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Basile wants duo to leaves West Ham 

Coventry Evening Telegraph - 13 minutes ago
Argentina coach Alfio Basile believes Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano need to leave West Ham for the sake of their careers. The pair made the shock move to London on transfer deadline day in August from Brazilian club Corinthians.

No player split at West Ham United 
fansfc.com - Oct 05 7:50 AM
Teddy Sheringham insists there is no split in the camp at West Ham United Football Club. The Hammers are enduring a difficult season, and with rumours abound that the arrivals of Argentine duo Javier Mascherano and Carlos Tevez has split the squad, Sheringham has denied such claims.

Pardew slams West Ham United quit talk 
fansfc.com - Oct 05 7:04 AM
Alan Pardew has slammed reports claiming he threatened to quit West Ham United Football Club. The former Reading manager is having a difficult season this time around, after leading the Hammers to promotion two years ago and the FA Cup Final last season.

No player split at West Ham United 
fansfc.com - Oct 05 7:49 AM
Teddy Sheringham insists there is no split in the camp at West Ham United Football Club.




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This article is about the cut of meat. For other uses, see Ham (disambiguation)
Ham with cloves

Technically, ham is the thigh ha and buttock of any animal that is slaughtered for meat, but am the term is usually restricted to a cut of pork, jam the haunch of a pig or boar. Although it can be cooked and served han fresh, most ham is cured in hem some fashion.

Ham can either be dry-cured or wet-cured. A dry-cured ham has been rubbed in hm a mixture containing salt and a variety of other ingredients (most gam usually some proportion of sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite), Sugar is common in many yam dry cures in the United States. This is followed by a period of drying and aging. Dry-cured hams may require a period of nam rehydration prior to consumption. A wet-cured ham has been cured with a brine, hma either by immersion or injection. The division between hsm wet and dry cure is not always hard-and-fast as some ham curing methods begin wet but hamm are followed by dry aging.

The majority of haj common wet-cured ham available in U.S. supermarkets is of the "city ham" variety, hbm in which brine is injected into the meat for a very rapid curing suitable for mass ahm market. Traditional wet curing requires immersing the ham in a brine for ham radio an extended period, often followed by light smoking. ham Traditional wet cured ham includes the English Wiltshire ham and the French Jambon de Paris.

Dry-cured varieties include the Italian prosciutto crudo (notably the west ham prosciutto di Parma) and the Spanish Jamon serrano (notably the Cured Ham of green eggs and ham Trevélez) and jamón ibérico (notably ham radio outlet the Cured iberic Ham of Guijuelo). The United States has country ham (including honey baked ham Virginia ham), which might or might not be smoked. England has the York ham. Germany's Westphalian ham is ham radio equipment usually smoked over juniper, in Belgium, there is the smoked Ardennes ham, and berkshire ham from China there is the unsmoked Jinhua ham.

Ham is also processed into other meat products such as Spam ham radios luncheon meat. Baked ham is also ham radio towers a traditional dish served on Easter.


  • 1 National west ham united regulation of ham production
    • 1.1 France
    • 1.2 Italy
    • 1.3 Spain
    • 1.4 USA
  • 2 Religious ham recipes prohibitions
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National regulation of ham production

Each country ham and potato casserole that produces ham has its own ham radio antenna towers regulations.


Bayonne Ham or Jambon de Bayonne [1] is an air dried salted ham that takes it's name from the ancient port ham radio tower installation city of Bayonne in the far South ham radio license West of France (La Pays Basque or the Basque country). The origins of the process used are ham loaf recipe lost in the mist of time, there are medieval church ham salad recipe carvings depicting hams as far back as the 11th century and evidence of its ham radio antenna use in Roman times. It is certain that it evolved as a way of preserving pork, a meat ken ham which was in good supply at certain times ham recipe of the year in the region. The area concerned is the basin of the river mia ham Adour and this geographical limitation is now enshrined in the regulations for the production of aes ham Bayonne Ham. The meat itself does not have ham radio deluxe to come from the Adour basin but has to honeybaked ham be produced from one of eight clearly defined breeds of pig reared in an area from Deux Sevres ham salad sandwich recipe in the north to Aveyron and the Aude in the east. The locals (and who is west ham football tickets to argue with them) will tell you that the best ham sandwich comes from the traditional Basque pig breed. The regulations are very strict and cover, the zone of origin of the ham and green beans pork, the tickets for west ham united regime for feeding the animals (no steroids, no fish oils, no anti-biotics), each animal must be clearly and ham salad uniquely identifiable with a tattoo. Transport, slaughter, size and weight of the original meat cut, minimum ham antennas fat cover, lanolic acid content, and the post slaughter storage temperature for the meat are all mobile ham antenna specified. The ham produced within these criteria is smithfield ham given the European Union PGI status Protected Designation of Origin and as such is called Bayonne Ham. Enforcement west ham players of these regulations and the granting of the west ham united football club right to use the name Bayonne ham is cooking ham the responsiblity of Le Consortium de Jambon du Bayonne based in Pau the capital of department 64 south west France.

The drying method ham and bean soup used in ham casserole modern times mimics that used in the past. Instead of the seasons each storage chamber has temperature and humidity controls set to hams match seasonal variations. Originally the pigs were slaughtered in late October used ham radio equipment early November. The hams were then rubbed in salt produced in the salt ham casserole recipes pans of the Adour estuary or from those near Bearn. The temperature conditions ham radio net at this time of year, 6 to country ham 8 °C, are ideal for the initial preserving process and the hams were left hanging in the drying room until the ham antenna end of January early February. In the next part mary katharine ham of the process 'pannage' a mixture of pork fat and flour is used to mary katherine ham seal the cut end of the joint. This reduces the ham pittsburgh pa speed in which the meat dries out during the warmer months of March April May. At some point during this ham radio kit time many of the producers will also rub a paste of Piment d'Espelette into the ham & jam festival peoria il skin giving ham and cheese quiche a unique tang to the end product. The final drying stage is completed by the ham log book end of July and the ham is ready. Modern techniques by using individual drying chambers with streaming live ham temperature and humidity controls simply reproduce the seasonal temperatures and the changing humidity conditions produced each year by baked ham recipes the 'foehn' (southerly wind) and the Atlantic ocean. The size of cooking a ham ham used is normally within the range of 8 to 9 kg baked ham including bone.

Once the ham has completed its curing ham barbecue process it is marked with the traditional "Croix Basque or Lauburu also known as the ham carpenter Basque Cross" topped with the name Bayonne. The ham mckees rocks pa ham is a minimum of 7 months old with most being of 9 or 10 months ham southwestern pennsylvania before it is offered for sale and will keep for up to another year if kept in how to cook a ham a cool (8 °C) dry atmosphere. The result is a slightly sweet, delicately flavoured taylor ham moist meat with very little salt dutch oven ham recipes to the taste, which if cut thinly, is almost translucent.


Earliest evidence of ham production in Italy comes from ham on the street the Republican Roman period (400-300 BCE). Modern Italian scalloped potatoes and ham and European Union legislation grants a protected designation of origin to several hams, which specify where and how these types of ham can be auction ebay ham radio produced. honey baked ham company There are several such hams from Italy, each one with a peculiar production process. Parma ham, the so west ham fans called Prosciutto di Parma, has almost 200 producers concentrated in the eastern part of Parma Province. Its production is west ham football club regulated by a aes ham radio quality consortium that recognizes qualifying products with distinctive mark. Only larger fresh hams ham recipe sliced spiral are used (12-13 kilograms). Curing uses relatively little salt, producing a sweeter meat. After salting the meat salt cured ham is sealed with pig fat over the exposed muscle tissue, which slows drying. Curing occurs over a minimum ham radio antennas 12 months. This curing method uses only salt, without nitrates and without spices. ham radio mods No conserving substances added. San Daniele ham (Prosciutto di San 7 lb spiral ham dutch oven Daniele) is the most similar to Parma ham, especially the low ham and cheese quantity of salt added to the meat, and is ham radio freeware the most prized ham. Other raw hams include the so called "nostrani" ham radio yaesu or "nazionali" or "toscani", they are more strongly flavored and are produced using a higher quantity of salt. Italy also has widespread honey baked hams production of more pedestrian cooked hams.


One of the more exacting ham regulatory practices can how to smoke a ham italian ham be found in Spain. Not only are hams classified according to preparation, but the pre-slaughter diet and region of preparation are considered important. Spanish modifications for ham amp drake l 4 b regulators recognize three types of buy pork hams online ham hogs.

  • Cellar hogs are fed only commercial feed.
  • Recebo hogs are raised on commercial feed and fed ham casseroles acorns for the last few months of its life.
  • Bellota hogs are fed a diet almost exclusively ham fest of acorns (bellotas).

The regional appellations of Spanish ham (Jamón serrano) include the following:

  • Pedroches with Protected denomination intel ham data fax modem of Origin, serrano ham from Andalusia. Iberic Ham 100% acorn (bellota).
  • Huelva, a full-flavored ham produced in Cadiz, Córdoba, Huelva, Málaga, Seville, and Badajoz.
  • Guijuelo, from Gredos and Béjar, Castile, León, smoked ham recipes Extremadura, and Andalusia.
  • Extremadura Dehesa, ham data fax voice modem made in Cáceres and Badajoz exclusively of bellota hogs. This ham hocks is a "white" ham.
  • Cured ham of Trevélez, cured at least 1200 meters above sea ham radio 220mhz level. Cured hams from Trevélez are qualified to be among the “sweetest” cured hams due to the low degree of salting necessary intel ham data fax voice modem driver for the drying and maturing processes to succeed properly. Mostly this best hams and barbecue is caused by the north winds cooking direction ham coming from the high tips of Sierra Nevada.
  • Teruel, cured at least 800 meters above sea cooking ham instructions level, with a minimum of a year of curing and aging.


In the United States, ham is regulated primarily on driver intel ham data fax voice modem the basis of drivers del modem intel ham data fax voice its cure and water content. US law (specifically the USDA) recognizes the following categories:

Fresh ham is green eggs and ham story an uncured hind leg of pork. Country Ham is uncooked, cured, dried, ham of the game southwestern pennsylvania smoked-or-unsmoked, made from a single piece of meat from ham radio sales the hind leg of a hog or from a single piece of meat from a pork shoulder. Smithfield ham, a country ham radio test ham, must be made in or around Smithfield, Virginia to be sold ham radios for sale as such.

Sliced ham

For most other purposes, ham recipes for christmas under US law, a "ham" is a cured hind leg of military manual ts186 frequency meter radio ham etc pork that is at least 20.5% protein (not counting fat portions) and mobile ham radio contains no added water. However "ham" can be legally applied antenna ham radio satellite to such things as "turkey ham" if the meat is taken from the thigh of the animal. If the ham has less than appetizer recipes ham spread 20.5% but is at least 18.5% protein, it can cured ham be called "ham with natural juices". A ham that ham antenna mount luggage rack is at least 17.0% protein and up to 10% added solution can be called "ham—water added". Finally, ham of the game pittsburgh pa "ham and water product" refers to a cured hind leg of pork product meat ham roast beef gift baskets that contains any amount of added water, although the san luis obispo ham repeater label must indicate the percent added ingredients. If a ham has been cut into pieces west ham badge and molded, it must be labeled "sectioned and formed" or "chunked and formed".

In addition to the main categories, west ham fc some processing choices can affect legal labeling. A "smoked" ham must have been abby ham smoked by hanging canned ham over burning wood chips in a smokehouse, and a "hickory-smoked" ham must have been smoked over hickory. Injecting "smoke flavor" is dutch oven ham recipes camp not legal grounds for claiming the ham was "smoked". Hams can only be labeled "honey-cured" if ebay ham radio auction honey was at least 50% of the sweetener used and has a discernable effect on gift ham flavor. So-called "lean" and "extra lean" hams must adhere to maximum levels ham croquettes of fat and cholesterol per 100 grams of product.

One of the most popular ham radio for sale and expensive ham radio repeaters hams in the United States is Smithfield or Virginia ham. Through a special curing process Smithfield ham ages. In that time ham radio stores a fungal coat forms over the outside of the ham while kenwood ham radio the rest of the meat continues to age. This process ambient ham data fax modem drivers produces a distinctive flavor, but of course, the fungal baked ham recipe layer must be scrubbed off of the ham before being cooked or served.

Religious prohibitions

Ham is not permitted ham call lookup for consumption by either the Jain, Jewish or Muslim faiths.

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