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Restaurant review: Sahara Restaurant *** 

The Toledo Blade - Oct 05 3:44 AM
The Sahara Restaurant is an object lesson in why first impressions aren't...

Dining Guide 
The Times of Northwest Indiana - Oct 04 10:12 PM
A restaurant that provides some of the freshest Middle Eastern food in the region at reasonable prices. The family recipes, from Jordan and the East Bank, are authentic and carefully prepared. Hot, fresh pita bread with hummus and three other appetizers are served as you are seated.

Main Menu 
Falls Church News-Press - Oct 04 6:05 PM
The White Tiger Restaurant manages to find the unique balance of catering to Indian authenticity while providing dishes that won’t scare off first-timers.

Counter intelligence: Dining out news and notes 
Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune - Oct 04 1:06 PM
Eclectic menu What is new American cuisine? A press release for Crave, scheduled to open in Edina's Galleria late this year or in early 2007, uses that label to describe a menu that will range from honey-glazed chicken salad to fettucine, pizza with duck confit and sweet figs, and even sushi. Owners of Crave, which will occupy the former Sidney's location, are brothers Keyvan and Kam Talebi, who




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- afghan kabob restaurant

Left to right: Chenjeh Kabab, Kabab Koobideh, Jujeh Kabab in Persian kabb restaurant

Kebab (from Persian کباب, kabāb) means "grilled (or broiled) meat" in kebob Persian and Turkish (spelled Kebap in Turkish). Kebab is usually made of lamb and beef, although chicken kabo and fish can be used for some styles. Pork is never used by Muslims because kabab of religious belief but is sometimes used by non-Muslim sellers.

There are many varieties of kebab and kbob the term means different things in kaboob different countries. The generic term kebab usually refers to döner kebab in Europe and afghan kabob restaurant to shish kebab in the United States, though its meaning can vary.

Perhaps the earliest recipe is in the tenth-century kabobs Kitab al-Tabeekh كتاب beef kabobs الطبيخ (book of cookery) by Ibn Sayyar al-Warraq of Baghdad. His recipe for Kebab Khalis uses thin slices of lean meat, salted and grilled in an kabob recipes ungreased frying pan.


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Döner kebab

Döner kebab as served in Germany
Main article: beef shish kabob recipes Döner kebab

Döner kebab, literally "rotating meat" in Turkish, is shish kabob a sliced lamb or chicken loaf slowly roasted on a vertical seafood kabobs rotating spit. It is similar to gyros, shawarma and Taco al pastor. Döner kebab grilling kabobs is popularly best known served in pita (UK pitta) bread with salad but is also served on a dish kabob with a salad and bread or French fries kabob restaurant on the side or used on Turkish pizzas called pide or "kebabpizza". Take-out afghan kabob recipe döner kebab or shawarma restaurants are common in some parts of Europe. Döner Kebab is beef and chicken kabobs said to be the best-selling fast food in Germany, Poland and comes close in the popularity stake-outs in antipasto kabobs France, Norway, Denmark, Finland best beef shish kabob and Australia. Take-out gyros are quite popular in the United States where beef and lamb are typically used. Shawarma best shrimp kabobs recipe is available in ethnic neighborhoods but döner kebab is mostly unknown outside of large places like New York brazilian sish kabob City.

Some kebab connoisseurs will also point out that it contains every food group for chicken kabob recipe a healthy meal and lifestyle. It adana kabob has bread (cereals group), cabbage and lettuce (vegetables group), tomatoes (fruit group), creamy herb sauce (dairy group), oil (fat group) beef chicken kabob recipe not to mention the döner meat (meat beef kabob group), although one might note some imbalance in the relative ratios (notably, the fat, meat and fruit kabob vegetable groups.)

Shish kebab

Shish kebab shish kabobs (şiş kebap in Turkish) is a wooden or metal stick (a skewer in Turkish) with small cubes of any kind of meat, fowl, shish kabob recipes fish, fruit, or shish kabob marinade vegetable (usually a combination) that is roasted on a grill. The name literally means 'skewer of grilled meat' in Persian. Vegetables bacon wrapped shrimp kabob typically used include eggplant, doner kabob tomato, bell pepper, onion and mushrooms. A similar Greek food is called Souvlaki or Kalamaki.

Some Kebab-variants

Typical fast food version of the Alanya kebab
  • Samak Kebab - beef kabob recipes grilled fish on a stick
  • Shish Tawook or shrimp kabobs Shish Taouk - yogurt marinated chicken grilled on a stick (şiş tavuk in Turkish)
  • Kabab Halabi a kind donner kabob of kebab served with a spicy shrimp kabob tomato sauce, very common in Syria and Lebanon, named after the city of Halab.
  • Kofte Kebab or Shish köfte - minced lamb fruit kabob ideas meatballs with herbs, often including parsley and mint, on vegetable kabobs a stick, grilled.
  • Souvlaki, Greek preparation; the meat is automated packaging kabob skewers wrapped in grilled Greek-style pitta bread with tomatoes, onions and yoghurt.
  • Kabab Koobideh - (Persian) ground beef or lamb (usually sirloin), often mixed with parsley grilled sausage kabobs and chopped onions
  • Kabab Barg - (Persian) grilled marinated sirloin.
  • Kabab Soltani - (Persian) combination of kabob recipe kabab koobideh and kabab barg
  • Jujeh Kabab - recipe for shrimp kabobs (Persian) grilled chicken
  • Chenjeh Kabab - (Persian) grilled lamb prepared similar to shish kabab, without the vegetables
  • Shishleek - a term fennel kabobs with kabob marinade various uses: in Iran it refers to grilled baby lamb chops (usually from the leg), typically marinated; in Palestine, to grilled pieces of lamb, salmon kabobs and in Israel, to duck kabobs grilled turkey.
  • Kabab Bareh - (Persian) grilled lamb, typically marinated in yogurt with parsley
  • Kabab Torsh - fruit kabob recipe (Gilan - Northern Iran) Also called (Tursh - e - Kabab) grilled how to cook chicken kabob beef marinated in a mixture of pomegranate juice, crushed walnuts, parsley, crushed garlic, and olive oil.
  • Kabab loghmeh - Iran (Persian) minced lamd meatballs kabob sticks small first fried and the grilled the shish kabob factory over charcoal fire, eaten with chopped parsley, chopped onions, and somak. A summer outing favorite.
  • Seekh kabab - Indian/Pakistani - diss kabob marinated in spices and grilled on skewers
  • Shami kebab - Indian/Pakistani - it is grill kabob claimed they orginated in Syria
  • Chapli Kabab - lamb shish kabob Pakistani - delicacy of Peshawar
  • Boryani Kebab
  • Senjeh Kebab
  • İskender kebap - (Turkish) Döner kafta kabob in oven kebab served with yoghurt, tomato sauce and butter
  • Durum Kebab - (Turkish) kebab-meat in a pita roll.
  • Adana Kebab - (Turkish) kebab meat recipes for shrimp kabobs with chili
  • Urfa Kebab - (Turkish) similar to Adana Kebab, but not spicy.
  • Alanya kebab - shrimp and beef kabobs (Turkish) chicken kabob Pieces of beef, bread and tomatoes, with a spicy sauce.
  • Patlican Kebab - (Turkish) Egg Plant, special kebab meat marinated in spices and served with hot electric kabob grill pide bread and a yoghurt sauce.
  • Beyti Kebab - (Turkish) Made with minced kabob party lamb. It has its own, shish kabob recipie individual spice mix, and a touch of garlic.
  • Tandoori Kebab - Indian/Pakistani - chunks or strips of meat marinated in spices shrimp shish kabob recipes and yogourt.
  • İskender kebap - beef for kabobs Döner kebab served with yoghurt, tomato sauce and butter

The dish called chelow kabab (rice with kabab) is one of the most common cheese kabobs forms of serving kabab in Iran which easy beef kabob recipe combines a variety of Persian kababs with saffroned Basmati rice, lavash flat kabob skewers (a paper-thin bread), grilled tomato, raw onions, bell peppers, mushrooms and Somagh and often a pork kabob recipe side of salad shirazi, mast khiyar and doogh (nowadays carbonated). An old Iranian tradition is recipe for steak kabobs to break a raw egg yolk over the rice, along with plenty of butter, just before serving.

An Indian beef kabob receipe with lemon thyme dish called Seekh Kebab is popular in many Indian restaurants. It is easy steak kabobs cooked in a tandoor, and is often served with fruit kabob recipes chutneys or mint sauce. It is often included in Tandoori sampler platters, which contain a variety microwave beef kabob recipes of Tandoor cooked dishes. A Seekh Kebab can also be served in receipts for chicken and pineapple kabobs a naan bread much like a Donor Kebeb traditionally is.

Shish Kebab in recipe for shish kabobs Other Languages

  • Albanian: shishqebab
  • American: kabob (plural: kabobs)
  • Armenian: khorovats/khorovadz
  • Azeri: kabab
  • Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian: šiš ćevap, ražnjić (plural: african kabobs recipes ražnjići)
  • Slovenian: ražnjič (plural: ražnjiči)
  • Macedonian: ражнич (ražnič), шиш ќебап (šiš kebap)
  • Danish: kebab
  • Georgian: მწვადი (mtsvadi).
  • Hebrew: kabab, chicken kabob marinade plural: kababim
  • Norwegian: kebab (most often served chopped up in a pita chicken kabob reciepes bread, consumed with a plastic fork), babb (slang)
  • Tagalog: barbicue, bar-b-q (this food is similar to the grilled chicken kabob recipe kebab)
  • Romanian: kebab, kabob receipes plural: kebaburi
  • Russian: шашлык, plural: шашлыки
  • Ukrainian: шашлик, plural: шашлики

Similar dishes

Anticuchos (Andean States), Brochette (French), Ćevapi (Balkans), Espetada (Portuguese), მწვადი mtsvadi (Georgia), Satay (Southeast marinated shrimp kabobs Asian), Shashlik (Russian), Souvlaki or Kalamaki (Greek), Yakitori (Japanese), Spiedies (New York State), steak and shrimp kabobs Rablóhús (Hungarian)

External links

  • Turkish Kebabs, at TurkishCook.com
  • The Chili the shish kabob cafe Source, has images of several types of kebabs
  • Kebab Recipes Pakistani Kebab Recipes @ KhanaPakana.Com
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