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Van Andel open house plans - Oct 03 1:48 PM
10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Enjoy a free hotdog, popcorn, and Pepsi product at the Van Andel Arena open house this weekend.

Segway into Half Moon Bay 
Half Moon Bay Review - 2 hours, 16 minutes ago
You step onto a roomy, 14-inch-square platform and take the handlebars. You lean slightly forward to go. You gently rotate the left handlebar to navigate a circle, turn on a dime or do figure eights. You relax back to slow down or stop.

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth 
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Every now and then, I think, it's helpful to dispel an urban legend. Today's burning issue: Was there ever a family of cannibals in Texas whose idea of grocery shopping involved the use of lumberjack tools?

The Memphis Flyer Dining Guide A to Z 
The Memphis Flyer - Oct 05 3:04 AM
The good news: As seen here in the Memphis Flyer 's Dining Guide, there's a lot of good eating in Memphis. (And to be honest, this guide only scratches the surface -- but what a delicious surface!) The bad news: If you're hungry, reading this guide could bring you to tears.




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A large hot dog hordog with ketchup
A selection of hot dogs at a fast food restaurant.

A hot dog is a type of cooked, cured and often smoked sausage hotdogs of even texture and flavor hotdog cooker that is softer and more moist than most sausages, and the sausage most readily eaten as finger food, especially in the limp bizkit hotdog hotdogger hotdog cooker United States. As finger food, it is usually placed hot in a soft sliced bun of the same shape as the sausage, and optionally includes condiments hotdog chili and toppings. The resulting sandwich is also called mc hotdog a hot dog.

The flavor of hot dogs varies widely hotdog carts by region and by personal preference as do the toppings. The flavor of the sausage itself somewhat resembles bologna on the bland presto hotdogger hotdog cooker side, to cooked salami for the spicier what are hotdogs made of varieties.

Hot dogs are traditionally made from beef, pork or a combination of those meats. hotdogs pittsburgh pa Unlike many other sausages (which may be sold hotdogs southwestern pennsylvania cooked or uncooked), hot dogs are always cooked before being offered hotdogs mckees rocks pa commercially. Barring spoilage, they may be safely eaten without further cooking or reheating but are secret family hotdog sauce often unpalatable that way. Vegetarian sausages made from meat analogues can also be made into hot dogs.

Hot dogs are also called frankfurters, or recipe hotdog chili franks for short (named after the city of Frankfurt, nathans hotdogs Germany), or wieners or weenies (named after the city of Vienna, Austria, whose German name is hotdog limp bizkit "Wien"). In Australia the term frankfurt is used rather than frankfurter. A national hotdog day tiny version called a cocktail frank or cocktail weenie is chicago style hotdogs sometimes served at parties and eaten on the hotdog toppings end of a toothpick.


  • 1 History
  • 2 General description
    • 2.1 Ingredients
    • 2.2 Commercial free hotdog recipes preparation
    • 2.3 Natural casing hot dogs
    • 2.4 Skinless hotdog sauce small hotdog cooker hot dogs
    • 2.5 Kosher hot dogs
  • 3 Final preparation
  • 4 Condiments
  • 5 Availability
  • 6 Trivia
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A "home-cooked" hotdog vending carts hot dog with mayo, onion, and recipientes para hotdog pickle relish

The American story of the invention of the hot dog, like the hamburger and ice cream cone, is often solar hotdog cooker attributed to the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition in best hotdogs St. Louis, Missouri. However, similar sausages were made and consumed in Europe, particularly in Germany, as early as 1864. The hot hotdog buns dog's association with baseball also predates the 1904 Exposition. St. Louis Browns owner hotdog cart Chris von der Ahe hotdog stand sold them at his ballpark in the 1880s.

Hot dogs were frequently known as frankfurters or chocolate starfish and the hotdog flavored water franks, but the name "hot dog" became popular by the 1890s. In the 1830s, it was widely rumored that the nathan's hotdogs dogs that roamed urban streets who made the first hotdog ever were regularly rounded up (by "dog wagons") and made into sausages; by greek chili recipe hotdog the 1840s, the term "dog sandwich" was used. The 1860s popular song "Der Deitcher's Dog" (written limp bizkit chocolate starfish and the hotdog flavored water by Septimus Winner and known by the lyrics "Where oh where has my little dog gone?") nathan's hotdog eating contest contained:

Und sausage is goot: Baloney, of octopus hotdogs course,
Oh! where, oh! where can he be?
Dey makes ‘em mit dog, pinks hotdogs und dey makes ‘em mit horse:
I guess dey makes ‘em mit he.

"Hot dog" first came into hotdog holder use in an old joke involving a dog's "pants" (the verb "pant" substituted for the noun). make your own hotdogs The following was widely reprinted in newspapers, from greek chili recipe hotdog restaurant flint at least 1870: "What’s the difference between a chilly man and a hot dog? One wears a great hotdog antenna ball coat, and the other pants." The October 18, 1894 University of Michigan humor hotdog calories magazine The Wrinkle contained this on the cover page: "Two Greeks a 'hot dog' freshman sought. The Clothes solar powered hotdog cooker they found, their favors bought." "Hot dog" hotdog cartoon meant a stylish dresser, someone who was sharply attired. A popular hotdog chili recipe phrase was "puttin' on the dog."

The night lunch wagons (popular in cities and on college hotdog griller campuses) that served hot sausages were called "dog wagons" by the 1890s. At Yale University, a "dog hotdog roller wagon" called "The Kennel Club" opened in 1894. The first known use of the phrase hotdog sauer kraut "hot dog" (sausage) appears in print on hotdog steamer October 19, 1895 in the Yale Record of New Haven, Connecticut which reads: "They contentedly munched hot dogs how many calories in a hotdog during the whole service;" two weeks prior, the Yale Record recorded: "Tis dogs' delight online beef hotdogs to bark angus beef hotdogs and bite, Thus does the adage run. But I delight to bite the dog when placed inside a chilli hotdog bun." Hot dog became an extension of the older use of dog to chocolate starfish and hotdog flavored water mean a sausage.

Hot dog lore suggests that newspaper cartoonist Tad Dorgan cooking hotdogs coined (or at least popularized) the term "hot dog" when grill hotdog holders he used it in the caption of a 1906 cartoon illustrating sausage vendors at the Polo Grounds baseball stadium because he couldn't hoffman hotdogs spell "frankfurter". In some versions he hotdog clipart could not spell dachshund. However, "hot dog" appears in print well before this date. The actual "Tad" cartoons featuring hot dogs (New York hotdog jokes Evening Journal, December 12 and December 13, 1906) are from a bicycle race at hotdog sauce recipe Madison Square Garden, not a baseball hotdog snl game at the Polo Grounds.[1]

Claims of "invention" of the hot dog are difficult to assess, because different stories how to make a solar powered hotdog cooker assert the creation of the sausage rusty di hotdog surfboard itself, the placing of the sausage (or another kind of sausage) on bread or a bun as finger food, sneaky pete's hotdogs the mass popularization of the existing dish, bright leaf hotdogs or the application of the name "hot dog" to a sausage and bun combination. In 2001 the National Hot Dog and Sausage dancing hotdog Council stated that others assert the hot dog was created in the late different made solar powered hotdog cooker 1600s by Johann Georghehner, hebrew national hotdogs a butcher living in the German city of Coburg. Others have history of hotdogs also been "acknowledged" for supposedly inventing the hot dog. Charles Feltman and Antonoine Feuchtwanger are among this hotdog business group.

General description

Grilled hot dogs

A hot hotdog charms dog is typically distinguishable from other sausages by its smaller size and relative lack of hotdog gas heater spicing. A regular hot dog of the kind popular at sporting events and readily available in hotdog heaven supermarkets is roughly 6 hotdog magazine inches in length (15 cm), though thickness and length can vary. hotdog man Twelve-inch (30-cm) or "footlong" hot dogs are popular in some regions. These hot hotdog recipe dogs are typically lightly spiced and their smaller size translates into the product being more commonly eaten by children than other hotdog spices sausages. There is wide regional variation in hot dog preferences and many local brands, how to cook hotdogs as well as nationally distributed brands that tend to market similar products to all regions.


There is no fixed specification for hot dog meat, with pork and beef being the most popular. Less expensive hot pittsburg best hotdogs dogs typically contain chicken, due to the low cost and availability of mechanically separated chicken, and some process of manufacturing hotdogs pork. Hot dogs recipe flint hotdog given to me are generally regarded as unhealthy insofar as most have high sodium, fat and nitrate content. Contents can also be questionable, with cheaper types of uncured hotdogs hot dogs having been used hotdog trucks for sale known to contain snouts, ears and blended organ meat.In recent years, due to changing viquingo hotdog dietary preferences in the U.S., manufacturers have turned to turkey, chicken, or vegetarian meat substitutes as well as lowering the salt chicago hotdogs content.

In general, if a manufacturer produces two different hot-dog-type sausages, "wieners" tend to contain cook hotdog pork, and to be the blander estuches para hotdog en cartulina of the two, while "franks" tend to be all-beef, and more strongly seasoned. This is particularly true of famous hotdogs Oscar Mayer.

This wall painting shows some of the first hotdog more common hot dog condiments: mustard, ketchup and relish.

Commercial preparation

Hot dogs funny hotdog pictures are typically prepared commercially by mixing all of grillz hotdogs inc, sc the ingredients (meats, spices, binders and fillers, if history of the hotdog any) in large vats where rapidly moving blades grind and mix the ingredients in the same operation, assuring a homogeneous homemade pork hotdogs product. This mixture is then forced through tubes into casings for cooking. Most hot dogs sold hotdog cooking in the US hotdog ingrediants are called "skinless" as opposed to more expensive "natural casing" hot dogs.

Natural casing hot dogs

As with virtually hotdog love all sausages, hot dogs must be in hotdog polka a casing in order to be cooked. Traditionally this casing is made from the thoroughly hotdog puppies cleaned small intestines of sheep, and are known as "natural hotdog restaurants casing" hot dogs or frankfurters. These kinds of hot dogs are preferred by some for their firmer texture and the "snap" hotdog roller designs that releases juices and hotdog soup flavor when the product is bitten into.

Skinless hot dogs

"Skinless" hot hotdog vender dogs also must use a casing in the cooking process when the product is manufactured, but here the casing is usually a long tube of thin hotdogs sausage in syracuse cooking plastic houston hotdog carts that is completely removed after cooking and before packaging. Skinless hot dogs vary ingredients for hotdog in the texture of the product surface but have a softer "bite" than natural casing hot dogs. Skinless hot dogs largest hotdog are more uniform in shape and size than natural casing hot dogs and less expensive to produce.

Kosher hot nathans famous hotdogs dogs

A kosher hot dog is one made in accordance with Jewish dietary laws, which include a ban on pork. national hotdog month Most fillers, such as dairy powders used to extend or nutritoin facts on hotdogs and hamburgers flavor the meat, also cannot be used. real hotdogs As with some other commercially-prepared Kosher foods, these ingredient restrictions and greater confidence in oversight of production facilities attract a significant non-Jewish market roadside hotdog joints that perceives Kosher hot dogs to be skin thrasher's chili sauce for hotdogs recipe healthier than other hot dogs.

Kosher hot dogs are popular at some American skin thrasher's chili sauce for hotdogs recipe copycat baseball stadiums. Kosher hot dogs are similar to the kinds, kosher starting your own hotdog vending business and non-kosher, popular in New York City, and are preferred by some consumers for their vienna beef hotdogs distinctive taste, texture and spicing. These brands are usually sold at a premium vienna hotdogs and are all-beef.

Final preparation

For a full list of regional differences in hot dog preparation and a website where you get to make a hotdog condiments, see Hot dog variations.

One of the more recent developments in hot dog preparation: armour hotdogs The hot dog toaster.

Hot dogs may be grilled, steamed, boiled, pan fried, deep fried, broiled, microwaved, or eaten best hotdog cold (most of the sausages themselves are cooked before packaging).

A hot dog on a stick best way to cook hotdogs fried in corn batter is commonly called a corn dog ('battered buffalo hotdogs sav' or 'dagwood dog' or 'pluto pup' in Australia carney hotdogs or 'pogo' in Canada). A corn dog might be eaten plain or with mustard or ketchup. In South Korea, flint hotdog gave me don't usually post vendors coat them with sugar. Corn dogs are popular in the U.S. and flow's hotdogs are widely associated with state fairs and other public gatherings. A hot dog which is split down fried hotdogs the center, stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon and deep-fried is known as hebrew national hotdog hotdog business how to start a francheesie.

Other variations are found. A hot dog served with the addition of cheese hotdog exhaust system muffler au is known as a "cheese hotdog" or simply a "cheese dog". "Cheese dog" may also refer to a hot dog that hotdog griller man contains processed cheese within the hot hotdog ingredients dog itself. A hot dog served with the addition of chili is hotdog menu typically known as a "chili dog" or "coney dog" in some areas (an exception being New York City's Coney Island).

In Quebec, hotdog picture Canada this is known as a "michigan" due to hotdog roast its popularity and possible origin in that U.S. state. A hot dog hotdog stands served with both of these would be a "chili cheese dog" or "cheese hotdog stick coney". Chili dogs and cheese dogs are popular foods at carnivals and amusement hotdog sticks parks.


A Detroit Coney Island hot dog with chili, onion and hotdog toaster mustard.

Throughout the world, there are numerous hotdog variations variations in hot dog condiments from region to region. The most common are mustard, ketchup, chili, sauerkraut, coleslaw, pickle relish and chopped onion. Others hotdogs in clay ny include mayonnaise, chopped lettuce, tomato (chopped, sliced, or in hotdogs ingredients wedges), pickle spear, celery salt, cheese, canned corn, deep-fried potato sticks, and hot peppers, and usually served how long to boil hotdog in a bun.

In the how to make hotdogs United States, the Hot Dog Council ran a poll in 2005, which, according to their press release found mustard the most popular july4th 2006nathan's hotdog eating contest--new york condiment (32 percent). "Twenty-three percent of Americans said they preferred ketchup. [...] Chili came kids eating hotdogs in third at 17 percent, followed led zeppelin hotdog by relish (9 percent) and onions (7 percent). man biting hotdog Southerners showed the strongest preference for Chili, while Midwesterners showed the greatest affinity for ketchup. Nationwide, however, mustard prevailed." slots a fun hotdogs [2]

Some Americans believe that a properly made hot dog should never be topped sneaky petes hotdogs with ketchup. Often these people believe the flavor of ketchup solar hotdog cookers overpowers and destroys the taste of the hot dog instead of complementing it. [3] In Chicago, some restaurants and hot-dog stands that consider steamin demon hotdog steamer themselves to the hotdog man be "true" Chicago hot dog grills do not, as a rule, carry ketchup in stock, even if they serve other tofu hotdogs food items that use this condiment, walters hotdogs such as french fries. The National Hot Dog & Sausage Council, in its recommendations for proper Hot Dog Etiquette capitulate only slightly ...made the first hotdog to the public's general regard for a website where you get to make hotdog ketchup, saying "Don't use ketchup on your hot dog after all natural hotdogs the age of 18". (This alludes to the fact that many children like ketchup on their hot-dogs due to the sweet taste, armour hotdog song but adults are expected to have a more baked beans and hotdogs sophisticated palate).

The attitude against the use of ketchup was summarized beef hotdog by Chicago writer, Mike Royko, in one of his columns:

"No, I won't condemn anyone for putting ketchup calories in costco hotdog on a hot dog. This is the land of the free. And if someone captain hotdog wants to put ketchup on a hot dog and actually charola para hotdog eat the awful thing, that is their right. It is chili hotdog recipe also their right to put mayo or chocolate syrup or toenail clippings or cat hair on a hot dog. Sure, it would be disgusting and chocolate starfish and the hotdog flavoured water perverted, and they would be shaming themselves and their cupids hotdogs loved ones. But under our system of government, it deep fried hotdogs is their right to be barbarians."

In the film Sudden Impact, San detroit hotdog sauce recipe restaurant Francisco detective Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) launches a tirade while conversing with difference between weiners and hotdogs a cop who's munching a ketchup-topped dog at a murder scene:

"Nah, this stuff isn't getting to eat hotdog me — the shootings, the knifings, the beatings... old first hotdog made ladies being bashed in the head for their social security checks[.] [...] Nah, that doesn't bother me. But you know what does frankfort hotdogs mascot bother me? You know what makes free hotdog recipe me really sick to my stomach? It's watching you stuff your face gourmet hotdogs with those hot dogs. Nobody... I mean nobody puts ketchup on a hot dog."


A roadside hot history of hotdog concessions dog stand located near Huntington, West Virginia.

In the U.S., along with ballparks, regional restaurants offer hot dogs. Few national chains hoffman hotdog manufacturing in the U.S. offer the sandwich, although its ease of preparation makes it homemade hotdogs ideal for fast food service.

A few chains in the U.S. that offer hotdog bun recipe hot dogs include Sonic Drive-In and hotdog convention Dog n Suds, who call it a coney; Hardee's (but not their counterpart Carl's Jr. on the west coast of the United States); Dairy Queen; hotdog costume Wienerschnitzel (originally Der Wienerschnitzel), whose menu focuses on hotdog en espa?ol hot dogs; The Frankfurter in Seattle, Washington; Woody's Chicago hotdog en mexico Style; Nathan's Famous, which sponsors the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest; and A&W. Krystal restaurants in hotdog facts the southeast offer a small hot dog called a Krystal Pup, and Fatburger, located mostly hotdog flavored water on the west coast hotdog grill of the U.S., offers hot dogs and chili dogs.

Yocco's Hot Dogs, founded in 1922, maintains four restaurants in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania and hotdog hamburger is known for its long-standing specialty on hot dogs and various toppings. hotdog johnnys butzville new jersey Given Yocco's strong global popularity, the restaurant also has a mail-order business, providing hotdog limpbizkit frozen hot dog bags to hotdog lumapit ka customers around the U.S. and the world. A map of hotdog on a stick & lemonade the world in each of their four restaurants marks the thousands of locations in the U.S. hotdog pinstriping and internationally that have ordered Yocco's hot dogs.

Casual dining restaurants often have a hot dog on their children's menu, but not hotdog prices on the regular menu. Hot dog stands hotdog receipes and trucks sell hot dogs and accompaniments, as well as similar products at hotdog roaster street and highway locations.


A deep fried, bacon wrapped hotdog utility lighter "Jersey Breakfast" dog from hotdog vending Verona, New Jersey.
  • Hot dogs are the most widely consumed form of sausage in the USA. Scandinavia, especially Denmark, is famous for its hot hotdog weeners dogs, as hotdogs cart for sale is Chicago and American baseball parks, especially Dodger Stadium.
  • Takeru Kobayashi is the world's fastest hot dog eater. hotdogs in maine In 2002 he beat his previous record by one half of hotdogs recipes a hot dog, consuming 50.5 Nathan's famous hot dogs in 12 minutes. how to make a simple solar hotdog cooker On July 4, 2006 he set a new record when he ate hummel hotdogs 53.75 in the same amount of time.
The World's Longest Hot Dog at i don't usually recipe hotdog Franz Family Bakeries in July 2006 was 104' 9". (31.9m)
  • The World's if you were a hotdog Longest Hot Dog and bun created were 104 feet, 9 inches long (31.9 m). The hot dog insects in hotdogs was prepared by Hill Meat Co. in Pendleton, OR for Franz Family jalepeno and cheese stuffed hotdogs Bakeries who baked the bun, and coordinated the event, which included the official measurement for the World Record. jumbo hotdog song The hot dog and kings hotdog in rural hall bun were the center of a media event in celebration of las vegas hotdogs Franz's 100th Anniversary on July 6, 2006.[4]
  • Mickey Mouse's first spoken words were "Hot Dogs!".[5]
  • In Argentina they are known as "panchos" and "superpanchos".
  • In parts of Latin led zeppelin - hotdog America limp bizket hotdog they are known as perros calientes—a Spanish calque—while in Spain they are perritos calientes, literally "hot small dogs." Other parts limp bizkit hotdog mp3 of Latin America use hot dog as limp bizkit hotdogs a loan phrase.
In Austria any sausage placed into a piece of hollowed-out baguette lsd psa hotdog bread is called a "hot dog." In Denmark manufacturing hotdogs this same style is known as a French Hot Dog (Fransk hot nathan's hotdog contest dog). A condiment might be squirted into the bread before the hot dog sausage is inserted.
  • The city nathans hotdog of Huntington, West Virginia hosts the annual new england style hotdog rolls West Virginia Hot Dog Festival.[6]
  • A person in a "hot dog" suit can be new york hotdogs seen racing around the field following the sixth inning of all Milwaukee Brewers home games. It competes against the other Klement's Racing Sausages, oscar mayer hotdog coupon which also include an oscar meyer hotdogs Italian sausage, bratwurst, and Polish sausage, and for one race in July 2006, a chorizo.
  • Each year picture of a hotdog at Suffolk Downs in Boston, Massachusetts, thousands of people come to the Hot Dog Safari to picture of hotdogs hamburgers contribute money to help people with cystic fibrosis.
  • A meat market owner in DuBois, pink's hotdogs Pennsylvania created a peanut butter hot dog recipe at the suggestion of the mother of push hotdog carts a seven-year-old customer. The popularity of this invention recipe flint hotdog gave me don't usually post spread around via the internet, and now the town of DuBois is discussing a "peanut butter hot recipientespara hotdog dog" festival.[7]
  • In Austria, the term hot dog refers to a hollowed running a hotdog stand out piece of baguette bread with any of a multiple variety secret hotdog sauce recipe of sausages. Customers at hot dog stands have the option of eating sausage on a plate or having it served in sew hotdog costume "hot dog form."
  • In Discordianism, hot dog buns are considered taboo steel stickman hotdog holder because of the "Original Snub" as depicted in the stickman hotdog holder Principia Discordia.

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