit which describes the ignition quality of the fuel. jobs bonnyville ab oil and gas Distillate fuel oils are distilled from crude oil & gas insurance classes oil. Gas oil refers to the process of distillation. The show oil is heated, oil well gas anchor becomes a gas and then condenses. It differentiates distillates from proven reserves of coal, oil and natural gas residual oil (RFO). No. 1 is similar to kerosene and is the fraction that wyoming oil and gas field boils off right after gasoline. No. 2 is the diesel that trucks and some cars run on, leading bud isaacs & oil & gas to the name "road diesel". It is the same gas oil pump thing as heating oil. No. 4 is a distillate fuel accident reports for gas and oil well oil and is rarely produced at a refinery. No. 5 fuel oil and No. 6 cost of drilling for oil and gas fuel oil are called residual fuel oils(RFO) or heavy fuel ohio oil & gas reserves oils. However, since No. 6 oil & gas journal is far more common than No. 5, the terms heavy fuel oil and residual fuel oil oil and gas industry are sometimes used as synonyms for No. 6. They residual gas analysis pump oil fragments are what remains of the crude oil after gasoline and the distillate fuel oils are extracted through distillation, but No. 5 fuel oil shell frontier oil and gas inc. is about 75-80% No. 6 and the rest yukon oil gas is No. 2. No. 6 may also contain a small amount of No. 2 to get fossil fuel oil and gas exploration company it to meet specifications. No. 4 fuel oil is usually international oil and gas jobs a blend of distillate and residual fuel oils, such as oil and gas financing No. 2 and 6, however, sometimes it is just a heavy distillate. No. 4 oil and gas well drilling in waller county, tx may be classified as diesel, distillate or residual fuel oil. Residual fuel oils are oil heat versus gas heat science technology energy fossil fuel oil and gas sometimes called light when they have been mixed with distillate fuel oil, while distillate fuel oils are called heavy when they have zapata county oil and gas mud log reports been mixed with residual fuel arbitration clause in model form or agreement oil or gas oil. Heavy gas oil, for example, is a distillate that contains residual fuel gas and oil economy oil.

Bunker fuel

Bunker fuel is technically any type of fuel oil used aboard ships. It gets gulf of mexico oil and gas its name from oil 26 gas accounting jobs the containers on ships and in ports that it is stored in, called bunkers. oil and gas data management Bunker A is No. 2 fuel oil, bunker B is No. 4 or oil and gas investment clubs No. 5 and bunker C is No. 6. Since No. 6 is the most common, "bunker fuel" is often picture of oil embargo gas pump line used as a synonym for No. used oil gas equipment 6. No. 5 fuel oil is also called navy special fuel oil or just navy special, No. 6 or compare wood gas oil home heating prices 5 may also be known as furnace fuel drilling oil gas well oil (FFO said ef-ef-oh), and its high viscosity (thickness) requires it to be fuel gas oil heated, usually by a reticulated low pressure steam gas oil sale well system, before it can be pumped from a bunker tank.

Table of best kept secret gas mileage rpeort oil gas prices car fuel oils
Name Alias Alias Type Chain Length
No. 1 fuel oil No. 1 distillate No. 1 diesel fuel Distillate 9-16
No. 2 fuel chesapeake oil and gas well sites oil No. 2 distillate No. 2 diesel fuel Distillate 10-20
No. 3 fuel oil No. 3 distillate No. 3 diesel fuel Distillate
No. 4 fuel coal fossil fuel gas oil oil No. 4 how to buy and sell used oil and gas equipment distillate No. 4 residual fuel oil Distillate/Residual 12-70
No. 5 fuel oil No. 5 residual fuel oil Heavy fuel oil Residual 12-70
No. 6 fuel oil No. 6 residual japl oil & gas 1998 ltd. fuel oil Heavy fuel oil Residual 20-70


Diesel has many uses. It heats homes and businesses and fuels trucks, oil and gas well locations ohio ships and some cars. A small amount of electricity is produced by diesel, but it is dirtier oil gas accounting software and more expensive than natural gas. It is often used as a backup fuel for peaking oil gas careers power plants online oil gas equipment auctions in case the supply of natural gas is interrupted or as the main fuel for small recovering oil and gas process electrical generators.

Residual fuel oil is less useful because it is so viscous that state of alaska oil gas agreement it has to be heated, which requires a special heating system, before use and it contains relatively canada oil & gas history high amounts of pollutants, particularly card gas oil shell sulfur, which forms sulfur dioxide upon combustion. However, its undesirable properties make it very cheap. chesapeake oil and gas In fact, it is the cheapest liquid fuel available. Since it requires heating before engineering gas oil services use, residual fuel oil cannot be used in road vehicles, boats gas investor oil private well or small ships, as the heating equipment takes up valuable space and makes the vehicle houston oil & gas equipment heavier. Heating the oil is also mcculloch chain saw gas oil ratio a delicate procedure, which is inappropriate to do on small, fast moving vehicles. However, power oil and gas investment group plants and large ships are oil and gas production able to use residual fuel oil.

Residual fuel oil was used more frequently in the past. It powered boilers, railroad oil and gas production for sale locomotives and steamships. Locomotives now use diesel, steamships are no oil and gas production process longer in use, and most boilers now use heating oil or natural oil and gas purchase and sale agreements gas. However, some industrial boilers still use it and so do a few oil gas landman old buildings, mostly in New York City. Residual fuel's use in electricity generation has also decreased. In oil to gas fuel mixture 1973, overseas oil 26 gas engineering jobs residual fuel oil produced 16.8% of the electricity in the United States. By 1983, it had fallen to 6.2%, and as of well casing annular tubular migration gas oil figure 2005, electricity production from all forms of petroleum, including diesel well gas oil and residual fuel, is only western gulf of mexico oil energy drilling ll gas 3% of total production. The decline is the result of price why does gas get in oil in lawnmower competition with natural gas and environmental restrictions on emissions. For power plants, the wyoming oil and gas fields costs of heating the oil, extra pollution control and additional maintenance required after burning it often outweigh the low cost alternative gas oil of the fuel. Burning fuel oil, particularly residual fuel oil, also produces much darker best gas oil stocks smoke than cell phone gas pump fire shell oil natural gas, which affects the perception of the plant by the community.

The chief drawback to deep well oil and gas residual fuel oil is its viscosity, particularly in directional drilling gas oil well the case of No. 6 oil, which requires special apparatus for storage, pumping, and burning. entry level resume titles for oil and gas industry Though it is still usually lighter than water (with a specific gravity usually ranging from 0.95 to 1.03)it is much hondo oil and gas company heavier and more viscous than No. 2 oil, kerosene, or gasoline. No. information about a career as a oil and gas legal 6 oil must, in fact, be oil & gas jobs worldwide heated to 150 °F (65.56 °C)–250 °F (121.1 °C) before it can be easily oil and gas employment pumped, and in cooler temperatures it can congeal into a tarry semisolid. The flash oil and gas exploration point of most blends of No. 6 oil is, incidentally, oil and gas investment opportunities about 150 °F (65.56 °C). Attempting to pump high-viscosity oil at low temperatures was a frequent cause of damages oil and gas stock trading information to fuel lines, oil and gas value chain analysis furnaces, and related equipment.

Most of the facilities which historically burned No. 6 or oil gas civil engineering vacancies middle east other residual oils were industrial plants and similar facilities constructed in the early or mid strata oil & gas 1900s, or who had switched from coal to oil fuel during the same time period. In either case, residual oil well casing annular migration gas oil figure was seen as a good prospect because well drilling gas oil and water intake on a contract it was cheap and readily westport oil and gas company available, even though it provided less energy per gallon than lighter fuels. Most wyoming oil and gas commision of these facilities have subsequently been closed and demolished, or have replaced their fuel alberta oil gas small cap suppies with a simpler one such as gas or No. 2 oil. The high sulfur amoco oil gas credit card content of No. 6 oil-- up to 3% by weight in some extreme cementing oil and gas well casings on a contract basis cases-- had a corrosive effect on many heating systems, shortening their lifespans and increasing the convert fuel oil furnace to natural gas polluting effects. This was particularly the case gas lift oil well in furnaces that were regularly shut down and allowed to go cold; the internal condensation produced heating oil vs natural gas sulfuric acid.

Environmental cleanups at such facilties are frequently complicated by the use houston oil gas environmental jobs of asbestos insulation on the light vacuum gas oil fuel feed lines. No. 6 oil is very persistent, and does not degrade rapidly. Its viscosity and stickiness also make remediation of meteor crater oil and gas production underground contamination very difficult, since it reduces the effectiveness of model agreement oil gas methods such as air-stripping.

When released into oil & gas jobs water, such as a river or ocean, residual oil tends to break up into patches or tarballs-- oil and gas consulting mixtures of oil and particulate matter such as silt and floating organic matter- oil and gas directory rather than form a single slick. An average oil and gas dry hole map indicator of about 5-10% of the material will evaporate oil and gas finding costs within hours of the release, primarily the lighter hydrocarbon fractions. The remainder will then often sink to the bottom of the oil and gas investments basics water column.


In the maritime field another type of classification is oil and gas jobs uk used for fuel oil and gas listing services oils:

  • MGO (Marine gasoil) - roughly equivalent to No. 2 fuel oil, made from distillate only
  • MDO (Marine diesel oil) - A blend oil and gas mutual funds of gasoil and heavy fuel oil and gas producer in the world oil
  • IFO (Intermediate fuel oil) A blend of gasoil and heavy fuel oil, with less gasoil oil and gas websites than marine diesel oil
  • MFO (Medium fuel oil) - A blend oil and gas well for sale of gasoil and heavy fuel oil, with less gasoil than intermediate fuel oil
  • HFO (Heavy fuel oil) - oil gas journal exxon eni enel total texac Pure or nearly pure residual oil gas well oil, roughly equivalent to No. 6 fuel oil

Marine diesel oil contains some heavy fuel oil, pipe testing service oil and gas field on a contract unlike regular diesels. Also, marine fuel oils sometimes contain waste products such as used motor oil.


Fuel oil is transported by using barges and pipelines. shell oil company gas card The major physical supply chains of Europe are centered around union oil & gas the Rhine, Germany.

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