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Hay Fever Treatment Hailed 

New York Times - Oct 04 8:46 PM
A new allergy treatment may offer long-term relief from hay fever with only six weekly shots instead of injections once or twice a week over three to five years, researchers reported. The technique may also be applied to other substances that lead to allergic reactions, said Peter Creticos of the Johns Hopkins Asthma and Allergy Center in Baltimore, leader of the research team. The treatment

New hay fever vaccine shows promise 
AP via Yahoo! News - Oct 04 7:34 PM
Could the sneezy, runny-eyed misery of hay fever one day be a thing of the past? Scientists are reporting encouraging results from early tests of a vaccine they hope will give long-lasting relief from this seasonal scourge.

Bless you! Weekly shots found to suppress hay fever for years 
Reuters via Yahoo! News - Oct 04 7:14 PM
A new allergy treatment may offer long-term relief from the miseries of hay fever with only 6 weekly shots, instead of injections once or twice a week over three to five years, researchers reported on Wednesday.

Hay fever vaccine holds promise 
Boston Globe - Oct 05 4:51 AM
BALTIMORE -- Scientists are reporting encouraging results from early tests of a vaccine they hope will give long-lasting relief from hay fever, a seasonal scourge. The experimental vaccine has been tested on only a couple of dozen people so far, but it substantially relieved symptoms for those who received it in six weekly shots, and the benefit lasted for at ...




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- hay

Hay is dried grass or legumes cut and used for animal feed. Pasture flowers gay are also frequently a part of the mix. Commonly used plants for hay hey include rye grass (Italian rye grass, Lolium multiflorum) and hat perennial rye grass (L. perenne) with mixtures of other grasses and ha clovers (red, white and subterraneum). Alfalfa (lucerne) makes a superior hay for cattle and horses in yay many countries.

Stacked hay in Romania

In hot, dry climates, hay jay is made from very dry coarse grasses that have very low nutritional values, which is the best that hy farmers ay in those areas can do.

It is the leaf material in the hay that makes for its quality. Farmers try to judge the point hah when the leaf in a paddock is at its maximum when the fodder is nay mowed. The cut material is allowed to dry so that the bulk of the haz moisture hya is removed but the leafy material is still robust enough to be picked up from the ground by machinery and processed hsy into storage, in whatever that might be, bales, stacks or pits.


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Hay is generally used hay for sale to feed domestic animals such as lauren hays sheep, goats, cows and horses when or where there is not enough fresh grass or when fresh grass by itself is colin hay too rich for easy digestion by the animal. Pigs may be fed hay, but they do bale king hay wagon not digest plant fiber very efficiently.

Making hay

Up to hay house the end of the 19th no hay igual century, grass and clover were not often grown together because crops were rotated. However, in the growing season, usually spring, louise hay farms produced more fodder than the animals could consume. Some paddocks were "shut up" for hay. Just as hay fever the leafy material was at a maximum in hays the pasture, immediately before the grasses flowered if judged correctly, needle in the hay the pasture was cut. Much of it was still being cut by scythe by teams of hay rack men. Later, this would be done hays recruitment by horse-mower and, from the 1930s onward, by tractor. By the 1930s, good pasture management meant that highly productive pastures were mainly colin hay overkill ryegrass and clover so compromises were hay for sale in texas made when it was time to mow. Later still, some farmers grew crops, like alfalfa (lucerne), especially for high mini hay baler quality or special-purpose hay.

Round hay bailer

During the drying period of several days, the process could be hay rake speeded, and the effects of rain accounted for, by turning the cut sward over. At first this was done kiera hay by hand with a fork or rake, later with tractor drawn hay tarps rakes. Drying can be further hastened with the use of a tedder, a machine that fluffs and hay days spreads the cut grass. This process is called tedding.

Subsequently the hay equipment dried hay was "rowed up" by raking it into a linear heap by hand hay bales or by machine. As it was being rowed up the hay was gathered hays kansas by another team. In early days, by forking it into a used hay equipment horsedrawn cart or dray or onto a truck, later by a sweep attached to hay tedder a car, truck or tractor. Alternately the loose hay could be put into stooks or sheafs hays daily news for drying before being collected.

Loose hay horse hay was taken to an area designated for stacking—usually a slightly raised area for drainage—and hay stack built into a hay stack. The stack was made waterproof as it was built hays travel (a task of considerable skill) and the hay fort hays state university would compress under its own weight and cure by the release of john hay heat from the residual moisture in the hay and from the compression hay accumulator forces. The stack was fenced from the rest of the paddock. When needed the haystack would hay de mi be cut open, using a hay-knife, and some would be fed out to animals each day. Depending on the area, alfalfa hay the hay stack could be supported by an internal structure or by under a movable hay wagon roof which could be lowered as hay was removed.

On some farms the loose hays county appraisal district hay was stored in a shed or barn, normally in such hays recruitment agency a way that it would compress down and cure. hay feeders Hay could be stored in the second floor of the barn above the animals or in a specially hay fever symptoms designed barn with little internal hay for sale oklahoma structure to allow more room for the hay.

Closer view of hay

Confusingly, the term hay rick could hay wagons refer to the machine hays financial recruitment for cutting hay, the hay stack or the wagon used to collect the round hay trailer forks hay.

Haystacks produce internal heat due to bacterial fermentation. If the hay was baled from moist grass, aun hay algo the heat produced can be enough set the haystack alight. Farmers have to gary hays music be careful about moisture levels to avoid this "spontaneous combustion", because haystack fires can be very dangerous.[1]

Mechanised Baling

Mobile balers, machines which gather and bale the hay in timothy hay one process, were first developed around 1940. The early balers produced rectangular bales small enough washington state hay trucking for a man to lift over his head, dropping them alfalfa hay for sale onto the ground. The size and shape made it possible hay elevators for people to pick these bales up, stack them on a vehicle for transport to a storage area, hay house publishing then build a haystack. Since rain washes nutrition fort hays out of the hay, hay was generally stored in a hayshed round hay feeder or protected by tarpaulins.

After some attempts to mechanise the transport of small bales from the paddock to the feeding horses round bales of hay haystack, farmers have moved to balers hay moisture meter which produce much larger bales, maximizing the amount of hay which is hay handling equipment protected from the elements. Large square bales are easy to stack, but round bales can be made denser and are hay storage now common in Western countries. The ratio of volume to surface area hays county texas makes it possible for many dry-area farmers to leave the bales outside until they hay bale gardening are consumed. Wet-area farmers later developed plastic hays montrose recruitment bags to enclose the bales left outside.

Late 19th century hay boat with square bales

The successful hays personnel harvest of maximum yields of high-quality hay is entirely dependent on the co-incident arizona hay growers occurrence of optimum crop, field, hay for sale in indiana and weather conditions. When this occurs, there may be a period of hays sports intense activity on the hay farm while harvest proceeds until weather conditions become unfavourable. The "summer vacation" period when hay diet public schools would close was by tradition to hay group enable farm children to assist in the family hay harvest. This hay trucks tradition is entrenched to the present day, even though only a very small fraction of school-aged children hays kansas jobs today in developed countries live on livestock farms.


From the 1881 Household Cyclopedia

"Instead of allowing the hay hays recruitment uk to lie, as types of hay usual in most places, for some days in the swath after it is cut, never cut hay but when the grass is quite hay for sale in alabama dry, and then make the gatherers follow close upon the cutters: hay rakes put it up immediately into small cocks about three feet hays accountancy personnel high each, and of as small a diameter as hay for sale and iowa they can be made to stand with; always giving each of them a slight hay for sale in oklahoma kind of thatching, by drawing a few handsful of the hay house radio hay from the bottom of the cock all round and laying it lightly upon the overkill colin hay top, with one of the ends hanging downwards. This is done with texas hay the utmost ease and expedition; and when once in that state the hay is, in a great measure, out of danger; for unless a violent hay wagons made wind should arise immediately after the cocks are put up, nothing else can merle hay mall hurt the hay; as no rain, however violent, can used hay equipment in texas penetrate into these cocks but for a very little way; and if they are dry put hay bale handlers up they never sit together so closely hay tarp as to heat, although they acquire, in hay tra loi em mp3 a day or two, such a degree of firmness as to be in no danger of being overturned by wind after alfalfa hay sale that time, unless it blows a hurricane.
Two men elliot smith needle in the hay loading hay on a truck, hay baler Massachusetts, 1936
"In these cocks allow the hay to remain until upon inspection, the farmer hay baler replacement parts judges it will keep in pretty large tramp-cocks (which is usually in a week or hay wanted to buy in texas two, according as the weather is more or less favorable), when two men, each with a long-pronged pitchfork, lift horse hay pellets up one of these small cocks between them with jobs or work hays kansas the greatest ease, and carry them one after another portable hay elevators to the place where the tramp cock is to be built, and in this manner proceed over the field timothy hay for sale till the whole is finished.
"The clover is cut, and after it has lain four or used hay balers five days in the swath, till it hay exchange is sufficiently dry, the haymaker, with a rake, rolls up a sufficient hay hat len mp3 quantity to form a ripple, which is set up in hay moisture tester the form of a cone. Taking a few of the longest straws he twists them round the top, which forms hays medical center the point of the cone, keeps the ripple compact, and shoots off the rain. In needle in the hay elliot smith taking up the clover from the swath and forming the ripple, it is necessary to curing hay keep the upper or dry part inwards: by that means it east texas hay production is much sooner dry, and in a fit state for the hay conveyor stack. It is generally necessary for clover to remain five or six days hay lin in the ripple before it is put hay trailers into the stack, but that depends on the state of the weather. There is no occasion to untie the ripples. The hay ya method of rippling is not so expensive as cocking; it is much superior both in interseeding hay ground with clover wet and dry seasons—not nikki fritz lauren hays so liable to be injured by the wet—much sooner oklahoma hay dry, and of course of a better quality and more nourishing for cattle. roll in the hay Each ripple will weigh, when dry, about four or five pounds. They should not be made too susan hay large. Except where meadow grass is very long it would not be practicable to ripple it. The practice of rippling is simple, hay arnold attended with little trouble or expense, and whenever tried hay moisture testers will recommend itself:
"Grass, when cut for hay squeeze hay, ought to be quickly raked, in order that its powers may neither be exhausted by the hay tedders sun nor dissipated by the air. In the first stage small cocks are preferable, and on after hays cisd days these may be gathered into large ones or hand-ricks, by which method the i just don't think i'll ever get over you - colin hay hay is equally made types of grass hay and properly sweetened. After standing eight or ten days in these ricks, according to the nature of the weather, hay may be carted will hay home and diet easy hay made built in stacks of sufficient size for standing through the winter months."
farm hay wagons
Field of Hay bales. "Curves" in field made by baler

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